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[Surge] Main Event: {Emerald City Championship} Vizier ta Seti vs. Perfection


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Singles match.

Normal Rp rules apply.

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
The Extra Mile


[Perfection, the one and the only. The most hated superstar in IWF is relaxing as most days he relaxes, but this day is not like most. He seems a bit more uptight than normal, we are in a nice lounge that serves lunch but Perfection is eating a grapefruit that is cut perfectly in half and having an espresso.]

PERFECTION: I don't even know where to begin. Finally, you and I Seti are going to wrestle one on one under my terms. After all the waiting around, after all the weeks you could have wrestled me we are FINALLY wrestling! Talk about being fashionably late.

Better late than never, and trust me your cowardly self would have preferred never. I am ready to take what is rightfully mine. The history between us is vast. From that title entering your hands by luck, to your constant dodging of me.

Oh, I said it. Dodging of me, Seti. I have been the rightful Number One Contender for months. And rather than face me, rather than face a real challenger you went off to waste all of our times.

[He points a grapefruit spoon at the camera]

PERFECTION: Giving an unnecessary title shot to Scott Douglas, a match no one cared for another waste of TV time.

Giving a shot to Rocko Dayman, a washed up has been. A man that I toppled before you and even after I beat him and put him in his place you STILL found it necessary to wrestle him in a title match.

Again, wasting our times.

Then tossing out a title match to a drunk, for what reason? Just to prove you are the bigger, badder man? Because he wore a title that means nothing?

Futile. Useless. There was no point. And when you had opportunities to face me, Seti, when you had the chance to wrestle the only man between a fluff title reign and really proving your position in this company what do you do?

[He stabs the spoon in the grape fruit in frustration]

PERFECTION: You sign a tag team match, tucked your tail between your legs and thought that would keep a safe distance between you and I!

How did that work out for you? Other than me busting your knee to a pulp. Other than every time you have been in that ring with me I have slapped you around like my third wife.

Then! The only way I could get this match, Seti is by pulling the trigger on management to get your ass in that ring before you gave another title shot away like it was candy.

This is why I deserve MY belt. The belt that you seem to want to put on the line every single week for no other reason but because you can. Not only ruining the taste in peoples mouths of what a real championship match should be but over all whoring MY BELT around.

[A sip of espresso before he loses all his patience.]

PERFECTION: You really think we sat here in awe that you successfully defended that belt against Rocko? That the mass was shocked? Oh my god, look at our champion! Really proving he is the real deal!

Against....Rocko Daymon? All you proved is that you don't want to face the best, you don't want to face Perfection.

So, here we finally are, you and me, Vizier. A match the fans have been wanting to see since the Emerald City tournament. A match people have longed for. A match you constantly denied them.

And a match I DELIVERED.

Not you, not Mori, not Cho. ME. I delivered it, because you have been too afraid to give me the shot. And now that you finally did it it's because I pressured for it.

Breaking down under the weight of corporate pushing the pen in your hand.

The only reason you got that belt is because you pinned Scott Douglas in a triple threat against me! Never facing me face to face. You kept talking about how you were going to shut me up, how you were better than me, yet never once in the entire history have you made the stride to do such.

You sat around twiddling your f-cking thumbs fearing what I would perfectly deliever to you in that ring,

The only reason that belt sits on your waist is because you have carried yourself around.

[A huff and a small chuckle.]

PERFECTION: Now a real competitor is going to beat you, break you, and strip you of all you THOUGHT you were. And I am going to do it not only in a beautiful charismatic fashion, but execute it PERFECTLY.

Because there is no where to hide, Vizier. I have done this all to ensure you can't escape, you can't leave the ring, that it will be you and I one on one. No outsiders, no interferences, nothing but a pure display of me beating your ass.

Because I simply can.

Because I want to.

Because the only thing that I need is that belt that was robbed from me months ago!

[He sits back crossing his arms across his chest]

PERFECTION: And it was robbed from me. Everyone in the damn company knows it, you are the only one who won't accept it. Maybe experiences really do open up one's eyes. Maybe an exhibition of why you been signing the easy matches will make you realize you should stopped me before the gold got to your head.

