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Survivor S.E. Asia Ep 13

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: The Survivor Logo, CUTTO: A Green Flag with the words "Tribe Tap Out" above it, CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing MANSON, MALONE, JACOBS, CAITLYN, STARR and EDMUNDS. CUTTO: The words "18 players" CUTTO: A Red Flag with the words "Tribe Hardcore" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TACT, AMERICAN, DAVIS, EMILY, ICEKOLD, and MILES. CUTTO: The Words "38 days" CUTTO: A Yellow Flag with the words "Tribe High Spot" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TROY, RYAN, MELTON, RAYNE, CLOVERLEAF, and, VIPER. CUTTO: The words "1 Winner")

(FADEIN: Tribe ? Day 32.)

(FADEIN: TACT and STARR walking on a beach.)

STARR: "So what happens now?"

TACT: "Well I guess you or Caitlyn are next to go...Haven't really talked it over."

STARR: "You could help us out, go after Cloverleaf, get rid of him."

TACT: "I know I could, but I doubt that Emily would go for it, and it's a risk for them."

STARR: "So just do it, We could force the issue."

TACT: "To drawing rocks on a 3-3 tie...I don't think I should be risking my position right now for a shot at going home turning my back on my alliance."

STARR: "Sure you can trust them, you know you would have me and Caitlyn to the end."

TACT: "And if I lose in the final 3, I'm out, and in a jury, I can count on Troy and whichever one of you I don't take to final 2 voting for the other...That's not that great of a situation."

STARR: "You would get to the jury with us."

TACT: "Sorry, I don't think it can happen."

(CUTTO: Starr in an aside.)

STARR: "We're down to 6, I totally didn't expect this to happen. Now, it just sucks, because our tribe lost the battle, we're down to Caitlyn and myself. I'm working on Tact, he's the most honorable of the bunch left on the other side. Jacobs betrayed us, Cloverleaf betrayed us, Emily's just been a *****, so well, it's pretty crummy, it's going to come down to getting a run on immunity."

(CUTTO: EMILY and JACOBS in the shelter.)

JACOBS: "So you're playing both Tact and Cloverleaf here, who we going with really?"

EMILY: "I was torn before that nutjob tried to cave in my head with the 8 ball. I really was, I mean, gamewise, it's clear Cloverleaf's the play, he's scum, the type of scum that can be beaten in the final 2. Tact is a saint, he'd win like, 7-0, hell, I'd vote for him if I was in the jury...And well I was going to be loyal to him and take him to final 3 with us, but now, well, after he had me make out with him just to piss off Icekold and it earned me this lump on my head, screw him, he's gone."

JACOBS: "This whole idea of facing a wrestler in the final 3 event doesn't exactly strike me as amazingly appealing."

EMILY: "So you want to do them both and hope you can outlast Starr?"

JACOBS: "That would be more my speed really, yes."

EMILY: (thinks) "It's not exactly the best of plans for me, since you skate by scott free while I burn both Tact and Cloverleaf, if you want to pull a power play and take them out, that's fine with me, but I know where I stand with a lot of people and it's not in very high reguard. If Starr did beat us, well, she wins, even if Cloverleaf did beat you in final 3, he could boot me and not you."

JACOBS: "But really is the betraying colorman any more of a good canidate to face off with then the queen ***** of the island?"

EMILY: "That's for him to decide, and besides, I'm giving you the shot, if muscles there drops the ball, you got the belt, it's your shot to pick him or me, you're in for sure."

JACOBS: "Well, we might as well get the rice started up, so we'll have something to eat."

(CUTTO: Jacobs in an aside.)

JACOBS: "Emily's playing the game well, but I do have to remind myself she's playing for herself, there's really no friends here, really nobody looking out for anybody else. I've cast my lot with her, mostly because I've been able to see where the power base is ever since I've done that, and I've kept myself in the game longer. It's so odd to be sitting here hashing out plans for final 3 after Sean Edmunds, Mike Manson, Dan Ryan, and Lindsay Troy are gone, and basically the people working on those plans are the wife of a wrestler, me, a play by play man, and some mid-carder from a league I really don't know much about, world turned upside down really."

(CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF walking towards the tree mail, and finding a note.)

