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The Age of Troy


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: Troy Windham, standing near an oceanside vista on his vast South Beach property. He stands shoeless, wearing kahki slacks, an alligator skin leather belt, white shirt halfway unbuttoned, suit jacket, shades down to his nose.)

TROY: I've done a lot of things in my illustrious career. I've won matches. I've won titles. I've been the lead villain and I've worn the white hat as the hero. I've been an assassin, I've been a victim. But through it all, since I stepped foot in this industry in 1996, I've been something that none of you can define -- this sport's defining figure.

You see, all the veterans in the back and a lot of the armchair critics at home CRITICIZED me back then for what I was saying. I told you all right then and there -- and this is the Gospel According To Your Personal Jesus -- that I was going to REINVENT this sport. I was using this sport for what it was -- a stepping stone to greater things. To more money. To more fame. To a beautiful blonde on one side, an underaged brunette on the other and a whole lot of gatorades and condoms in between. I told everyone that I was going to become a celebrity, a true celebrity, outside of the ring. I wouldn't be satisfied being another wrestler, another guy in face paint like Hornet or another lost soul like my brother Mark. I was going to do something else. You called me a Slacker, the self-absorbed Gen-X hero. I called myself something else... RIGHT.

You see, I always told it like it was, as I saw it. And what happened is... the fans at home RECOGNIZED it. They recognized my boyish good looks, my antic charm, my consumate abilities as an entertainer... they recognized me as a FORCE. And when I was busy holding the UWA up for a big 'ol check... they demanded it. And I thus was signed to a series of the most lucrative contracts in wrestling history. I became BIGGER than this industry -- the most sought after name in wrestling, the most sought after man in entertainment, the KING OF ALL MEDIA.

My critics said I was all hype, I couldn't back it up in the ring. Well, check the FACTS. Two men in the CSWA in 1997 were at war. One was Hornet, the self-created icon. The other was GUNS, bend on destroying this league. GUNS was doing his job, taking all down in his path. Hornet couldn't beat him. And then... then I get my first chance at the CSWA World Title... in San Antonio, Texas... and what do I do? I take GUNS, I pin him to the mat and Hornet has to stand there and count three. The man who created all this had to ADMIT he couldn't get the job done and passed the torch... no... HAD THE TORCH TAKEN by yours truly.

I then took my title, combined with my fame and celebrity as a member of Hollywood's A-List, and had Uncle Chad and Steve do something with it... BANKROLL the CSWA's transformation. Using *MY* celebrity, they were able to procure the financing for FWrestling Dot Com. You think a has-been like HOrnet, a deranged maniac like my brother, a stiff like Mike Randalls or allll the other wanna-be's could have done that? NO. Only EYE could have done that.

So, they take my title from me because I'm too busy with my hectic schedule as the rebel young minister on the WB's 7th Heaven to show up for my defense... and they strip me of my title. They TAKE my title from me. And who ends up with it? Eli Flair does. The same no-name I made famous years back when I put his little tramp valet Ivy through a table. Eli has the title... and in my SECOND chance to win my title... he gets a fluke win and beats me... something he couldn't do before and something he hasn't done since.

So this leads us to the past five years. The CSWA's second Guilded Age. The top stars in this industry, week in and week out, came to Greensboro. But ask yourself this... out of all those legendary stars, all those legendary performers... who was the greatest of them all? Look at the record book. The critics who dismissed me earlier... who said I was all hype... they have to believe it now. Troy Windham was in not one, not two, not three but FOUR of the greatest matches of all-time. And The Epitome WON all four of those matches. 60 Minutes In Mobile -- Troy Windham and Eddy Love, Playboys Inc, fend off Hornet and Eli Flair in an Ironman match regarded as the greatest tag match in CSWA History. Troy Windham, Eddy Love and Lawrence Stanley face Hornet, Eli Flair and Mike Randalls in a 45-minute barnburner. The Playboys AGAIN get their hands raised -- victors in the greatest SIX man match in CSWA History. Then the first Rage In The Cage -- me and Eli Flair tear down the house, I leap off a balcony, I SlackKnife Eli on top of a cage and pin him, again proving to the world he is nothing but a footnote in my personal history book. Then me and Eli have the Rematch from Hell. Eli busts my neck. He breaks my fingers. He breaks my wrist in three different places. He puts me in a hospital room, giving me surgery and a lifetime of rehab. But what he did NOT do was make me say I Quit.

So, when I was busy having monthly Match of the Century candidates... routinely defeating foes allegedly worthy of my ability... I was letting a bunch of no-names play pattie-cake with the title *I* created, giving them the status as the top dog in the wrestling community *I* started.

And that brings us here. Rumor has it the CSWA might close up shop. That all this... all this might end. And why is that?

Because NONE of you had what it takes to carry this league to greatness. I was busy making myself this industry's greatest superstar and biggest icon. And you know what? I DID JUST THAT.

You all had your chance. You all could have carried this league to greatness. Guess what? You all failed.

Like you, Hornet. The Franchise. Now all you are is a relic with a bad back, seen to the millions as a has-been.

Like you, Mark. The Lost Soul. An old man with no family, no heart and a legacy defined by being the least successful box office attraction in our main event in over a decade.

Like you, Eli Flair. Forever the footnote in the history book I wrote.

Like Dan Ryan, Deacon, Shane Southern, Evan Aho, Steve Radder or any of the other dozens of wannabe's able to make a living in an industry I put on the map, incapable of providing for themselves.

And like you, Mike Randalls. The so-called most violent man in this sport, still bragging abotu putting a spike in GUNS knee. Mike Randalls -- you haven't been in a match or a war anywhere NEAR what I've been through. Each night, before you sleep, you can try and keep yourself happy by thinking you're the baddest dude on the block... but each night, your last image is that of me, Troy Windham... the man who is even badder than The Wolf.

I've had that title once before. The first time I won the title, I saved this promotion and launched a better league.

This time, I'm going to save this league once again. But this time, I'm not letting go of the title. I've been The Defining Figure for most of the past decade. But you ain't seen nothing yet. Because I'm The King of All Wrestling... and you are all now living... in the Age of Troy. (FTB)

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