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Survivor S.E. Asia Ep 7

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: The Survivor Logo, CUTTO: A Green Flag with the words "Tribe Tap Out" above it, CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing MANSON, MALONE, JACOBS, CAITLYN, STARR and EDMUNDS. CUTTO: The words "18 players" CUTTO: A Red Flag with the words "Tribe Hardcore" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TACT, AMERICAN, DAVIS, EMILY, ICEKOLD, and MILES. CUTTO: The Words "38 days" CUTTO: A Yellow Flag with the words "Tribe High Spot" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TROY, RYAN, MELTON, RAYNE, CLOVERLEAF, and, VIPER. CUTTO: The words "1 Winner")

(FADEIN: Tribe Hardcore, Day 19)

(CUTTO: A rainy, horrid day, the weather is beating down on the tribe, ICEKOLD is sitting, hunched over, EMILY and TACT are huddled under a blanket, shivering. CLOVERLEAF and RYAN are both sitting in the clearing looking dismal, AMERICAN is standing, looking unfazed by this.)

EMILY: "Geez, you woulda thought this coulda held off for another couple of weeks...Our shelter just fell apart."

TACT: "This sucks..." (Looks at the unrelenting sky and it's continuing rain.)

(CUTTO: Tact in an aside.)

TACT: "First big storm of the game. Man, just awful, our shelter flooded, we're gonna have to build a new one, just sitting around getting soaked, being cold, being miserable, this is not a good day."

(CUTTO: Cloverleaf in an aside.)

CLOVERLEAF: "You think when it's hot out that the heat is the worst thing possible, then it rains like hell, and well, that's really the worst...This is just such an awful, awful day, it makes being out here almost not worth it, but well, we gotta suck it up."

(CUTTO: Tribe Tap Out, day 19)

(CUTTO: The whole tribe sitting inside their shelter.)

STARR: "Thank goodness this is holding...Good roof."

JACOBS: "Yeah, Manson did good work."

STARR: "We all worked on this shelter."

(CUTTO: Jacobs in an aside.)

JACOBS: "Can't believe the girls turned on Manson...It just sucks, Troy's gotten her way here, it's unreal...Just gotta hope we win these last two challenges and keep myself from being on the firing line of a vote. I was on the wrong side of a power struggle and I gotta pay the price for that."

(CUTTO: Starr in an aside.)

STARR: "Rayne and Jacobs have been really sullen and hardworking after the vote, you know it's tough, I had to make a hard choice, and I just think Troy can be trusted more then Manson, so that's what happened...We have a divided camp, and that's deadly going into a merge, we have to be 5 people solidly together or else Hardcore's gonna vote us off one by one, the game is really taking over now, and it's made it such that you gotta make tough calls."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore, Day 19)

(AMERICAN, TACT, RYAN and CLOVERLEAF are sawwing wood, while EMILY and ICEKOLD are working tying leaves together.)

TACT: "So anyone know how to make a drip proof roof?"

RYAN: "Not really...But we gotta do something."

TACT: "Well we can just sit around and soak or we can bust our asses to do nothing, if we can't build a good shelter we really shouldn't waste all this effort trying to make one."

RYAN: "Look, I'd like to make the attempt."


TACT: "I understand that, but I'm just saying, we're sawwing down trees, stringing up leaves, doing all this work, and well, if we end up with what we had before, why do it?"

AMERICAN: "The average man will only do a day's work when he's forced and can't get out of it Henry Ford said, you are tragically proving that exploiter of the masses right."

TACT: "OK, let's do this..."

(CUTTO: Tact in an aside.)

TACT: "I'm not trying to be lazy here...I'm trying to be rational, we've built a shelter, and it didn't work, how are we gonna make a good shelter now, I mean, none of us are carpenters, we're a buncha wrestlers stuck on an island...It's why we're not having much luck fishing, it's just silly to do this."

(CUTTO: Ryan in an aside.)

RYAN: "I know Tact has reasons for what he's saying, but still, just moving around trying to do something is better then just sitting there thinking about how much it sucks to be getting rained on, so let's just get this going."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore, Night 19)

(CUTTO: The whole tribe still being rained on, miserable and grim looking.)

EMILY: "No sleep tonight...Oh man...This is the worst."

TACT: "Mebbe we'll catch the guy who drops off the tree mail and have him take us to shelter."

RYAN: "It has to end sometime. Hopefully before the dawn."