But that is too late now. It's too late for would have, could have, should have. I have the cards in my hands now, I dictate how things will be!

Could I at any point demanded my shot? Yes. But why should I? You as the champion could have at anytime said you want to face the best in this company.

Was it not you that said being the fiercest warrior is what makes you champion?

Yet off you are picking off bread crumbs and not facing the Number One Contender to your title! I went the extra mile, I made the effort, I did the paperwork, and I did my homework while you out pretending to be 'fierce'.

[He leans forward now pointing his finger into the table as he is making his point clear]

PERFECTION: While you were out playing patty cake at Chain Reaction Eight I was out fixing this contract for us to wrestle. While you were in a ring wrestling a match over Mateo wearing a defunct title, I was on the phone getting this all ready and prepared.

You don't go the extra mile, you don't got that extra step.

I do, I have, and I will continue to.

Not because I am the best damn thing on this earth.

Not because my hair is better.

[Cut to Hair shot]

My shoes.

[Cut to shoes]

My nails.

[Cut to nails close up]

Or my swag.

[Back to full shot.]

But because unlike you Vizier...

I am f-cking Perfect.


User Poets

The Shadow Pope
Jan 6, 1995
Top of the Pile
You Are NOT Worthy

"You would know cowardice if you saw it, James..."

"After all, you are a coward."

(FADEIN on the full moon, large and low in the sky, on a clear night. From the angle, it must be a hilltop or mountaintop or something of the sort. From behind, the silhouette of the Emerald City Champion, Vizier ta Seti, can be seen against the moon.)

VIZIER ta SETI: "What kind of man is incapable of admitting that he failed to get the job done when he was first given his opportunity? What kind of man attacks another from behind when his own shot has already been assured?"

"A coward, that's what kind. A coward named James Witherhold."

(He crossed his arms and turned his head - either looking directly in the camera's vision or directly at the moon.)

VIZIER ta SETI: "Dodging you, James? Is that what you think this was about? Why, because I didn't immediately walk out, get on my knees before you in the ring and hand you my Emerald City Championship the moment you won a top contender's match?"

"The first rule of dealing with a child throwing a tantrum... do not give in to what they want."

"Why else did I make you wait, James?"

"To prove a point: that you do not set the tone in the IWF. I DO."

"The Emerald City Championship... the belt that belongs to VIZIER ta SETI... means that this company lives and breathes according to my wishes and my desires, and it has survived and thrived under my reign. It has earned enough respect and gained enough followers to finance a full tour, complete with a foray into pay per view."

"Because of me."

"Not because of you."

"You are currently an afterthought, James. You are currently a man who lucked his way into the Emerald City Championship and managed to be a non-factor in its decision, and fate smiled on you to make you the number one contender."

"Whether or not you can change the status quo is up to you, and is up to me."

" You'll try your best, and I know your best is pretty significant... but while you claim to be Perfection, the fact remains that you have yet to prove that you have the ability to attain Perfection."

"Yes, you had me in a compromising position during the tag team match, but did you earn a victory?"

"Did you make me submit?"

"The onus is on you, James... I don't have to defeat you to to remain the Emerald City Champion."

"But let's give you the benefit of the doubt for a moment. Only for a moment. Let's say you've been made to unfairly wait. Am I responsible?"

"For one match. For a title shot against Scott Douglas. As my tag team partner, I knew he had no pressing reason to be a partner with the man who holds the only piece of gold that the Emerald City recognizes, so I bartered with what I have: he watches my back, he gets a title shot."

"Rocko Daymon? Erik Mateo? Signed by the office."

"Not even the One Who Saw All can deny the will of the bosses, James."

"However, you would have received your shot one card sooner if you hadn't attacked Rocko Daymon before his originally scheduled title shot. It always seems to come back to your cowardice and your inability to look your opponent in the eye."

"Surge is coming, James."

"You are going to have to look me in the eye, and you're going to have to defeat me on your own two feet, and if it's your destiny to become the second ever Emerald City Champion... you're going to have to work harder than you've ever had to work before."

