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John Doe

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Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL


If you are reading this it is because you are interested in SWIFT: MMA. Before I begin, this is a re-launch of my original concept that fell out. The idea at first was too big of a bite and should have started off in a smaller more easier fashion then built up. Also work and other projects seemingly caused the original concept to wither and die.

This re-launch is going to take a newer approach to the MMA roleplaying concept. Using multiple angles, more viable results for efficiency and hopefully a broader range of ideas that will make SWIFT: MMA not only a fantasy mixed martial arts federation but one with uniqueness. The re-launch will feature results using a sim, this is to cut down time and allow for faster results, THE SIMS WILL BE EDITED. Commentary will also be added into simulated matches.

There has been some changes to the RP format.

Traditionally we set up RP threads like wrestling internet federations, back and forth roleplaying. The thread system WILL remain for organizational purposes, however, I am going to change the concept to this. Just like in MMA (using UFC as an example) we have a pre-fight promo package similar to the UFC Countdowns we see on Spike before a pay-per-view. The roleplaying will be in this fashion, like a series of promotional packages for ESEN. I would like for you to keep this in your minds as you roleplay.

Also a major change is that there will be a two roleplay limit for Retaliation. This is strictly to prevent burn out.

All in card segments should be done the same fashion as UFC pre-fight promos during the pay per view or the let’s look in the locker room segment they use.

These are just basic guidelines by no means do I expect you to follow them to precision, it is with your creativity that SWIFT will become better, so I encourage you to always think outside the box!

***************************** **
SWIFT: MMA "Fighting at its Best"

Shiner Incorporated, brings a new batch of fighting, no more gimmicks, no more chairs, ladders or tables. Just real fists and the real action of mixed martial arts right to ESEN! Yes, finally you can enjoy a sport that is free from the strings of scripting, where you can actually watch amateur and professional fighters battle to claim their goal, being a SWIFT Champion!

And we mean no gimmicks…no holds barred…NO WEIGHT CLASSES!

SWIFT: MMA - Fighting at its Best!

Story (in character)

Formerly Privately Owned 2009-2010

Purchased by Shiner Incorporated 2010.

Headquarters – Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In 2009 CEO Colin Corvitz of SWIFT sought to promote his company to a larger scale audience. The original SWIFT Company never had a contracted roster; it was independent fighters looking to make it in the industry and used SWIFT as a means to have their names amplified throughout the sport.

Seeking more money and a bigger overhead Corvitz teamed with sponsor Shiner LLC. However after five shows of its premier show Retaliation which aired on SWIFT’s private channel MMA-HD budget issues could not be ignored. Shiner LLC decided to separate from SWIFT in early 2010 cutting SWIFT’s budget by 3/4s.

However, even with the backing of prime time slots the company couldn’t sustain the high end contracts, trainers, facilitations, and traveling expenses.

Before the first pay-per-view One Shot at Glory, which featured long time wrestling legend Jonathan Marx and SWIFT’s home grown Landon Price, the company filed for bankruptcy and the pay-per-view deal was dissolved. The biggest show for SWIFT would not air on pay per view due to lack of funds. Staying true to his word however, Colin Corvitz made sure paying fans were able to see the fights as promised and the card was not cancelled.

Following One Shot at Glory all remaining assets were sold to Shiner Incorporated (formally Shiner LLC). The original personnel involved with SWIFT such as the commentary team (Troy Young and Andrew Parker) would remain on staff as reporters for Shiner Magazine however Josh Fieldings (booking) and Colin Corvitz were terminated entirely.

Replacing them both would be Shiner Inc’s CEO Toby Withers who is known for his ruthless antics and fighter parings. Most MMA fans consider Toby inhumane and allowing for fights to continue beyond what they should.

With Shiner using the majority of funds from their national wide magazine and a new approach to MMA Withers believes that by providing SWIFT a new atmosphere that the product can strive and grow larger than ever imagined by Colin Corvitz.

The biggest change was the elimination of weight classes. Entirely. The biggest protests came from the gaming commissions in which SWIFT was originally scheduled to travel to, but with much convincing and the biggest item being revenue a deal was made for weight restrictions.

The rehiring to SWIFT: MMA of Troy Young, Andrew Parker, Allison Retty (On the beat reporter), and Josh Harper (ring announcer) were enacted as of 07/26/2011 with no set contract date for airing.

Shiner Inc. made a deal for a time slot contract with ESEN on 07/31/2011 with no indication as to when airing of the flag ship show “Retaliation” will begin.



Owner/CEO/ Head Booker:
Toby Withers Commentary:
Troy Young & Andrew Parker
Interviewer: Alison Retty
Referees: Justin Seet, Dustin Ory, and Sean Fert
Ring Announcer: Jeff Harper
Flagship Show: Retaliation


Weight Restrictions


SWIFT has gone to an old school UFC format. NO WEIGHT CLASSES. However there are weight restrictions. (Per the gaming commission of course!)

Minimum Weight: 175

Maximum Weight: 250


-Non championship bout is three five minute rounds.

-Championship bout is five, five minute rounds.




Three judges will score each round with the max allowed points is 10 given to the winner of that round. The loser is given a score of 9 or less. Each round is scored by effective striking, aggression, and cage control.


Training Teams


Unlike fantasy wrestling, SWIFT uses teams instead of stables IE: American Top Team, Team Penn, etc. Your role plays can focus around your team training, or interviews just like regular wrestling RP’s.

And yes if you have a professional wrestler in another league you can transfer them/use them in this league as well…hell Lesnar did it and Shamrock!

But keep in mind you are entering them in a “real” fight league, thus no one cares if your wrestler was the CSWA World Champion (sorry Chad) because it doesn’t matter here.

MMA is NOTE staged like professional wrestling. Yes, kayfabe is being broken, sorry.




Fighters are much simpler than one would think, just fill out a form (LOCATED HERE) for your fighter and off you go to fight. You will RP with the fighter that has been selected to fight on a given night. As you progress your fighter will move either up or down in the rankings. Closer you are to the number one ranking the easier it will be to fight for a title.


A basic non pay per view fight card that airs on ESEN will run normally 3-4 fights. In between cards however I may ask to fighters to join in a “press conference” style RP with Toby Withers to do post fight interviews.

Just like real mixed martial arts anything can happen in the cage may it be a :17 second knock out in the first round or a 25 minutes brawl that goes to the cards, don’t be disappointed if your character gets knocked the f-ck out in round one, look what happened to GSP…. KNOCKED THE F-CK OUT!!! In round one.


Roleplay Rules


- Never use another person’s character without full consent of the handler. This is rude and will result in your role play being invalid and not counting towards your match.

- Announce to me if you will not be able to RP. Cards will go up 24 hours before threads are made so role players are aware that they have fights to role play for.

- Role play style does not matter, use the style you normally wood for a wrestling role play but just remember that this is MMA not wrestling, I am sure the tweaking can be done.

- There is a 48 hour roleplay rule; this means if you post a role play you cannot post another for 48 hours or until your opponent responds.

-Also there is a TWO roleplay maximum for Retaliation and NO roleplay restrictions for Pay-Per-Views.

- The dead line is not there for you to abuse, therefore if you post 30 minutes before the deadline your opponent will have 24 hours from the time you posted to reply, if and when they do the thread is officially closed.

- Swearing is okay, this is MMA.

- If you can’t RP, let me know so I can replace your fighter with someone who can role play.

If you have any other questions I have an open IM policy, so just IM me at SWIFT MMA (AIM)



MSN: ides0fmarch87@hotmail.com

YAHOO!: Phailbot87

EMAIL: swiftmma@gmail.com
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