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The American Revelation


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
Handler name(s): Adam Shinder
E-mail: adamshinder@yahoo.com

TEAM NAME: The American Revelation
Team Members: Toby Jenkins, Dexter Carroll, Odysseus Welch

Heights: Toby 5'6", Dexter 5'9", Odysseus 5'8"
Weights: Toby 170 lbs, Dexter 215 lbs, Odysseus 192 lbs

Theme Music: "Desolation Row" by My Chemical Romance
Ring Entrance: Toby charges out of the curtain at the start of the music, bounding down the aisle, slapping hands along the way. When he reaches the ring, he hops immediately to the top rope and does a twisting backflip into the ring, landing on his feet. Dexter and Odysseus are much more subdued, following behind Toby and sliding into the ring simultaneously.

Appearances: Toby - Shaggy, dirty blonde hair and a slight, athletic build. Wears baggy, MMA-style shorts in the classic powder blue, white and gold of the San Diego Chargers with "JENKINS" spelled out on the side of each leg in a stylized lightning bolt.

Dexter - Square-jawed, short black hair, compact and muscular. Wears the same style of trunks as Toby, but in Ohio State scarlet and grey with a "DC" on each leg imitating the Ohio State logo.

Ody - Short, spiky brown hair and a similar build to Toby. Also wears the same kind of shorts, but his are in Buffalo Bills red and blue.

Alignment: Young, wisecracking faces

Gimmick/Personality: They're basically and American version of a Dragon Gate trio. Toby and Dexter became friends while training in Japan, while Ody is the younger brother of Dexter's sister-in-law and is the duo's first student (and a bit of an experiment, considering he's barely past his 18th birthday). Toby is the goofball, a little too hyperactive for his own good, Dexter is serious, but sarcastic and Ody, a former child prodigy who graduated college at 16, is rather introverted but highly perceptive.

Wrestling Styles: As a team, they wrestle a Japanese junior heavyweight style based primarily on speed, with a lot of intricate chaining of moves and double/triple teams. Toby, who competed in gymnastics when he was younger, is a high flying spot machine, Dexter incorporates a lot of MMA style stiff striking and submission work and Ody, still pretty green, goes for the high impact stuff.

Movesets: Toby - Corkscrew Moonsault, Fosbury Flop (No-hands shooting star plancha), Standing Phoenix Splash, Tornado DDT, Springboard flipping clothesline, seated missile dropkick, Asai DDT, Flying Double Stomp, Flying Double Knee Smash, Springboard huracanrana

Dexter - German Suplex, Fisherman's Suplex, Dragon Suplex, Exploder Suplex, Roundhouse Kick, Grounded Crucifix Hold w/ Elbow Strikes, Lariat, Yakuza Kick, Guillotine Choke, D'Arce Choke, Heel Hook, Americana, Kimura, Brainbuster, Half-Hatch Suplex, Cravate Suplex, Half-Nelson Suplex, Buckeye Knee Kick

Odysseus - Jumping DDT, Shining Wizard, Swinging Neckbreaker, Standing Dropkick, Flying Leg Lariat, Butterfly Suplex, Half Crab, Brainbuster

Finishers: Toby - Static Break (Jumping Spike Diamond Cutter), Supernova Press (Inward 450 Splash)

Dexter - DexterPlex (Electric Chair German Suplex), Hand of God (Spinning Backfist)

Odysseus - Scylla (Small Package Driver), Charybdis (Straightjacket Triangle Choke)

Team Finishers: Blinded By the Light (A rapid-fire sequence from all three. Ody starts with a superkick, followed by the Hand of God, followed by the Static Break, followed by Scylla, followed by the DexterPlex and finished with the Supernova Press. Kind of a juiced-up version of the Young Bucks' More Bang for Your Buck). Illuminati (Done by Dexter and Toby, it's a Doomsday Reverse Frankensteiner done off Dexter's shoulders).

Background: See Gimmick/Personality.

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