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Survivor Africa Ep 1

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: A man bursting from the ocean water SFX: A horn plays, follows by tribal chanting. CUTTO: a map of Africa, with it saying "Mother Africa" on it...CUTTO: The words "18 Survivors" CUTTO: A snake swimming in water. CUTTO: The Orange Flag of Tribe DDT, as quick shots of ALPHA, BOOGIE, CINDY, FELICIA, GREENIE, and MALONE hit the screen. CUTTO: People walking in the night time with lit torches. CUTTO: The Pink Flag of Tribe Sharpshooter. CUTTO: Quick shots of DOUGLAS, MYSTIQUE, NIXON, RABESQUE, and SANDS, hit the screen. CUTTO: The words "39 days" appear. CUTTO: The Blue Flag of Tribe Power Bomb. CUTTO: Quick shots of BORDEN, HOLLY, KRISTEN, POE, MICHAELS, and SHANE. CUTTO: The words "One Survivor" SFX: A quick drum beat ending the intro.)

(CUTTO: Tribe Power Bomb, Day 1.)

(CUTTO: HOLLY standing on the beach near a large piece of wood. She's wearing a tank top and a bikini bottom. MICHAELS walks over to the other side of the log, wearing a Giants baseball cap and grey pants.)

MICHAELS: "So what do you say...Wanna make an alliance?" (HOLLY shrugs her shoulders.)

HOLLY: "Sure..." (They walk back to camp with their giant log in hand.)

(CUTTO: Michaels in an aside.)

MICHAELS: "This game is all about having a good offense, you have to talk to people. Get to know them, let them trust you and build alliances, you gotta act, that'll make it easier for you to deal with problems when they come up."

(CUTTO: MICHAELS in a conversation with POE.)

MICHAELS: "Look, I know this whole survival thing is easy for you, I'm sure of that, you could survive out here by yourself with no supplies if it was asked of you. But this isn't just about that, it's about politics, it's about who you can trust. Right now our goal is to make it to the first merger. That's all we can do, if people have to be voted out, we vote them out. The best way for you and me to get to that merger is to form an alliance. I think Holly's cool with me. That's half the tribe right there if you're in."

POE: "I'm in, that's fine with me."

(CUTTO: Poe in an aside.)

POE: "Beau musta sold used cars before he got into wrestling, that man is trying to sell water to a man in the desert. Hell, I know I'll need people watching my back to make it to where I wanna go, he doesn't need to be spelling it out for me, if the guy wants to break his back to get me to the first merger and beyond, knock yourself out kid."

(CUTTO: Tribe Sharpshooter, Day 1.)

(CUTTO: MYSTIQUE, wearing a yankee pin-stripe top, and grey shorts. Motioning to SANDS.)

MYSTIQUE: "I think we should try to build the shelter in the tree line up there. No worries about the tide coming in there."

SANDS: "Sounds about right."

MYSTIQUE: "Good. See what Jean's doing, me and Nixon are going to unpack stuff and see what kinda food we have."

SANDS: "Rice, and a few other things if we're lucky."

MYSTIQUE: "Most likely"

(CUTTO: SANDS and RABESQUE working on the shelter.)

SANDS: "Good to have ya helping out."

RABESQUE: "No problem, Just want a roof over my head tonight."

SANDS: "agreed."

(CUTTO: Sands in an aside.)

SANDS: "far to early to ruffle feathers, it's time to just sit back, relax, and work on the shelter, keep everyone happy, just do what I'm told."

(CUTTO: Tribe DDT, Day 1.)

(CUTTO: MALONE building what appears to be a TV/DVD set out of wood. GREENIE is sitting near-by, with his palatir.)

MALONE: "WHY?! Why won't it get HBO?! How can I be espected to stay on this island without my movies? What will I do away from both my girlfriend and skinamax.)

GREENIE: "Could you PLEASE be quiet...I must learn of Jared Poe's evil."

MALONE: "What?"

GREENIE: "I see him, even now a shadow spreads over his tribe, he is taking them one by one, claiming them as his own...Much must be done lest all fall under his sway."

MALONE: "You're just sitting there with a giant black marble coming up with bull(BLEEP)"

GREENIE: "When Jared Poe laughs as he sends you from Africa, maybe then you'll have wished you took my sage advice."

(CUTTO: Greenie in an aside.)

GREENIE: "I'm mostly keeping in character with everyone, but I know I'm being a nut. The eyebrow shaving was excessive, but hey, gotta be Grima...I'm just here to be nuts...It's gonna be fun. But it's hard not falling asleep during the morning meditating at the palatir."

(CUTTO: FELICIA and ALPHA near a big tree.)

ALPHA: "Hey, what's up?"

FELICIA: "Nothing much what you doing?

ALPHA: "Looking for people I can talk to, mebbe work something out with. Like say an alliance. What you say?"

FELICIA: "Hmmm...I dunno, but you do have hair like Clark Gable, and good hair and infectious personality are what I'm all about...But I'm just jet lagged and all kinds of not with it so really I gotta just get my head together. OK? we'll talk about this later, right hunny?"

ALPHA: "Take your time."