CLOVERLEAF: "Night on the town for you and a friend, don't be a pig, and you'll last to the end. Ah well, whatever that means."

(CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF showing the note to everyone. Questions about the game are asked.)

(CUTTO: The tribe heading towards a clearing where DOC SILVER stands holding a basketball in front of a half court hardwood basketball court.)

DOC: "Welcome everyone, now, today's challenge is for reward, and we'll be playing PIG, which is a short version of HORSE, one slight change, no dunking or lay-ups, since TACT or CLOVERLEAF would more then likely make this a mockery. You can call glass or no glass, wear a blindfold, shoot unhanded, left handed, whatever you want, only thing you can't do is demand that CAITLYN or EMILY to go up and dunk. Winner will get to take somebody else with them to another camp site. The old Tap Out camp site, and we've fixed it up a little for you, think you'll like it...Now we'll draw numbers and get ready to go."


(CUTTO: JACOBS missing a shot from the foul line.)

JACOBS: "This isn't going to be my day."

(CUTTO: A while later in the event, EMILY, TACT and CAITLYN are sitting on the side. Jacobs is shooting.)

DOC: "This is for G and a knock out, gotta get glass from 10 feet"

(JACOBS shoots, the ball hits the backboard and rattles around the rim before falling out, JACOBS punches the ball.)

DOC: "That's it we're down to STARR and CLOVERLEAF who both have PI...CLOVERLEAF you're up."

(CLOVERLEAF hits a shot from the foul line. STARR matches him.)

DOC: "Still your shot CLOVERLEAF."

(CLOVERLEAF goes for a right handed shot from 6 feet out, the ball rims out. He curses...STARR goes to the foul line and shoots a shot with her back turned to the basket, making it.)

DOC: "Bet you never thought that skill would come into play."

STARR: "Can't say I did."

(CLOVERLEAF tries the shot, throwing the ball way to hard, it slams off the backboard and hits the ground.)

DOC: "STARR you win it...You get a night away from the tribe, who you going to spend it with?"

STARR: "Might be one of the last nights for one of us on this island...So I'm taking CAITLYN."

DOC: "Very well."

(CUTTO: CAITLYN and STARR at TAP OUT's old beach, there is a cooler full of beer and a grill full of various kinds of meat.)

STARR: "Oh man, this is the LIFE!"

CAITLYN: "Well, for a last meal this is really sweet."

STARR: "Maybe I shoulda put out for Cloverleaf, coulda kept Troy around and gotten rid of Emily."

CAITLYN: "Oh Karla, don't say things like that!"

STARR: "What? It's true...I had the chance and I chickened out, you gave up immunity, I coulda given up a little nookie."

CAITLYN: "That's the booze talking, you're nuts."

STARR: "You're right, so I shoulda taken Ken over here now and gotten drunk with me, mebbe we would have the power then."

CAITLYN: "You're to much, just to much."

STARR: "Thanks a lot, you're great too...To our last night."

CAITLYN: "last night" (They tap bottles together.)

(CUTTO: Tribe ? day 33.)

(CUTTO: TACT and EMILY sitting at the shelter.)

EMILY: "We got to do Caitlyn tonight, she's such a sweet angel, she's been loyal, she gave up immunity, so she would win far easier in the final 2 then Starr, who could be painted as a whore with the stuff she did with Cloverleaf."

TACT: "You're just soulless."

EMILY: "It's a game...What can I say?"

TACT: "Yeah, I guess"

(CUTTO: TACT and STARR walking on the beach.)

STARR: "So Larry, who's getting it? Me or Caitlyn?"

TACT: "Looks like it's Caitlyn tonight."

STARR: "Oh...Great...Well, we're voting for Cloverleaf, if you want to help, lemme know, like before, offer is good."

TACT: "I won't vote you out, but well, my hands are tied, good luck to you two, if she wins immunity, maybe things change."

(Tact in an aside.)