CLOVERLEAF: "I hope so...God I hope so"

(CUTTO: Tribe Tap Out, Day 20, Tree mail.)

STARR: "Win stuff, it'll be fun, honest. Oh good...Thanks for the helpful tree mail Doc."

TROY: "Well at least we got something to do, hopefully it's a good prize."

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore Day 20, Tree mail.)

EMILY: "Oh, it'll be fun will it?"

TACT: "Mebbe they'll stop the rain, and we'll be allowed to sleep."

CLOVERLEAF: "Don't even joke about sleep."

(CUTTO: DOC SILVER on a beach, the two tribes march towards him.)

DOC: "Hey Hardcore...Hey Tap Out...Welcome aboard...Hardcore gets their first look at the new look Tap Out, Michael Manson voted out last vote."

(RYAN flashes a quick grim, EMILY looks shocked.)

DOC: "OK, today's simple...This is the race for fire...You will raft out to those platforms where the large gold containers holding the fire is (CUTTO: The gold containers, with fire roaring from the opening on the top.) get to the container, which is on it's on, larger raft, and row it back to the shore, once there you'll have to carry the raft over to the pile of brsuh set up for your team, first team to set it's brush aflame wins...Now word of warning, if your flame goes out...You lose right then and there...OK teams, get ready.) "what are you playing for? A Survivor bathroom, soap, body wash, toothpaste and toothbrushes, a toilet (CUTTO: A wooden box with a toilet seat on it.) toilet paper. (CUTTO: Various survivors running their tounges over their teeth.) everything you need after 20 days of stinking to get clean again."

(CUTTO: The two teams at their rafts waiting for the signal.)

DOC: "OK teams ready...GO!"

(The teams push off the shore and hit the water, Tap Out taking a small lead as the teams head for the platforms.)

DOC: "Tap Out with a lead as we head towards the platforms...Tap Out on their platform, TROY and STARR getting the larger raft with the fire unteathered....And now they are rowing back, while Hardcore is struggling with the raft...Now they are getting on their way. Tap Out continues to lead as they bring the fire container to the shore, Hardcore gaining on them now...Tap Out on the shore, and getting themselves set up to carry the raft. Hardcore now on the beach, now they are trying to get to the raft lifted up...Hardcore now outrunning Tap Out...(CUTTO: Hardcore losing balance of the raft as they are carrying it and stumbling, they lay the raft down) Hardcore having problems with the raft, Tap Out leading still and now putting down the platform and bringing some of the sticks from their brush over to the fire...Now EMILY sees this and she takes off to the brush trying to bring sticks back. Hardcore now taking the burning tinder from the fire and put it into their brush...It's catching...EMILY and RYAN rushing over with the burning tinder of their own...But Tap Out's brush has caught! TAP OUT WINS!" (RYAN shakes his head in disgust, EMILY flops on the beach looking drained, the rest of Hardcore look defeated.)

DOC: "Tap Out, take your goodies and head on back to camp."

(TAP OUT grap the baggies full of stuff and head off cheerful.)

DOC: "Later today, Immunity challenge, somebody's going home"

(HARDCORE appear horrified at this statement, while TAP OUT don't much care.)

(CUTTO: Tribe Tap Out, Day 20)

(CUTTO: The tribe in the ocean washing with the soap and body lotions they have.)

(CUTTO: Melton in an aside.)

MELTON: "This was just about perfect, except for Jacobs...But what can ya do? He isn't the alpha male at least, but I heard he did bring condoms to the island, and well, if he's trying to get in on my racket, he's got another thing coming."

(CUTTO: The tribe continuing to enjoy themselves, CUTTO: STARR brushing her teeth, CUTTO: CAITLYN and MELTON setting up the toilet on the latrine.)

(CUTTO: CAITLYN in an aside.)

CAITLYN: "Winning this thing today, man, this was just the break we needed, I just feel so clean, and just energized. It's great...Just amazing."

(CUTTO: The two tribes heading towards a clearing with a giant log and a pit of water below it. DOC SILVER stands near-by)

DOC: "Welcome tribes...OK guys, simple event, log rolling contest, we'll draw names and have match-ups, first team to 5 wins. Due to the fact we got 4 men and 2 women on one side, and 4 women and 2 men on the other side, we're just gonna draw this up random, so if it's Caitlyn Vs Ryan, that's the match up" (CUTTO: RYAN chuckling.)