FELICIA: "Thanks, guys who give me space normally get me in the end" (Smiles a cheerful grin at Alpha. Wonders off.)

(CUTTO: Tribe Sharpshooter, Day 2.)

(CUTTO: NIXON and MYSTIQUE sitting on a rock.)

NIXON: "So how was your first night on floor."

MYSTIQUE: "I can hack it...This isn't so bad."

NIXON: "any idea what we're doing for today?"

MYSTIQUE: "Just more work, getting ready for the big challenge tomorrow."

NIXON: "Yeah, gotta get that out of the way."

(CUTTO: Tribe Power Bomb, Day 2.)

(CUTTO: HOLLY and BORDEN on the beach.)

HOLLY: "So you going to help with the shelter?"

BORDEN: "Well sure in a bit."

HOLLY: "OK...Whatever..."

(CUTTO: Holly in an aside.)

HOLLY: "Alex is so lazy. He's just laying around while we work. Bah people who are not team players can enjoy being voted off and right quick."

(CUTTO: Tribe DDT, Day 3.)

(CUTTO: MALONE talking to ALPHA.)

MALONE: "Hey, you got a minute?"

ALPHA: "Sure."

MALONE: "Look, Boogie's got some issues. I'm pretty sure he's smuggled some weed onto the island, how I don't know. But he's been sorta out of it and not as helpful, so well, if we're gonna vote today. I'd go that way."

ALPHA: "I can agree with that."

(CUTTO: MALONE sitting on the beach looking at the ocean with CINDY. MALONE wears his "Don't blame me, I voted for Jacobs." Shirt.)

CINDY: "So what's going on Matt?"

MALONE: "Not a lot, I'm trying to just get my bearings about me."

CINDY: "I hear ya, so why you think you got taken out of the other show so fast?"

MALONE: "Well, I think Caitlyn and Starr were a bit put off by me being so forward about voting people off, they were not looking to play the game, they were there to make friends really. So then Jacobs talks to them, they rat me out, and I'm gone."

CINDY: "and you think you'll survive this time why?"

MALONE: "It'll be more businesslike, new people, new dynamics. So I hope I'll be fine."

CINDY: "Well, good luck to ya."

MALONE: "Thanks, so who you looking at for a vote?"

CINDY: "I dunno. Really just getting a read on people, so I dunno."

MALONE: "This is for a million dollars. You have Felicia running around telling everyone you two got girl power going and you're in it to the end with each other, and you can't tell me that the two of you have a plan for a vote?"

CINDY: "Honestly. I haven't."

MALONE: "Look, I'll be honest, I think Boogie should go. He's back on the weed, how he found it, I don't know, he's not a help, and Felicia's all starry eyed around him. So well, he should go,"

CINDY: "I think we could work that out."

MALONE: "So honestly, before I came up with Boogie as a target, you had nobody planned?"

CINDY: "Honestly Matt, you're looking for something that just isn't there, maybe being paranoid is why you got voted off so quick last time."

MALONE: "Well we could be coming back here in a half hour with the task of voting somebody off. I can't believe you wouldn't have thought of this."

CINDY: "Well if we do, it'll be Boogie if you quit mocking me."

MALONE: "I'm not mocking you...I'll talk to you later."

CINDY: "OK, seeya."

(CUTTO: Malone in an aside.)

MALONE: "I don't know what Cindy's up to. Maybe she's being honest, who knows. hopefully the fact Boogie's just tanked will be a good enough reason for people to oh say, not vote me off first..."(Shrugs.)

(CUTTO: The Tribes walking towards a beach. DOC SILVER stands on the beach.)

DOC: "DDT, Sharpshooter, Power Bomb, how ya'll doing." (Shouts of "Good" from various people.)

FELICIA: "Carrying a pink flag Jean? You Nancy!" (RABESQUE appears stunned by this unprovoked attack.)

DOC: "OK there killer...Anyhow. Today's challenge is simple, there are three towers, there's a bucket on one side with a hole in it, 4 of you will as a relay attempt to fill your bucket to lower it, while on the other side, there is a container of brush and tinder that the other two members of your team will be trying to get a good fire burning in it. Once it gets burning, and it gets lifted by the other bucket being lowered, it'll trigger a fuse and light a torch. The two tribes that first light their torches win immunity. OK, let's get ready."

(CUTTO: The Tribes, ready to start the challenge.)

DOC: "Survivor's ready...GO!" (MALONE and CINDY begin trying to get the fire going as do NIXON and ROBERTS. MICHAELS and POE get their fire started first.)

DOC: "Power Bomb has their fire lit...Now they begin moving buckets down the human chain trying to fill that bucket, trying to win immunity. They have the bucket filled and their fire is slowly lifting...DDT has their fire going. Now Sharpshooter has their fire going...POWER BOMB'S Fuse is lit...They have immunity! Now it's a race between Sharpshooter and DDT...Both sides have the buckets filling...The fire buckets reaching towards the fuses...DDT'S TORCH IS LIT!! MERE SECONDS AHEAD OF SHARPSHOOTER! DDT wins immunity...Sharpshooter...Close, but no cigar...Tonight, tribal counsel..."