TACT: "Somehow I've let myself develop feelings for Starr. I guess it's more clear when it's taken into consideration that I'm on an island with a group consisting of a majority of psychos, one of which I've had to be in some ways...intimate with....and the only sensible ally I've had to speak with is a female who's happily married, so nothing doing there. Then Starr comes along, and we've had a few good chats, and it doesn't hurt that she's attractive. The whole situation up to now makes her even more convincing than even she probably realizes. And then I get this...(Takes up a letter, unfolds it)

TACT: "Dear Lover....Hope you're doing well out there. I know it's got to be tough, but I probably don't know the half of it, right? Just remember to stay calm and don't give yourself up. Stay strong, Champ. I know you've got what it takes to win. All My Love, Cindy." (folds up letter)

TACT: "**** me and my two heads...I don't know what I'm going to do if it comes down to Starr, Emily, and me. I'm not going to vote out Starr, and I promised Emily I'm sticking with her. So I've pretty much put myself in the ol' rock and the hard place. Just ****in' brilliant. I can only hope Jacobs and Emily vote Starr out in final four, and I won't need to make any choice. From there, Jacobs can be rid of and all is well. But then again, I don't know if I can even last. We'll see I guess."

(CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF and STARR in the forest.)

CLOVERLEAF: "So well, you going to just get with the program and vote off Caitlyn tonight?"

STARR: "She can win immunity."

CLOVERLEAF: "Fat Chance of that happening...Look, you can get with the program or you can stick around with the dead weight, it's going to be important for your future."

STARR: "I like my future just fine."

CLOVERLEAF: "Fine fine...Suit yourself."

(CUTTO: The Tribe heading towards a beach, DOC SILVER stands in front of a poker table.)

DOC: "Welcome everyone, the final 6, and like on TV's World Poker Tour, the final 6 will face off in a game of no-limt hold 'em poker, you will each have 10,000 in chips in front of you, blinds will be set and increased every 20 minutes, the game will end when one of you has all 60,000 in front of you, and STARR, I need the belt back."

STARR: "And I need you to hand it back to me after."

DOC: "We'll see, good luck."

(CUTTO: "Hand 4, DOC deals out the cards. TACT and JACOBS fold. EMILY picks up a pair of kings)

EMILY: "Raise 700." (Everyone but CLOVERLEAF in the big blind folds, CLOVERLEAF looks at his hand and sees a Jack and a 4.)

CLOVERLEAF: "Call" (Doc deals out the flop, it's 4-4-4)

CLOVERLEAF: "ALL IN!!" (Pushes all his chips into the middle.)

EMILY: "Ummm...No WAY...You can NOT have a 4...I refuse to accept this...That is either the worst bluff ever or the worst poker face ever...I call"

CLOVERLEAF: "I got it! (Shows his J4)

EMILY: "You called 700 pre flop with that swill...GAWD!!" (The last two cards fail to give EMILY 4 Kings and she's eliminated.)

(CUTTO: Hand 33, The flop of 679 has given TACT a straigh with 8T, CLOVERLEAF and JACOBS are still in the hand. CLOVERLEAF with a pair of 7's and 3 diamonds to a flush with his K7, JACOBS with three sixes with 66 in hand)

TACT: "I'll bet 1,000"

JACOBS: "Raise all in for 7,000"

CLOVERLEAF: "Well, I got 21,000 here...Hmm...Call."

TACT: "Make it 4,000 more, all in myself."

CLOVERLEAF: "Might as well call it all then" (To the horror of JACOBS and TACT, the board doesn't pair and is running diamonds, giving CLOVERLEAF a shocking backdoor flush victory.)

TACT: "****!! Unreal...Un...Real...I can't believe that...I just can't"

CLOVERLEAF: "Just to good today baby!"

TACT: "No, you SUCK..."

(CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF with a giant stack now heads up with CAITLYN, who goes all in with a pair of 4's, CLOVERLEAF calls with Q5.)

DOC: "Flop KA2, turn...A 6...River...A Jack...CAITLYN doubles up.)

(CUTTO: Hand 189, both sides now have stacks of about the same size, CAITLYN has a pair of 7's.)

CAITLYN: "all-in" (CLOVERLEAF looks down, and has a pair of 10's)

CLOVERLEAF: "Call." (Doc deals out the hand, no help for CAITLYN, CLOVERLEAF wins the event.)

DOC: "You get the chips, and the belt, good job!"

(CLOVERLEAF raises the belt and celebrates. STARR and CAITLYN look defeated.)

(CUTTO: CAITLYN and STARR sitting on the beach.)

