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Survivor S.E. Asia Ep 1

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: The Survivor Logo, CUTTO: A Green Flag with the words "Tribe Tap Out" above it, CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing MANSON, MALONE, JACOBS, CAITLYN, STARR and EDMUNDS. CUTTO: The words "18 players" CUTTO: A Red Flag with the words "Tribe Hardcore" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TACT, AMERICAN, DAVIS, EMILY, ICEKOLD, and MILES. CUTTO: The Words "38 days" CUTTO: A Yellow Flag with the words "Tribe High Spot" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TROY, RYAN, MELTON, RAYNE, CLOVERLEAF, and, VIPER. CUTTO: The words "1 Winner")

(FADEIN: A Ship docking on an island. We see the 18 contestants on the dock. CUTTO: The teams, divided into their tribes, finally we see DOC SILVER arrive on the beach via a small fan powered boat.)

DOC: "Welcome to the island, as you're all well aware I was forced to host this show, because if I was allowed to play it woulda killed the drama about who was going to win (TROY, MILES, and VIPER flip Doc off.) Hey...Easy now...Anyhow, you've been divided into your tribes, you'll be heading back to camp for the next few days, at camp you'll find some tools to work on your shelters, which have been set up, there's some rice waiting for you and a lockbox, that has 3 locks on it, open it, get lots more rice. Have fun, good luck."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore Day 2)

(We see ICEKOLD sitting in the shade, DAVIS and AMERICAN are working on the shelter while MILES and EMILY have apparently just finished a shouting match.)

MILES: "And I had to CARRY your Husband's ASS, don't EVER forget that"

EMILY: "(BLEEP) Off...God, you're such an (BLEEP)"

CUTTO: Miles in an aside

MILES:"I'm just here because I wanna piss people off, and the wife figured if I went without butts for a week or two cold turkey it might get me off them for good (Rolls eyes). If Doc has a carton of winstons...(Miles ponders for a moment), yeah I'd prolly kill him while he's sleeping for them. And if he doesn't? Well, after the first few days I might just have to hold hostages or something...its not like I'll be able to sleep, y'know? I'll tell you what though, Melton brought drugs. The last time I heard someone howl at the moon like that, it turned into some (BLEEP)'s gimmick."

CUTTO: Davis in an side

DAVIS: "Miles has just been running down Emily, and when he's not doing thatr he doesn't help on the shelter, or do anything really, man is just useless...Then we have Icekold (CUTTO: DAVIS talking to ICEKOLD)

DAVIS: "Gonna help us work on this?"

ICEKOLD: (Shakes magic 8 ball) "Signs point to no"

DAVIS: "O...K"

CUTTO: Davis in an aside

DAVIS: "Icekold's apparently doing some new-age version of the Batman Villian Two Face's gimmick, when she's not hitting on Tact...So we've got 2 people who are just being horrifically annoying, and a woman who can't stop herself from getting into screaming matches with Miles, so it's basically a three man tribe with Tact, American, and myself...(Shakes head) This is gonna be a long couple of weeks before we merge."

(CUTTO: Tribe High Spot, Day 2)

(CUTTO: LINDSAY TROY, working with DAN RYAN, and STEEL VIPER, on the shelter.)

VIPER: "Rayne come back with her snail haul yet?"

TROY: "No."

VIPER: "At least she's doing something, unlike Melton's failed fishing trips, I'm gonna have to try fishing next."

TROY: "Knock yourself out, but before that, get this wall set up and ready to go."

(Camera pans to the ocean, where MELTON appears, holding a good sized fish on his spear.)

VIPER: "Holy (BLEEP) He caught something!"


"MELTON: "Yeah I caught something, screw you Viper!"

(CUTTO: Troy in an aside.)

TROY: "We're working good together, basically everyone's doing what they should be, there's no headgames or any of that foolishness, it's just been a solid team effort, I really think we've got the best shelter now, and I'm pretty sure when the challenges roll around, that we're gonna roll them."

(CUTTO: Viper in an aside.)

VIPER: "So far everything's cool, I dunno about the whole 'politics' of this game, but right now, we're smooth...(Smiles)"

(CUTTO: Tribe Tap Out, Day 2)

(CUTTO: EDMUNDS, STARR, and MANSON, working on the Shelter.)

EDMUNDS: "Think Malone or Jacobs will catch anything?"

MANSON: "We sent both of them out to double our catch, remember?"

STARR: "Double of nothing is nothing last I checked."

MANSON: "That's about all you need to get out of high school now-a-days."

(CUTTO: Edmunds in an aside.)