(He smirked.)

: "But why do I feel like, when you're confronted with actual work... that you're going to do what you've done so far in your IWF career?"

(Vizier walked down the hill, out of sight.)

: "This time, James... the consequences will be much more severe... than two for flinching."

"And I don't know that you'll actually be able to recover after you lose, James... after all... in this match... you'll have nobody to blame but yourself."


John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
Returning to Perfection


[Perfection is walking through the Seattle Aquarium. More importantly he is standing in the Underwater Dome. Small groups walking by him as he decides to sit on one of the benches facing the window that looks out to the Puget Sound. He sports a shirt that says “The Perfect Shirt”, a pair of diesel jeans, and just a pair of shoes.]

PERFECTION: Do I really need to sit here and explain every single thing to you, Vizier? Are you that naive? Well, I don't mind breaking things down for you [Bunny ears with fingers] “champ”. I don't mind educating you, I can do that in a Perfect fashion.

You call me cowardly for attacking a person from behind. You think my actions are out of fear? Attacking you outside of the ring, Vizier, was opportunist. Having my brother attacking Rocko Daymon at The Experience from behind was opportunist. Not cowardly, not because I lack courage but because I have an abundance of discipline and smarts.

Speaking of which, could I have busted your knee up, dragged your ass back to the ring, have Mateo beat the crap out of Douglas, and submit you right there? Of course I could have.

Did I attempt to make you submit? No, I didn't.

Did I HAVE to make you submit to prove my point? No.

I could easily have done any of that, Vizier. But does a tag team match mean that much to me?

[He smirks to himself like he really could give a damn]

PERFECTION: No, it doesn't.

I have enough smarts to know when I have you on the ropes to keep attacking. I knew your knee was going to give, why would I stop? To help that drunken fool? Please. Him, that match, meant nothing.

I would rather beat you to a pulp, ingrain in your brain that I am the better wrestler, that I am the one that can beat you.

[He looks at the camera pointing with each sentence]

PERFECTION: That will beat you.

That has beaten you.

Not in the ring by putting your shoulders on that canvas....not yet. But beating you mentally, logically, physically. In every single outlet. And not doing it well but doing it PERFECTLY.

Doubt me? Like I said, I could have came out and challenged you any time for that belt. But need not look forward than when you [bunny ears with fingers again.] "offered" me a chance at The Experience.

[His hands cups behind his head]

PERFECTION: I wanted to get my shot then. I could have had my chance, I could have pummeled you, punished you and ripped you to pieces like a pit bulls chew toy. But Art Mori wanted to protect his little baby from being embarrassed in front of thousands of fans.

The second you saw I was willing to jump, willing to take what HAS BEEN rightfully mine, you go on to book matches and keep me from this moment!

The moment before that title comes to its RIGHTFUL home!

Like I said, tucking your tail between your legs and dodging me at every turn. Holding on to that title as tightly as you can before I take it BACK.

[His hands fling out from his behind his head as he turns his entire body towards the camera his eyebrows furrowed.]

PERFECTION: And then you have the balls and the ignorance to say that the front office made those decisions? That they were the ones who challenged Mateo?!

You don't recall saying “when I get back from ending Rocko Daymon's chances... if you haven't tossed that belt where it belongs, I'm going to do it for you, and I'll send your ass out of here all the same”.

[Perfection waves both hands in mockingly confused manner]

PERFECTION: Not even The One Who Saw All could see that he found another way to dodge Perfection. Not even The One Who Saw All knew that he challenged Mateo!

If you really saw Mateo as a threat to your [do the bunny ears!] "championship" then you are more insecure than I previously thought. Lack of confidence is always good in my opponents, especially when mine is at it's peak.

[He shrugs his shoulders laughing a bit to himself.]

PERFECTION: As far as Rocko Daymon.

The front office booked your first match with Rocko Daymon for MY belt and I put the brakes on that train. But it was YOU who offered him the second opportunity. It was YOU who said “regardless, you want to wrestle, you come and take it.”

Not the front office, unless Art Mori has his hand up your ass and is working you like a puppet!

Which wouldn't surprise me, being how weak and incapable you are.

