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Tact v Chaos


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA

* Chaos RP for C09.

(The camera opens on Chaos sitting in a steel chair in front of a New Era banner. He leans back eyes closed and his head hanging. He takes a deep breath)

Chaos: Why are we here Larry Tact? Why Instead of me preparing for my first title defense am I going to be starring across the ring from a manger?

(He runs his fingers through his hair)

Chaos: Isn't that not what you are now? Mentor for your little brother right? All week before Battle Brawl we heard about how your little brother was going to use that forum to make a statement? But what did you do Larry? You went out before the biggest show of THIS New Era and made yourself the center of attention...didn't you? Why? Were you really that angry with me or was it something else?

(He raises his head and looks over his shoulder)

Chaos: Is it that creeping sound of father time Larry. Loy closer to forty then thirty since the last time we were in the ring right? Are you one of those guys who just can't let it go. Can't let that spotlight shine on anyone else but you. Larry Tact...you were once a great wrestler. Hell one that I even respected, but now your just a thief.

(He turns his head and looks into the camera)

Chaos: See I've been were Fanatic is. I know what it's like to be in Big Brother's shadow. I know that if your going to be your own man, you need to break the chain. But you are a thief Larry Tact....every time you step into his spotlight you steal a little bit more. What makes it even worse is you do it without thinking...or do you? Did you plan to steal from him?

(He leans forward and points at the camera)

Chaos: Remember that Chaos Bomb at Battle Brawl?

(He laughs)

Chaos: Yeah I bet you do. Well that Chaos Bomb was a favor for you're little brother. I took you out of the match and gave him all the opportunity you didn't. Too bad he wasn't good enough to take it.

(He stands and runs his hand over his forehead)

Chaos: Yet you couldn't leave it alone could you. According to Suicide It's ego. I like to maybe think that unlike most men you still have some pride. Either way you continued to steal...not just from your little brother.

(He leans forward and points to his chest)

Chaos: You robbed everyone. The fans...your family and your biggest crime Larry. The one your going to get punished for the most. Larry Tact....YOU STOLE FROM ME!!!!

(He pauses squeezing his hands violently trying to keep the anger inside him)

Chaos: God Damn, Larry do your crimes know no limits. Your brother might forgive you, Hell maybe he's just weak enough to sit back and take it. I don't know...DON'T CARE REALLY!!! However for stealing from me and the people that have been chanting for a REAL New Era Champion.

(He shakes his head)

Chaos: Then I will punish you in the one way that you've heard them call for. Come on Larry you know it well, right? You once felt it on the back of your head, I bet it still taste bitter on the tip of your tongue. Say it Larry.






(He exhales loudly and smiles)

Chaos: Larry Tact....I know you hate it, but you already know how it the saying goes. Time for you to get MONSTER'D...AGAIN!!!

(He kicks the chair out of his way and walks off)



Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
The Giver.

* Larry Tact RP for C09.


On the scene inside a busy superstore. Judging by the familiar, large red logo painted on the walls, and smaller ones hanging from the ceiling to indicate "Specials," it seems we are in a Target superstore. The cameraman passes by some shoppers; most look bewildered and uncertain what the cameraman is doing walking around Target, but a few are brave enough to try getting a few seconds of unknown notoriety.

After a minute or so, we break through aisles and find the registers, where busy shoppers are wrapping up their Target experience, being rung up by cashiers. We then pan to the exit of the superstore. As the shot closes in on the exit, we find Larry Tact there to greet us, wearing a pair of stonewashed, boot cut Alfani jeans and a grey Under Armour shirt. He spreads his arms out at the exits, a smirk on his face.

LARRY TACT: "How did you enjoy your shopping experience? Did you find what you were looking for? Maybe you didn't, and we need to double-back around. I think, for Chaos' benefit, we should do just that. Because last week, you didn't get what you were looking for, Chaos, did you? You missed out on your opportunity to grab that Gold Special... the big prize... the New ERA World Heavyweight Championship. So I thought, out of the goodness of my heart, and being a man who enjoys giving to others... I'd bring you here, to a store that some say has EVERYTHING... and show you how to find what you may be looking for..."

Tact struts through the walkway of the store and we come across the Electronics section. There, he picks out a copy of a video game. Although his hand is covering the title, we can see it happens to be a wrestling video game, as is evident by two wrestlers locked in a collar-and-elbow on the cover.

"Before you can find what you want, Chaos, you need to understand something that, quite frankly, has eluded you your entire career. From the Rocky Mountains to New ERA, you have been thoroughly consistent, Chaos. You see, you've been this big, bad force that most people would rather duck away from. In the past you've called them smart, but I feel you may be a bit biased. Because while you've been naturally gifted with strength and power, when has that so-called 'dominant' ability been able to overcome all the obstacles. When have you reached the pinnacle in New ERA, Chaos?"

"You think life is a video game, that you should be able to control everything because you're strong. Because you've got experience. Because you've got a big move to "finish" people off with. Yeah, I still remember the Chaos Bomb from BattleBrawl... but unlike your video game depiction of me, I keep on moving. I keep on fighting through obstacles. And I make a real IMPACT, which begs the question..."

"Is it really MY fault that you came up short, again? Or is it just the latest EXCUSE that you have for everyone to hear, so you can keep your pride? And, speaking of pride getting the best of you... closer to 40? Me, really? You've been in this industry longer than I have, even if it doesn't show, so I'm not sure where you pulled that number from. Maybe it's all those tacks and chair shots... maybe it's just another part of that video game you like to play in your head. But life isn't so simple as a game, Chaos... and so, this is not the gift I give you..."