EDMUNDS: "This tribe has been pretty easy to mold, in that the two girls do their best to work for us, Malone and Jacobs, they are trying to help, dunno if they are much help at all, but hey, A for effort. Manson can feel the bullseye on in his back, so he's been useful for the tribe trying to avoid being kicked off...Right now I'd have to say I'm doing a good job running Tap Out, and it's good to be King." (Smiles, pats his WFW World Title Belt.)

(CUTTO: Caitlyn in an aside)

CAITLYN: "Starr's very cool, the rest of these guys I really dunno, Edmunds seems a bit silly carrying around a wrestling belt. Malone and Jacobs seem to be trying to find food to earn their keep, (Shrugs) Dunno if I care about that more then the shelter...Right now I just want to keep everyone happy and working together.

"Why am I going to win? Well, they say that the beautiful female managers are nothing more than eye candy. Being the kind of woman who spends more time supporting her man from outside the ring as opposed to being in there fighting with him, I guess you could say I'm in this game to show the world that I'm not just a good-looking chick with no brains. There's a lot more to me than meets the eye. As for the million dollars? It'd be a nice bonus at the end of this game. But I'm here to represent the majority of women out there who lack the strength and opportunities in the ring... and to prove to everybody that we can be just as strong, in our own ways."

(CUTTO: Caitlyn and Starr laughing together.)

(CUTTO: Tribe High Spot Day 5, getting their first tree mail.)

TROY: "I don't do rhymes, battle royal today, winners get food."

MELTON: "Oh that lyrical Doc, he's so witty"

VIPER: "I don't care what it said, as long as it said we're getting food after we win this thing"

(CUTTO: Tribe Tap Out, day 5, mail call.)

MALONE: "Battle Royal today for food"

JACOBS: "That's good, the rice and bug diet was growing old."

STARR: "God, we have to win, I REALLY need to eat."

(CUTTO: Starr in an aside.)

STARR: "Without Caitlyn, I woulda lost my mind, and I still might if we don't at least, at LEAST get a key to the lock box, our rice will run out in a week or less, so we need this challenge to go well."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore Day 4, with their tree mail.)

TACT: "We're gonna be fighting for food."

ICEKOLD: "That's cool, I know you can do it hunny"

TACT: "Yeah, I know...I hope so."

(CUTTO: Tact in an aside.)

TACT: I have no idea why Icekold is hitting on me, part of her plan, or whatever the deal is, I don't really 'get' Survivor, so I'm just learning as I go...Why am I here? I really dunno...You know, somehow I ended up on "Team Hardcore." I guess that's just a sign of what's to come for me...the token sane person of this inevitable degeneration to chaos. I know nobody here is sane....come on, why else would they ask me to come here? They expect me to be poisoned, diseased, infected, whatever you want to call it. They're looking forward to my being beaten out for immunity, so I can be fed to the wolves. I'll probably be bitten, by bugs and people...who knows, maybe I'll get rabies! Wouldn't that be fun? And why the hell not? I'm just here to be tested on...I'm the freaking guinea pig. There's no way off this place if I want the million, and after all the money I blew on lotto, I can't pass this up. Not that they'd let me leave, until I got voted off. But I'm going to stay...I'll survive, just despite them all. I'm going to get hit and hit on...I'll take those infections...I'll probably end up worse off than the junkies around here, sometimes. But you know...for a million...and to say I got through this dysfunctional field trip...I'll do it. I'm not leaving this place. Besides...I always got an advance downside for coming to hell...I mean the island. I might as well go for the million, too, and show what hardcore is. You all can (BLEEP) me up, but by the end you'll be like, 'Wow we made that?' and you're all going to be backed off in a corner while I take my million....then infect you all. Yeah...I'm sane. Enough for this place, and to win a million using that excuse, at least."

(CUTTO: The Tribes, marching towards a beach, where Doc, a table with a tarp over it, and a standard wrestling ring await.)

DOC: OK everyone let's make it simple, standard over the top battle royal, if you leave the ring by any other means but over the top, you'll be forced back into the ring or eliminated if you refuse, no hiding under the ring allowed, none of those cheap tricks. I'm sure you want to know what you're playing for...(Doc pulls back the tarp to show a pile of T-bone steaks. various shouts of joy and happiness come from the tribes.)

This is the good stuff...Hell, I'D eat this stuff...Just grade A, top of the line pound and a half (Loud wails at that) of steak...So everyone get in the ring, wait for my signal, and then go to it!"

(CUTTO: Everyone in the ring waiting for Doc to give the signal)

DOC: "For the Reward...BEGIN!"

(The teams engage each other and begin brawling CUTTO: Quick shows showing CAITLYN, EMILY, RAYNE, and ICEKOLD being thrown out.)