STARR: "This sucks...That idiot had no idea what he's doing. I can't believe that's why you're going home tonight."

CAITLYN: "So it's me...(hangs head) Dammit...I just hate it, sucks...Still being here but knowing you lost."

STARR: "Yeah, it's not good...I'm next..."

CAITLYN: "Let's just flip out on 'em at the final 2, let 'em have it."

STARR: (Smiles) "Yeah, I guess that's what we got left, the vote for the mill."

(CUTTO: TACT in the shelter with EMILY, he's seething as he sits there.)

EMILY: "What's got ya?"

TACT: "Cloverleaf, I just want him GONE...I'm so sick of him...It's like, Jeezus, if he didn't win immunity I woulda pushed for him to go tonight."

EMILY: "We couldn't do him tonight, with the girls it's to much of a risk"

TACT: "Screw the game, he as a person just disgusts me. I've been stuck with him in this tribe for nearly 3 weeks now, he doesn't carry his weight, he does nothing but gawk at Starr and use her. He's just been such a slimy prick, I couldn't care less about the game, I care about him being here, he pisses me off...I want him done with...I'm going to go out there and get him to take a swing at me, and that will be the end of him."

EMILY: "O...K...I'm not getting invovled in this, you can go nuts on your own terms."

TACT: "That IDIOT, GOD...The stupid card game set me off, just reminding me how big of a LOSER he is.)

(CUTTO: TACT walking with determination towards CLOVERLEAF, who's sitting on a log looking towards the sea, with the belt on his lap folded up.)

TACT: "I bet you feel real comfortable, don't you Clove...well after what you said last vote, yeah I got the message. You know what I say? No subtle hints, just flat out: you'd better get swimming off this island before the next vote is over with. Otherwise, I'll do all I can to make sure you leave strapped down in a medicopter."

CLOVERLEAF" Oh no ...look at me shake over here. Can you see me shaking in my Shorts? No? That's because I'm not. Listen here tough guy, I did sound comfortable at the last vote and you know why? I'll tell you why. Because I'm going to do everything in my power to walk off this island with the money and I'm not going to let some little punk who knows his time is up on this island get in the way of my money. You want to drop the gloves there sparky...that's fine with me but not now. You wait until I win my money and then I'll show you the most one sided beating since Rodney King met racist cops in LA."

TACT: "Kenny, if you could find the courage to actually do something on your own, I'd say head on over to NEW or WFW and meet me in the ring. But I won't expect it anytime soon. Just don't expect me to abide by all your rules...punk." (TACT spits in CLOVERLEAF's face. CLOVERLEAF reacts in shock clutching his eye.) "Because I'll smoke you like a Clove"

(STAGE HANDS rush over to the scene. CLOVERLEAF wipes the spit off his face as people are now milling about, the rest of the SURVIVORS now start milling about, TACT looks angry and screams...CUTTO: DOC SILVER walking onto the scene.)

DOC: "What's happening here?"

CLOVERLEAF: "He was trying to start with me and spit in my face."

DOC: "Is that right TACT? What the hell are you thinking after what we've been through with MILES and ICEKOLD."

TACT: "I don't know what I was thinking."

DOC: "You're putting me in a hell of a spot with this stunt, you know that right?"

TACT: "Yes..."

DOC: "(Buries his head in his hands, rubs his eyes.) Well, this is the weight of being in charge, Larry, you're gone...I can't be having stuff like this on the island, double so after all these events...I'm sorry..."

TACT: "I understand...I made the mistake."

DOC: "Boat's right out there...Take you away get cleaned up, come back on the jury afterwards."

(TACT shakes his head in disgust and leaves on the boat, the island is somber and stunned by this turn of events.)

DOC: "Look everyone, BEST BEHAVIOR...Can't be having any of this junk happening anymore...That's all there is to it...No Tribal Counsel tonight...Everyone get some rest, you have well, offically made final 5...I'll see you all in a few days."

(CUTTO: The EMILY looking glassy eyed, CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF smiling at this turn of events, CUTTO: CAITLYN and STARR giving each other a hug as a bolt from the blue has given them a reprieve, CUTTO: JACOBS eating rice, not looking to worried about these events.)

(CUTTO: Credits.)

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