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The Allegory



[updated:LAST EDITED ON Oct-12-03 AT 11:48 PM (EST)](FADE IN:...... to a nearly empty reception area, on the wall behind the receptionist is a huge GLCW logo. The receptionist herself, looks up frequently as she glances nervously across the room where we see the back of a huge man as he stares out the window. His massive shoulders rise slightly as he sighs heavily and turns around, revealing himself as the man the GLCW recognizes as its heavyweight champion, the man the world has come to know simply as.....)

MAELSTROM: What time did you say Malec would be here?

RECEPTIONIST: Um, Mr. Malec said he would be here by 4 pm the latest.

(Maelstrom glances at the clock on the wall below the GLCW logo which now reads 6:15 pm)

MAELSTROM: By 4 o'clock huh?

RECEPTIONIST: Uh, he must be held up in traffic or something. Let me try to reach him again. I bet I ----


MAELSTROM: Don't bother, I've already wasted enough time here waiting. If he wants to get in touch with me, he knows where to find me.

(Maelstrom begins walking toward the door, dragging in tow behind him the GLCW title)

RECEPTIONIST: Um, Mr. Maelstrom, would you like to leave Mr. Malec a message?

(Maelstrom continues walking until he reaches the door, there he stops and glances down toward the GLCW strap in his hand. Without turning, he responds by speaking over his shoulder....)

MAELSTROM: People always questioned WHY I never placed enough value on this strap...... enough importance or for that matter.... never paid it what THEY felt was its proper measure of respect.....

(a moment of silence follows as Maelstrom sighs heavily and raises the strap and glares at it. He seems lost in thought as he studies it, then he shakes his head and hangs the GLCW title by its buckle on the hook of a nearby coat rack as he reaches for the door. He swings the door open and stops in front of it, once again without turning, he continues to speak......)

MAELSTROM: Now, there's no need for them to wonder.... an' even less reason for me to care.....

(he then begins to leave but then suddenly stops and turns around to face the receptionist.....)

MAELSTROM: Oh, an' if ya see 'Narky.....

(begins to smile)

MAELSTROM: Tell him, I'll see him 'round.....

(without saying another word Maelstrom winks before stepping through the open door and disappearing from view..... leaving behind his allegory of the GLCW title hanging on the hook of the coat rack, swaying listlessly from side to side in concert with the echoes of his distant foot falls as we.... FADE OUT.....)

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