(CUTTO: Steel Viper in an aside)

VIPER: "We had this thing until I got mugged, I mean, I know all's fair, but that was just bull"

(CUTTO: Viper in trouble as MANSON and EDMUNDS have him by the legs when TACT and AMERICAN come over and help. MELTON tries to get over to help but is blocked by MALONE, who MELTON decks with a right hand, but then as he gets to where Viper was, Viper's eliminated. The 4 men turn on MELTON and try eliminating him. TROY goes over to help her tribe mate when MILES and JACOBS blindside her and toss her! MELTON is dumped out shortly there after.)

CUTTO: Troy in an aside.

TROY: "I have to think Tap Out and Hardcore sent carrier pigeons to each other or something, they were TOTALLY against us, it was unreal, It was 12 on 6...I'd like a challenge where the gimp tribes can't gang up on us."

(CUTTO: Down to the final 6, MANSON, RYAN, MILES, AMERICAN, TACT and DAVIS. TACT and RYAN are tangled up and both go over the top. Leaving MANSON against three members of TAP OUT.)

CUTTO: Miles in an aside.

MILES: "Manson wouldn't quit...But we got him finally...As for High Spots bellyaching, well...My belly's full...(Smiles) Screw them."

CUTTO: Davis in an aside.

DAVIS: "Look, I didn't sign up to help Tap Out, they didn't do anything to help us, hell, we nearly killed Manson to toss him, but things happen in battle royals, sucks to be High Spot"

(CUTTO: Various scenes of MANSON being beaten in the 3 on 1, with a scene of him rallying, before finally being thrown over the top.)

CUTTO: Edmunds in an aside.

EDMUNDS: "Manson's a tough son of a gun, he wouldn't quit, that showed me a lot, but at the same time, this is a game, you gotta play it to win, dunno if Manson's to hurt to help us now."

(CUTTO: Doc at the side of the ring.)

DOC: "Hardcore, congrats, the steaks are yours...Take 'em back to camp...Oh...And Miles...(Pulls two winstons out of his vest pocket) These are for you.

(CUTTO: Miles in an aside, smoking)

MILES: "Half of me wanted to break them in half and throw them in his face, the other half wanted to smoke, that half won."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore eating steaks, celebrating)

TACT: "I'd like to thank Tap Out, for their lovely assist in bringing us today's meal."

DAVIS: "Or as I'd like to call them...Suckers" (Everyone laughs.)

EMILY: "Call 'em whatever you want, as long as they feed us they are good with me."

(CUTTO: MILES, after his dinner, trying to find a light for his cig. MILES searches himself a couple times before figuring out it's not there.)

CUTTO: Emily in an aside.

EMILY: "Miles either lost or got his lighter stolen and he flipped out...God, what a long night that was."

(CUTTO: That night, Miles banging on the walls of the shelter.)


CUTTO: Davis in an aside

DAVIS: "Miles lost his mind, dunno if he had one before this game, but it's gone now."

(CUTTO: Miles banging two sticks on a tree outside the shelter like drums.)

MILES: "I Love that jukebox...BABABABA!! SKILLE-DE-DO-BOP-BOO-WOW!!"

(CUTTO: The rest of his tribe inside the shelter, hands over ears.)

DAVIS: "He wants out, he's gonna go"

TACT: "Yeah, he's doomed. (Miles screaming can be heard) He's just doomed."

CUTTO: Tact in an aside

TACT: "If it wasn't for the fact that I half expect something crazy to happen in a vote, I'd throw the immunity challenge just to be rid of Miles, but because I've never watched this show or done anything with 'reality TV' for all I know Miles is 'playing the game' perfectly. (shakes head) Well, I doubt that. But I'm still not ready to risk a vote till I get into this game more."

(CUTTO: High Spot, Day 7, Tree Mail)

TROY: "Ladder match, different rules, losers lose a player"

RYAN: "Yay, wrestling again."

VIPER: "Better then eating bugs."

RAYNE: "What's the big deal about that?"

VIPER: "I don't wanna get into this whole bug eating thing until that day."

(CUTTO: Tribe Tap Out, Day 7, Tree Mail)

CAITLYN: "More Wrestling, ugh, I'd like to not be useless in a challenge for once."

MALONE: "Who knows what the 'different rules' means? Could be something weird."

EDMUNDS: "Well we'll find out when we ship out."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore, Day 7, Tree Mail)

MILES: "Come on troops, we got a Ladder match today, everyone's gotta be in top shape."

TACT: "Maybe if YOU didn't keep us up all night over your stupid lighter we would be in top shape."