He reaches into his pocket, producing a rubber band and a roll of bills held by a silver money clip. He rubber bands a few bills around the game, and tosses the package to a teenager watching.

"Here, kid... have it on me."

He turns back, facing us, continuing down the walkway.

"You say I'm a thief, Chaos... truth is, I'm a giver to the masses. For years, I've done work with communities, events with fans, going to the lesser known parts of New York City... paying my dues to the people who supported me, even when it may have tightened things on their end. And New ERA of Wrestling is no exception. Make no mistake, whether I'm managing or wrestling... New ERA of Wrestling is MY turf. I was the first to claim it, then I rose up from the bottom and did it again. So no doubt, I'm going to give back to the fans of New ERA for giving me that opportunity. The opportunity of having the stage where I set the standard from the start, and continue on."

"I grew up in a privileged area, you know? But I refused the easy route, living off what those who came before me had accrued, because I realized from an early age that you don't rest of what you have. You use it to become something MORE... and I did just that. I have furthered the TACT FORTUNE, making it something even greater than it's been. I have expanded the TACT SPHERE of influence, building myself up in an area completely different from my parents."

"And all the while, I had my eye on wrestling. I knew that, with the training I fit in at night, I would someday be able to bring myself to the ring, and rouse fans from their seats, just as I had been as a kid. Ironically, wrestling materialized more quickly than my other work, as I got an invite from some certain independent promotions..."

"And when I was ready, once I had felt my other work was self-sustainable, I turned my full attention to wrestling. And do you know what came next? Some failures, but much more success. Because I don't stop, Chaos. In life, no matter how big and strong you are... the obstacles are going to hit you hard. But what makes Larry Tact a Champion, and Chaos just a contender... is I hit life back, harder."

"You huff and puff... but you won't blow my house down, Chaos. Because you know I'm not backing down to you. I'm not one of those 'smart' ones, who turn tail or stay down when you enter the ring. No. You're a large man, Chaos... but not larger than life. And I hit life back, harder."

He stops at the Toy aisle, and brings into view a blow-up boxing dummy-- the kind you hit that returns to you. This one is of Rocky Balboa, looking fierce and full of perseverance.

"No, I wouldn't it a Rocky story. But the Larry Tact tale ain't nothing too shabby. And this isn't the gift I give to you, either..."

He turns a corner and continues walking. Someone who recognized him calls Tact's name in the store, and he gives a quick wave.

"You're dying to tell us all what I did to you at Cyberstrike, Chaos. But throughout your career, while you've been a consistently strong and powerful competitor... you've been just as consistently veiled in ignorance. You'll never really understand, because your mind's already made up. You've already kicked into rage mode... well, as opposed to just being angry all the time."

"And yet, for someone so full of anger, you manage to squeeze out some of the most self-absorbed crap I've ever heard in that gullet full of dribble you mouth off with. Eliminating me helped Fanatic? That isn't even worth my time pointing out all the wrong of. And as for the workings of the Tact Legacy, you seem more lost than Suicide, who you've resorted to aping theories off of. I guess eventually you see a better man when you've been beaten enough times? Something for me to strive towards... don't say life doesn't present new challenges."

"The only thing you need to understand about my managing of Fanatic, is this... he's got a World Heavyweight Championship match, at PrimeTime. Not me, but my brother, against a man he NEEDED to face. What I did was give my brother the opportunity to conquer the only man to defeat him, thus far, in New ERA. What I did was make a sacrifice, and open the door for their match to be on the grandest stage New ERA willl have all season."

"Unfortunately for you, Chaos, the sacrifice isn't coming from my end. I'll see to it that you pay the price, this week."

He shakes his head.

"But like I said, I don't expect you to understand. You're already seeing another CHAOS BOMB! You can envision the ref slapping the mat.... ONE! TWO! THREEEEE! .... and you're locked in on the sight of those three seconds being counted for you...."

"Life is not a video game, and it's DEFINITELY not your video game. While you rant about the ONE Chaos Bomb, I haven't had to remind you what happened the last time we were in a match, just you and me. Your rules, your environment... but, well, to put it in terms you may understand... the video game ending only left you asking, "Continue?" as you left the arena."

He stops once more, and reaches over to take up an unmarked, replica Championship belt from a shelf, holding it out.

"You only continue to TRY getting one of these in New ERA, so why not just pick up something like this? Maybe if you carry it around the ol' saloons, and that bubble-burst city you call a hometown... you'll at least convince the drunks, gambling addicts, and hobos there that you earned it."

He shakes his head, replacing it.

"No... that's not the gift I'll give to you, either."

We now arrive, once more, at the exit.

"I've looked around a bit, but I don't see what I'm looking for. It seems Target has failed me. Woe am I. But never fear, Chaos... I'm a man of great resilience! And while Target is a place of MANY THINGS... the gift I give to you will be unlike anything in the Target Universe! In fact, it will be something that no man, woman, or Champion in New ERA does quite like me..."

"And that's give you a few moments... a few seconds... three seconds of clarity. Three seconds of seeing where you are, seeing me above you, and realizing the difference between us. Three seconds... of Humbling proportions."

"And even "MONSTER'D" nation will understand that, once again, Chaos was..."



He turns and walks out of the superstore.


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