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Surprise Visit


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Jan 1, 2000
[font color= black] The pre-Fish Fund XIII press conference nears a close, as the heavyweight champion, owner, and many superstars of the CSWA have already spoken. With not much time left, and many news sources having left, an unscheduled Mike Plett steps out onto the stage, humbly stepping up to the podium with his black hair thrown back, his eyes locked straight ahead with an icy stare.[/font]

[font color= red]Reporter:[/font][font color= black] Wicked Sight, you weren't scheduled for this appearance, CSWA suits supposedly gave you the night off in light of controversies and scheduling conflicts... what brings you here?

[font color= red]MP:[/font][font color= black] Time to answer some questions, Bill.

[font color= red]Reporter 2:[/font][font color= black] OK, here's a question, Mike... without stuttering, without beating around the bush, in one word... are you GXW?

[font color= red]MP:[/font][font color= black] C...S...W...A.

[font color= red]Reporter 2:[/font][font color= black] CSWA what?

[font color= red]MP:[/font][font color= black] You asked for one word, kid... but I'll elaborate. I've given my blood, my soul, my SHOULDER... for this company. If that doesn't say it all, then what does?

[font color= red]Reporter 2:[/font][font color= black] You haven't answered the...

[font color= red]MP:[/font][font color= black] My allegiances lay with the ChampionShip Wrestling Alliance. And if that means I have to fight the GXW, then so be it.

[font color= red]Reporter 3:[/font][font color= black] If you aren't in a 'conspiracy' with Erik Zieba's GXW... then do you believe someone in the CSWA is?

[font color= red]MP:[/font][font color= black] Of course! How else did Dan Ryan get through the crowd? If he'd went through the locker room alone, he'd have been blasted by a hundred CSWA guys.

[font color= red]Reporter 3:[/font][font color= black] Then who are your suspects?

[font color= red]MP:[/font][font color= black] I don't have any. But I can tell you this... the entire locker room knows that SOMEONE is in cahoots with the GXW, and there's one man playing on that paranoia... GUNS, it's pathetic that you'd come over the PA, disguise your voice, it's PATHETIC that you'd blame me to turn people's back to me.

[font color= red]Reporter 3:[/font][font color= black] Correct, Mike... Shane Southern told you earlier to "stay out of his way".

[font color= red]MP:[/font][font color= black] Shane... of all the people I believed would have faith in me, it'd be you. But I respect your gut... I just know it's lying to you. I saved you in the ring at OK... and it wasn't my fault that Lawrence Stanley was on the wrong end of the steel chair. But as the weeks go on, at Fish Fund... I will prove myself to the entire CSWA ... AS I DO EVERY NIGHT... Mike Plett is going to slingshot a rock at GUNS' head, Mike Plett is going to be David and Mike Plett is going to show once AGAIN that I AM the Giant Slayer. All the head games you're playing, taking away my steam, it's been good... but you're going to weave yourself inside the web, GUNS... baiting the GXW, baiting Mike Plett... I wasn't sure that steroid use affected mental capacities like it does the size of one's testicles, but I guess I was wrong.

[font color= red]Reporter 4:[/font][font color= black] Harsh words for GUNS...

[font color= red]MP:[/font][font color= black] Not at all... he's heard worse. He's been beat before, had a stake driven straight through his leg. But at Fish Fund, I'm going to give GUNS a STELLAR performance that he's never seen before... I'm going to give GUNS a performance that he can't keep up with. Greensboro title? A beautiful prize, I've held it before and when WICKED SIGHT WORE IT... it meant a damn. But it's far past gold... Mike Plett, GUNS... I'm going to use the strongest arms in the world to hold up my allegiance to the CSWA... he's my mission statement... GUNS - suck it up and get ready. Your mindless one liners and your DOGG-promos aren't worth **** these days, and I'm going to do my best to make that stake in your leg feel like a walk in the park.

That's all I have to say... I've got to catch a flight in under an hour.

[font color= black] Mike Plett stands and turns as reporters continue to make notes and discuss things among themselves...[/font]


Hey, Look What The Cat Dragged In

(FADEIN: GUNS sitting on his couch, about to shut off the TV, when Wicked Sight's promo comes on.)

GUNS: Hey, look, it's Mikey! And to think I thought he was hiding under his bed crying somewhere. Good to see you, Mike. You know what the funniest thing is? All anybody can ask you about is GXW this... GXW that...blah blah blah...who GIVES a rat's ass?

We've covered this a few times, but for the slow learners in the class, let's go over it one more time. Pop quiz. The GXW is A) a serious threat to the existence of the CSWA, B) a deadly force that will be impossible to stop, or C) a ragtag promotion of never-will-be's using the CSWA for a little free hype? If you chose "C", congratulations, you have a brain and it works.

You see, Sight, it doesn't matter what T-shirt you come to the ring wearing at Fish Fund. It doesn't matter what company you represent. CSWA and GXW...they're on the same side. If the CSWA dies, well, that's obvious. But if the CSWA dies, GXW's free lunch is over. And at this point, I have yet to receive my $7.95 so I'm pretty sure the head honchos of both the CSWA and the GXW are less than pleased with my realistic take on the subject. So, Sight...you can be CSWA... you can be GXW...hell, you can be NFW, UWA, or AAW with or without the C for all I care...it STILL isn't going to change the fact that you're getting the asswhipping of your natural life when you step into the ring with me at Fish Fund.

Frankly, Sight, you talk about me being a broken record, but you've been saying the same thing over and over again for the past few weeks. I'M NOT THE MOLE! I'M NOT THE MOLE! I'M NOT THE MOLE! Well, you may or may not be the mole, Wicked Sight, but after Fish Fund, you will be able to tell all the boys in the back that you became a souvenir for some lucky fan, courtesy of Third Row, Inc.

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