MILES: "Look, if I find out you took it, you're not getting voted off the island, you're leaving it in a box."

TACT: "Whatever"

(FADEIN: The three tribes marching onto a beach, DOC is standing by in front of three towers.)

DOC: "OK I'm gonna cut the pointless small talk and get to the action today, it's simple, we've got ladders on the beach, they are only 10 feet tall, these towers, are 18 feet, you'll pair off into three teams of two and then grab a ladder, you'll take the ladder and put it next to the tower, the other person in your team will climb the ladder, until they get to the top of it, they will then lock their harness into the securing cable hanging from the top of the tower, and scale the rest of the way up, there's plenty of hand holds and foot holds in the tower for you, once you make it to the top, your team mate must bring the ladder back, and the next team does the same thing, first two tribes to have 3 players on top of their towers wins immunity...Get your gear on, pick your order...And let's go."

(CUTTO: EDMUNDS and MALONE, holding a ladder, TACT and AMERICAN holding a ladder, and RYAN and MELTON holding a ladder.)

DOC: "On my signal, the race begins...(Pauses) GO! Ryan and Melton charging out to a lead...Tap out and Hardcore about tied for second...High Spot sets their ladder, Ryan's climbing it...Now Tap Out is set up...Hardcore finally set up...Ryan's getting the harness secure (CUTTO: Tight shot of RYAN securing his harness and beginning the climb. (CUTTO: Edmunds securing his vest) How Edmunds is getting ready to finish the climb for Tap Out, Hardcore now finally has Tact getting ready...Ryan is the first to the top! Melton racing back to his team with his ladder...TACT outrunning Edmunds by a step to the top! Both Tap Out and Hardcore neck and neck again as TROY and VIPER are now bringing the ladder back to the tower...CAITLYN and MANSON in a dead heat still with ICEKOLD and DAVIS. Viper climbing the ladder, Davis and Icekold getting their ladder set, Caitlyn and Manson lagging a bit, now finally setting up the ladder...Viper's got his harness secured, he's climbing (CUTTO: Ryan shouting for Viper to move it.) VIPER'S UP...Troy racing back with the ladder...DAVIS UP...Manson's getting an assist from Edmunds...HE'S UP...FINAL TEAM FOR ALL TRIBES...CLOVERLEAF AND RAYNE Already to the tower...STARR and JACOBS falling behind MILES and EMILY, who now have their ladder set (CUTTO: Nervous looks on the faces of MANSON, EDMUNDS, TACT and DAVIS as their teams are neck and neck.) CLOVERLEAF TO THE TOP...HIGH SPOT WINS IMMUNITY! It's close...JACOBS AND MILES...MILES GETS IT! HARDCORE WINS IMMUNITY!" (The two winning tribes yell and cheer from their towers to their tribemates below, while Tap Out members look sullen.)

DOC: "High Spot, Hardcore, you're safe for another day, Tap Out, we'll have our first vote tonight, somebody's leaving."

(CUTTO: Shot of all 6 members of TAP OUT, looking concerned the person going home could be them.)

CUTTO: (Tribe Tap out Day 7.)

CUTTO: Malone in an aside

MALONE: "Well we've gotta get rid of somebody, and looking at it logically, I don't know if the girls could be voted off, they seem friendly, and that's a solid 2 vote block, Manson could be a target because he's a leader, same with Edmunds, but they are also kinda chummy, so it looks like it could come down to a decision of which of the non-alpha males are going to go, that leaves it to me and Jacobs...So well, better him then me."

(CUTTO: MALONE in the ocean with CAITLYN and STARR.)

MALONE: "So who you guys voting out?"

CAITLYN: "I dunno, I really don't want to think about it, it's just really crummy that this has to happen."

MALONE: "It does, but at the same time, somebody's leaving, I honestly think the person we can afford to lose the most is Jacobs. He's just not that big of a deal, he's not going to help us much on the challenges or anything, he's just kinda an extra."

STARR: (Nodding) "I understand that, seems about right"

MALONE: "So you're gonna vote Jacobs?"

CAITLYN: (Looking in the distance) "I guess so"

STARR: "I'll vote Jacobs"

MALONE: "Good, thanks." (Malone walks back to land)

CUTTO: Caitlyn in an aside

CAITLYN: "Malone came to me and Karla after the challenge and wanted help voting out Jacobs...Seemed kinda cold...I know this is a game, but still...Well, I dunno right now."

CUTTO: Starr in an aside.

STARR: "Caitlyn seems to be a little taken aback by how quick the plotting has started, I kinda expected this, and well, I guess Jacobs is as good a person to remove from the tribe as any...As long as it isn't me"

(CUTTO: Edmunds and Manson together)

EDMUNDS: "So we're about set here? Me and you?"


