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May 4, 2005
Fed: Hardcore Wrestling Organization
Owner: Trevor (14 years or so participating in this hobby as a Fed Head and Handler.)
About the hWo: I use to run the hWo back from 2000 – 2004. I’ll be honest our longest run during that period was nine months. Had some down time due to computer breaking down, not having internet, and a personal issue. Back then hWo had started as a Role-play fed, but it did finish out as an Angle efed.
Reopen: November 2012

Efed Type: Role-play
Type of fed: It’s a small promotion based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The main concept of the fed is Hardcore Wrestling.
Character Type: Original eWrestlers only. No Real Wrestlers or Rip-offs will be accepted.
Picture Base: Poser Models.
hWo Championship: We have two The National Champion and The Hardcore Champion.
Roster size: It’s set at 16 for now.

Shows: Desolation is a bi-weekly event. Shoot Saturday is a weekly event, but consists of only one match a show. Every three or four Desolations hWo will hold an iPPV event.
Role-play Limit: For Desolation and Shoot Saturday it’s a 1 Role-play maximum. PPV shows will have a 2 Role-play maximum.
Role-play Judging: Role-plays will be judge on match relevance, creativity, and character development. We also judge on quality over quantity.
Show Information: All matches are written by the staff, unless somebody asks to help out here and there. Segments will be written by the handlers.

We are a laid back efed, and we really are just looking to have some fun, and create some nifty angles along the way. If you’re interested in taking part, travel on over to our website (URL is located at the bottom of this post.) and take a look around and visit Ink a Contract page and submit an application. You should hear from us with in one to six days.

What we are looking for: Singles (Male/Female) and Tag Team Wrestlers.

Website: http://www.thehwo.com/index2.shtml


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