But the One Who Saw All missed that one too.

Or maybe you are f-cking blind and can't see sh-t!

[He pauses and puts up one finger his head lowered a bit in a thinking manner]

PERFECTION: Or maybe you don't get the entire picture that I am Perfectly painting for you. You are too busy circle jerking the underlings to look at a real challenge. Too busy thinking you are making an impact thumb wrestling bums.

So busy on them that it put me at a point where I HAD to do my part and end this damn circus! And when I try to stop it at Chain Reaction Eight, again I am stopped by corporate security trying to protect their little fragile child!

[He waves that single finger and focuses his eyes right into the camera lens]

PERFECTION: Not this time.

There is no escape from me now.

There is no exit.

And no security to come running down that ramp to save you from me whopping your ass back to Egypt.

It was me who made it happen, I was the one who pushed the cage match to ensure these things. I am the one who made HISTORY happen.

I was an afterthought in your mind Seti, you are absolutely right. I was an afterthought that you are going to greatly regret. After I snatch MY title from your weasel hands, once I rip off your false nameplate and replace it with the CORRECT one, you will realize you were nothing more than a fluff piece in the New York Times.

[Perfection stands up stretching his back slightly]

PERFECTION: So do me a favor, it's the only time I will ask for your assistance, Vizier.

Get MY title polished, restored and looking just like its TRUE owner, Perfect.

And if you want, to save yourself the failed effort, you can just hand the belt right over to me.

Then everything returns to how it SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

Everything returns to Perfection.

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User Poets

The Shadow Pope
Jan 6, 1995
Top of the Pile
Apple of my Eye

"Once again, James... you attack the speck in my eye while ignoring the log in your own."

"My actions: making you wait for your title shot because I knew it would infuriate you, and telling you as much was quite clearly cowardice, while yours - attacking a man you claim to be above from behind... was opportunism?"

"You really are perfect at one thing, James: delusional thinking."

(FADEIN on Vizier ta Seti standing in front of an IWF banner. He is uncharacteristically wearing a pair of red tinted wraparound shades - and he is holding the Emerald City Championship belt over his shoulder. His left hand carries a microphone while his right is lowered, out of view.)

VIZIER ta SETI: "In the past week or so, James, you've entertained us all with this narrative you've built around yourself as the rightful holder of this Championship; how you've been maligned and betrayed and shoved to the background out of fear and insecurity by everyone that you think you're better than."

(He smiled.)

VIZIER ta SETI: "I have to say, if I was tuning into Chain Reaction solely for your ramblings and turned my television off immediately after the fact, I might believe that you're being unjustly held down, too."

"Unfortunately for you, I see the big picture. Even more unfortunately, the ratings bear the burden of truth: people are not watching us to see you."

"So, instead of the conquering hero you're expecting to be at Surge, James... you're going to be booed, heckled, and laughed at, due to your inability to accept reality; due to your insistence on pushing your agenda despite all reality to the contrary... due to your continued, laughable assertion that you are, in fact. perfection."

(He gestured with his right hand, and an apple flew into view from below, he obviously tossed it into the scene. Vizier caught it and held it up.)

: "This is perfection, James. This apple represents decades of genetic engineering, cross - breeding, and natural selection. Science, nature, and pure luck all had its hand in creating this apple. Look at the shiny red of the skin; you will never see anything more perfect anywhere."

"Much like you, James. As you'd like to think."

"For the record? No, I never felt my title was in jeopardy against Rocko Daymon, or Scott Douglas, or Eric Mateo. But it wasn't about pushing myself to the limit at the time, James. It was about keeping my word, and it was about giving the Office what they wanted..."

"And it was about making it up to the fans, a main event that you deprived them of, James."

"But it's funny that you would mention Surge as being a haven without escape, James... there's no escape for you."

"Locked in a cage."

"You'll have to do something you've never done before, James. You'll have to look me in the eye and engage me without having the luxury of a blindside or a partner."

"Are you up to it?"

(He adjusted his grip on his title belt.)