(CUTTO: The tribes getting ready.)

DOC: "OK, first match-up, RYAN Vs MELTON...Let's go."

(The two men stand on the log, then RYAN begins jogging, MELTON keeps up until RYAN really turns on the jets, MELTON is sent flying to the water.)

DOC: "One for Hardcore!"

(CUTTO: ICEKOLD on the log across from JACOBS.)

DOC: "OK...GO!"

(JACOBS and ICEKOLD stand still, both not moving much, finally after a bit of stalling JACOBS gets moving to one side...ICEKOLD runs with him, then slips and falls off the log.)

DOC: "Tied at one now."

(CUTTO: AMERICAN and STARR on the log now, they start, AMERICAN moves to the right, and starts jogging, STARR follows with him, the two of them keep jogging for a while before AMERICAN loses his balance and falls off the log.)

DOC: "Tap Out takes the lead!"

(CUTTO: CAITLYN and EMILY on the log. They move quickly and after a few steps on the log both lose their balance and crash into the water almost at the same time.)

DOC: "CAITLYN! In the water in the first...EMILY ties it at 2!" (TAP OUT look disgusted at Doc's verdict.)

(CUTTO: RAYNE and TACT on the log, they start, TACT gets moving on the log and RAYNE keeps up...They then stop, and then go towards the other way...TACT slips on the log and falls off.)

DOC: "RAYNE makes it 3-2!" (TACT looks disgusted, banging the side of the pool as he gets out.)

(CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF and TROY on the log. They start. They stall, then start going to the left, and then jog to the left...Then start running and CLOVERLEAF loses his balance and falls in.)

DOC: "TROY puts her team a win away!" (CUTTO: A few minutes later) "OK, we've redrawn the pairings. And here we go."

(CUTTO: RYAN and STARR on the log, they start, RYAN quickly runs to the ring, STARR can't keep up and is sent into the water quickly.)

DOC: "RYAN keeping Hardcore in the game."

(CUTTO: TROY facing CLOVERLEAF, they start, TROY and CLOVERLEAF both push the log to the left, after they move that way for a couple moments, TROY starts jogging to the right, CLOVERLEAF keeps up for a few moments before losing his footing and hitting the water.)

DOC: "Tap out wins immunity!" (Tap Out members celebrate, Hardcore look tired, beaten down and generally miserable.) "Hardcore, tonight somebody's going home."

(TROY swims over to CLOVERLEAF as they are in the pool.)

TROY: "Keep RYAN around, I'll make it worth it for you."

DOC: "Let's go CLOVERLEAF, let's go."

(CLOVERLEAF gets out of the pool and rejoins his tribe.)

(CUTTO: Tribe Hardcore, Day 20)

(CUTTO: EMILY talking to TACT.)

EMILY: "We made a mistake taking out Viper...RYAN's far more dangerious, Viper had some follower in him, RYAN is just an Alpha male all the way, and we're close to the merger, if we let him get back with Troy and Melton, we're done."

TACT: "You don't have to sell me on this, he's gone."

EMILY: "Well, we gotta sell at least somebody else, get 3 to make it even, 4 to make totally sure, so I'm gonna try to turn CLOVERLEAF, you gotta work over ICEKOLD."

TACT: "ME?! Why me?!"

EMILY: "She's hitting on you, you can sell her on this if you flirt back with her."

TACT: "Oh...God..."

EMILY: "It's that or we only get 3 votes, and Icekold, American, and Ryan vote one of us, we end at a deadlock, Doc flips a coin, I go home, then Ryan gets back with his pals and you, American and Icekold go away 1 by 1."

TACT: "This sucks...Icekold...(Grumbles)"

EMILY: "Suck it up"

TACT: "I'd rather not think about it...(grumbles) fine...I'll do it...."

(CUTTO: Emily in an aside.)

EMILY: "TACT drew the short straw in that ICEKOLD is into him, and she's insane, horrible to be around and wears a catwoman outfit...But he's can get that vote, CLOVERLEAF, who knows if he's loyal to RYAN or what. We need to get 3 votes for sure, and that's a given he can sway her. Now if I can get CLOVERLEAF, we're totally set."

(CUTTO: Tact in an aside.)