EDMUNDS: "And we're tossing Malone"

MANSON: "Jacobs is a follower, the women are too, Malone's about the only one who seems capable of stabbing anyone in the back, I doubt I survive this vote anyhow, I figure the women and Malone go against me and the rest of the votes get split up, I'll lose 3-2-1 or something, or maybe Jacobs gets rid of me."

EDMUNDS: "He's avoiding you, he's been busy chatting me up."

CUTTO: Edmunds in an aside.

EDMUNDS: "I've just decided not to worry about Starr and Caitlyn, the two of them are either going to get talked into voting out Manson, or one of the dead wood males, being the not-freakish guy who's running things here gives me a big advantage, they know they need me for challenges, and there's really no reason to get rid of me...Malone seems like he's scheming, Manson wants him out, I'm not sure...It's him or Jacobs at this point, but I'm leaning Malone."

(CUTTO: JACOBS Sitting with STARR and CAITLYN, they are eating rice.)

JACOBS: "Man the beating Manson took, and now we're still like, two good showing in the luxury challenges from getting more of this stuff...How much you think we got left?"

STARR: "Maybe a week, if we ration it out smaller."

JACOBS: "We need to win some food, or figure out how to fish."

CAITLYN: "Yeah, that would be a help."

JACOBS: "So you're voting out Manson, right?" (STARR is silent for a few moments, eying Caitlyn, who quits eating her rice.)

(CUTTO: Jacobs in an aside)

JACOBS: "Caitlyn told me Malone had asked them to vote me out, and well, that shocked me to no end, I totally didn't expect to be a target, but she and Karla were having reservations about it. I told them that if they wanted to get Malone out, I'd vote that way, Manson can hang around as a target for another vote or so, having a chance to get rid of somebody who's not Manson is a plus in my book."

(CUTTO: JACOBS and EDMUNDS meeting up.)

JACOBS: "Well, I talked to the girls, and Malone's out"

EDMUNDS: "Really now?"

JACOBS: "Yeah, so like, your vote makes it 4, so he's done."

EDMUNDS: "I guess so"

JACOBS: "So you'll go Malone"

EDMUNDS: "Yeah, he's out"

JACOBS: "Shake on it?"

EDMUNDS: "Sure" (They shake)

(CUTTO: Manson and Edmunds talking, we can't hear them. Both seem relaxed.)

(CUTTO: Set of the tribal counsel. The 6 members of TAP OUT walk onto the set and light torches...DOC SILVER walks onto the platform.)

DOC: "Here's where the idiot on the real show peppers you guys with questions just to build up the drama a bit, and make you all squirm, but I really have no use for that, so well, we'll just let you all get to the voting area and put your votes in the jar."

(CUTTO: STARR voting)


(CUTTO: MALONE Voting, he holds up his piece of paper reading "Jacobs")

MALONE: "Sorry Brandon, you're just not a factor in helping the tribe. It's just business."

(CUTTO: EDMUNDS voting.)

(CUTTO: JACOBS voting, he holds up his piece of paper reading "Malone")

JACOBS: "Matt, dunno what you have against me, but it backfired."


(CUTTO: Doc with the Jar, the tribe sitting on the benches)

DOC: "Decision is final after votes are read, loser leaves immediately or else the goon squad will beat them senseless and then throw them in the ocean (Smiles a bit at his gallows humor.) Now the votes...(Doc pulls out a paper.) "Malone." (MALONE looks stunned and worried.) (Doc reaches in again..."Malone" (Malone shakes his head in disbelief.)...(Doc reaches in again) "Malone" (Malone nods, accepting his fate at this point.) (Doc reaches in again.) "Jacobs." (Jacobs nods, expecting Malone's vote against him.) (Doc reaches in again.) "Jacobs" (Jacobs eyebrows shoot up, as he looks surprised at this vote.)

DOC: "One vote left, if it's Jacobs, we have a tie, and we will have each of you be alone for 10 minutes and take a re-vote, if it's for anyone else, Malone is the first elimated from the island.

(Doc reaches in, looks at the paper, nods...Spins it around, it reads "Malone")

DOC: "First person voted out of Wrestling Survivor, is Matthew Malone...Sorry Man...(Malone gets up, looks at the tribe, waves goodbye and leaves the set. JACOBS looks a bit stunned as he gets up to leave, CAITLYN looks spent from the process, MANSON and EDMUNDS seem unfazed, and STARR puts her hand on CAITLYN'S back, the two talk and smile.)


(CUTTO: Credits)

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