(CUTTO: Quick shots of the two celebrating winning tribes and a shot of the defeated Sharpshooter, who look disgusted with the results of what just happened.)

(CUTTO: Tribe Sharpshooter, Day 3.)

(CUTTO: SANDS and RABESQUE moving wood for a shelter.)

RABESQUE: "We need to get rid of Mystique...It's the best plan for right now."

SANDS: "Then the ***** is gone."

RABESQUE: "Good to hear it."

(CUTTO: Rabesque in an aside.)

Rabesque: "Mystique has just flat out got to go! She's coming in here, acting like she runs everything, plus she's just straight up annoying. I think once we get her out of here, we make life a lot simpler on all of us."

(CUTTO: Rabesque talking to Douglas in the woods.)

RABESQUE: "Look, I talked to Sands.We're getting rid of Mystique tonight."

DOUGLAS: "That seems fine with me. Any vote that doesn't have my name on it works for me."

RABESQUE: "We stick together we can go far in this thing."

DOUGLAS: "Understood."

(CUTTO: Rabesque in an aside.)

RABESQUE: "Douglas seems harmless enough, and he really seems like somebody that would go all the way through with this. He works hard, and we can really stay under the radar. I also think he'll be pretty helpful in the challenges. As for Sand he is someone I honestly could care less for, and the world basically knows that. Hell, he was singing that stupid Rabesquedor song on NFW. I guess that's what makes this so good, no one sees it coming, and by the time they figure it out, it'll be too late."

(CUTTO: MYSTIQUE and SANDS chatting near camp.)

MYSTIQUE: "I'm thinking we should vote off Roberts, he seems most useless in the group thus far."

SANDS: "I can see that...I can do that for ya."

MYSTIQUE: "Where is Jean and Troy?"

SANDS: "They went off like 10 minutes ago...Why?"

MYSTIQUE: "Hmmm...Well, if you want to vote off Rabesque instead of Roberts, that's also possible."

SANDS: "That's a thought..."

MYSTIQUE: "OK...We'll vote Jean then."

SANDS: "He's gone."


MYSTIQUE: "So what you think about Jean?"

DOUGLAS: "Good man, useful for challenges, more then likely need him around."

MYSTIQUE: "Hmm...I can understand that...What you think we should do with the shelter to prevent leaks?"

DOUGLAS: "We're gonna try to strip some leaves off of a buncha trees, the one with the longer leaves, and really bunch them up..."

MYSTIQUE: "Good good.."

(CUTTO: Mystique in an aside.)

MYSTIQUE: "I've been thinking it over and seeing who's here, and well, at first it was Roberts who was going to go...But now that I've seen what's whatn...Well, Jean needs to leave and leave now."


MYSTIQUE: "How goes the fishing?"

ROBERTS: "It goes well."

MYSTIQUE: "So who you looking towards voting for tonight?"

ROBERTS: "Don't know, you got any ideas?"

MYSTIQUE: "I could...Maybe Jean, maybe anyone, why?"

ROBERTS: "Dunno, just looking for a little advice...Well, I guess I got some...Thanks..."

MYSTIQUE: "OK then, seeya around..."

(CUTTO: The tribe making their way to counsel.)

(CUTTO: The Tribe sitting down across from DOC SILVER.)

DOC: "OK guys, it's been only 3 days, but the grim news is, everyone has to go through this sooner or later, and you guys are the first to do so. I don't think I'll waste your time peppering you with questions...So just go up there, vote, say your piece...And we send somebody home. ROBERTS, you're first up."

(CUTTO: ROBERTS voting, he holds up his vote reading "Nixon".)

ROBERTS: "Who knows why..."

(CUTTO: MYSTIQUE voting, she holds up her vote reading "Rabesque")

MYSTIQUE: "Gotta cut you loose...Seeya."

(CUTTO: DOUGLAS voting.)

(CUTTO: RABESQUE voting, he holds up his vote reading "Mystique")

RABESQUE: "Sometimes it's just your time"

(CUTTO: SANDS voting.)

(CUTTO: NIXON voting.)

DOC: "Time to count the votes."

(CUTTO: DOC with the cookie Jar in front of him.)

DOC: "OK, simple as you all know, whoever gets the most votes leaves, no questions asked, don't make a scene, we got people with tazers near-by, they will fry you. OK, votes...First vote...Nixon...(NIXON looks a bit surpised.)...Mystique (MYSTIQUE glaces towards RABESQUE.) Mystique...2 for Mystique...1 for Nixon...Rabesque...(RABESQUE doesn't react.)...Rabesque...(He remains emotionless.) If this last vote is for either MYSTIQUE or RABESQUE...Then they will be the first person voted off Mother Africa...If it's for Nixon, we have a three way tie, if it's for anyone else, it's a 2 way tie...I will now read...The final vote...(Doc looks at it...) The first person voted off of Mother Africa is...MYSTIQUE (Doc turns the vote towards the players and cameras...MYSTIQUE brings her torch to DOC who quickly puts it out as she leaves...RABESQUE breaths a big sigh of relief, NIXON looks stunned, the rest of the tribe appears less effected by the events...)


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