VIZIER ta SETI: "Because I'll be honest with you, James... while you've thought of nothing but me since the first time you failed to win the Emerald City Championship... I haven't given you a moment of my life, except once - when you were teaming with someone else against me and Scott Douglas."

"You simply aren't important enough to obsess over, James. And while your attempts to turn this into the ultimate showdown of ultimate importance is admirable, and will certainly lift the IWF in the esteem of the wrestling world... this is just another Tuesday Night for me, with another opponent to wrestle against for..."

(He paused, and leaned forward with his shoulder that carried the belt.)

VIZIER ta SETI: "...for my Championship."

"There's no point anymore, James, in running down your list of imperfections. There's no point in reminding you of the places in the past that you've failed."

"Truth be told, it's gone from amusing to annoying to pathetic, the way you rewrite the history that the entire company has been witness to in order to make yourself look better."

"And you're welcome to it. The past is over, James, and none of your spin tactics can change what has already come to pass. Unfortunately for you, the present and the future are written by The One Who Saw All, and your magic marker is all dried up."

"Unfortunately for you, you will be powerless to change the inevitability of Surge. You will be powerless to alter the course of the IWF, because you are powerless... to take this belt from me."

"When it all comes down, James... the perfection you carry like a banner instead of your name is much like this apple: it comes in the perfect package and people who don't know better are clamoring for it."

(Vizier squeezed, and the apple half - crumbled and half - exploded in his hand, leaving a mess of rotted brown fruit all over most of the scene.)

VIZIER ta SETI: "But when you dig deep, James... this item that was molded and engineered and coached to look perfect? It's rotting from the inside, and is completely worthless toward its original goal."

"Because once I have you trapped in that cage, James... you will be destroyed just as convincingly as the picture perfect apple."

"And all it will take is my bare hands."


John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
The Calm Before The Storm


[A solitary room, Perfection sits in the middle of it in a black leather lazy boy. The foot portion extended out as he is completely relaxed drinking a bottle of Sam Adams. Sunglasses over his eyes, hair perfectly straightened and combed]

PERFECTION: It's humorous, how IMPERFECT you are, Vizier. How you think I am delusional when the truth is apparent.

My delusions? Just like you are the reason IWF can have a whole West-coast tour because of the tickets you bring in, when in actuality it's because Cho sought after and struck a deal with Starbucks.

Yes, keep on lying and keep on running from the truth.

But how much longer did you really think you could run? How many more lies did you think you could tell before the ignorant fans finally gained the sense that you are sucking them into a vortex of crap.

You really think anyone believes that you didn't give me a title shot to infuriate me? You really think anyone buys that line? After all the trash talking you did week after week spitting my name out of that mouth of yours, all the while you never signed a contract.

[He pushes his feet in so he can sit straight up.]

PERFECTION: Days, weeks, months, and you still talked the talk about being able to beat me, but never once had the backbone to prove it.

And through it all you think infuriating me is a good idea? A man like me, that will go to ANY lengths to get what is destined to be his is the last person to push over that line.

And I wasn't pushed, I was shoved.

The chances week after week to show those fans that you really are better than me you allowed to slip between your fingers.

[Perfection leans forward as the camera pans to the right of him]

PERFECTION: Until, I, the REAL man, the REAL champion, the REAL challenger stepped forward and called you out like the scared dog you are.

You want to play up this idea that you are some unbeatable wrestler. When the facts still remain, you have NEVER wrestled me directly one on one. Everyone knows it, everyone can go back and look. You have taken something from me, something that was NEVER meant to be yours.

Challenges, hard work, perseverance, they all come to their boiling point when it comes to me getting back MY title, the one that was robbed from me.

So don't ask me if I am up for it.

I was the one that came after you, Vizier. The question is, are you? Are you ready to meet the man that title was originally meant for? Are you ready to meet violence in its Perfect form? Are you prepared to break your own body to defend a lie?

I don't think you are, in fact, I know you aren't.

And yet you talk about keeping your word, well here let me keep mine.

After Surge, I will walk out with MY title.

After Surge, you will wish you would have continued [bunny ears] “making me wait”.

After Surge, you can witness IWF become Perfection.

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