TACT: "There's really no other choice. There's no telling if American will side with us no matter what we do....and Cloverleaf? We won't have enough time to sway him and (shudders) Icekold separately. I didn't last through sleepless nights of hearing Miles ***** and moan just so I could seal my own fate. At this point, with Ryan on the ropes we NEED this vote. So...(winces)....but Emily definitely owes me for this. I'm saving her ass too with this one."


RYAN: "I already talked to CLOVERLEAF he's cool with getting rid of ICEKOLD."

EMILY: "She's a horror, she serves no purpose but to horrify and annoy."

RYAN: "Yeah, and I'm sure TACT is sick of her, we get rid of her and the whole tribe is happy."

EMILY: "Works for me."

(CUTTO: RYAN in an aside.)

RYAN: "I know there's a bullseye on my chest, but I'm pretty sure that everyone can agree that ICEKOLD is just awful and needs to go now. So it'll work itself out I'm pretty sure."


EMILY: "Look, if you vote RYAN, we're on the cusp of the merger, and if he's gone, it's between you and Tact for who's gonna win immunity in the solo challenges, you could be bullet proof after the merger if you do this tonight."

CLOVERLEAF: "I dunno about this, TROY asked me to keep RYAN around...I could get into her alliance."

EMILY: "You're the bottom rung of the totem pole there."

CLOVERLEAF: "Unlike where I'd stand in the EMILY/TACT/CLOVERLEAF alliance, right?"

EMILY: "Hey, that's only 3 people, if that held to the end, you would have a damn good shot of winning the final immunity and being heads up with one of us for a million dollars, you really think RYAN, who's be tired of lugging the immunity idol around, is gonna let you make it to top 4? They'll cut a deal with their current tribe and toss you, just to make sure you don't ever steal immunity from him."

CLOVERLEAF: "Look, I really dunno, TROY's alliance is a bigger then yours...So it's safer."

EMILY: "She's got an entire tribe working for her...She can use their votes as she needs them, her real loyality is with RYAN...You are an outsider, you'll ALWAYS be an outsider, they will get rid of you."

CLOVERLEAF: "I dunno...I mean, really...Your alliance is small...TROY's got a buncha people that could get me a long way."

EMILY: "Oh...GOD...Look, we got enough votes to do RYAN anyhow, you can't save him, you're not going to look good in TROY's eyes either way, you might as well side with us and have SOMEBODY backing you up."

CLOVERLEAF: "Look, I gotta think this through."

EMILY: "See you at the vote"

(EMILY walks away shaking her head, while CLOVERLEAF is deep in thought.)

(CUTTO: The Tribe marching towards the voting area.)

DOC: "OK folks, somebody leaving."

(CUTTO: EMILY Voting, she shows her paper to the camera, it reads "RYAN" with a little heart next to it.)

EMILY: "Can't let you get back with TROY and MELTON."

(CUTTO: TACT voting, he shows his vote to the camera, it reads "RYAN".)

TACT: "Has to be done."

(CUTTO: RYAN voting, he holds up a paper reading "ICEKOLD")

RYAN: "We lost these two challenges totally because of the rain, we'll be in high gear after this and we don't need dead weight like you."

(CUTTO: AMERICAN voting, he shows his vote, reading "ICEKOLD")

AMERICAN: "What kind of a name is ICEKOLD?"

(CUTTO: ICEKOLD voting, she shows her vote to the camera, reading "RYAN")

ICEKOLD: "The 8 ball says TACT's affection for me is a trap, but who am I gonna believe that stupid 8 ball or my hunny bunny?!"

(CUTTO: CLOVERLEAF voting, he puts his vote into the jar, without it being seen.)

CLOVERLEAF V/O: "This was just gutwrenching for me, sorry."

DOC: "Vote total time."

(CUTTO: DOC with the cookie jar.)

DOC: "OK...Here we go...First vote...(Pulls out EMILY's vote) "RYAN" (RYAN seeing the little heart shakes his head.) next..."RYAN"...Next..."ICEKOLD" (ICEKOLD appears shocked.)...Next vote..."RYAN" 3 RYAN...1 ICEKOLD...Next vote...7th person voted out of Wrestling Survivor...Dan Ryan (Reveals "RYAN" vote...RYAN shakes his head and grimaces...Handing his torch to DOC who puts it out, RYAN walks away leaving the area. EMILY smiles, while TACT is releaved, AMERICAN is non-reactive, while ICEKOLD looks stunned at the vote against her. CLOVERLEAF looks spent as HARDCORE head back to camp.)

(CUTTO: Credits.)
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