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"The British Vixen" Harmony

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Mar 13, 2015
Handler Information

Name: Tracey
Email Address: traceyakaharmony@hotmail.co.uk
Best Way to Contact You: AIM: HarmonyBQWA. If I'm not on AIM, drop me a PM and I'll get back to you when I can.
eWrestling Experience:Started 2006. 3 x BQWA Women's Champion and 1 x BQWA Tag Team Champion. 1 x FTW Shockwave Championship. 1 x PCW Riot Championship. I'm also a member of BQWA and FTW's Halls of Fame.
How did you find DEFIANCE? Blame James. He badgered the shit out of me to join.

Writing Sample

Apologies that I have to post it, but I can't link you to the RP (the board on which it's hosted doesn't allow guests to view the archive for worries over RPs being stolen), so here is my RP sample.

September 3[SUP]rd[/SUP], 2013
Manhattan, New York
The office of Dr. Beverley Mullens

The heat from the mid afternoon sun seeped through the blinds into Dr. Mullens’ office as they sat and talked, enhancing the smell of the leather covering the books on her bookshelf and blending it with the relaxing scent of the lavender oil burner to make for an incredibly tranquil atmosphere.

Bev took great care in ensuring the surroundings of her office were somewhere that her patients would feel safe and comfortable. The room would be a sanctuary to many; a place for them to share their feelings, fears, thoughts and desires with her without feeling the outside pressures of society to judge them. She felt almost maternal towards her patients and felt that she should do her upmost to protect them from the prejudices towards mental illness that society carried.

It had been the same setting that Harmony had found herself in for an hour every other Tuesday for over a year. The smell had become homely to her and she felt safe to talk about things from her past that very few in her life knew anything about. Bev knew everything; Harmony felt safe telling her everything.

Her Dissociative Identity Disorder had developed early on in professional career in wrestling after Adam Edge had put her through mental and emotional torture to the point where she had had a breakdown. It wasn’t something she was proud of, but she had finally accepted, with Bev’s help, that it was part of who she was and how she could control it. After a lot of hard work, she had learnt the signs and how to keep control of herself, and Harmony was proud that she had overcome the adversity that it had put in her way, but it wouldn’t last and that was what led her to be sat in Bev’s office on the warm September afternoon.

After her last episode, Bev had requested fortnightly face to face appointments with phone appointments in between to make sure that Harmony had all the support and treatment she needed to deal with her condition. Her life on the road with wrestling was a stressful one and Bev wanted to ensure she didn’t slip again. Harmony didn’t want to slip back again either; it had almost cost her everything.

”So this Nathan sounds like he’s good for you.” Bev said with a smile after Harmony had finished spending fifteen minutes straight waxing lyrical about him.

”Oh he is.” Harmony replied, the happiness eradiating from her. ”It sounds so horribly cliché but I’ve finally found my prince after kissing all the frogs. He’s fantastic and he’s so understanding about everything.”

”I take it you’ve gone for a full disclosure?” Bev questioned, her pen scribbling furiously onto her notepad as she spoke.

Harmony nodded.
”I didn’t want it to tear the relationship apart like it did with Ryan. Holding back the truth caused so much pain and damage; I didn’t want to go through that again.”

It was Bev’s turn to nod. ”That’s good, Harmony. It shows you’re comfortable with it all and that’s how you should be. Your disorder is nothing to be ashamed of; it’s just a part of who you are.”

”I know.” Harmony replied sheepishly. ”But at the same time, I’d rather not have her rear her ugly head again.”


Harmony couldn’t even bare to speak to her name. Many people with Dissociative Identity Disorder have various different personalities that appear at the most random of times. Harmony only had one alter personality and she was a vicious and vindictive person who enjoyed seeing people suffer. She was the complete opposite of Harmony and she had almost cost her everyone that she had held dear in her life.

”And she won’t.” Bev said soothingly. ”You’re more in control than I’ve ever seen you."

It was instinctive for Harmony to chew on her lip. Keeping her control was something that always niggled in the back of her head. ”Let’s just hope it stays that way.”

Bev finished her writing and put the lid back on her pen, the silence being filled by the ticking of her desk clock and the hum of the Manhattan traffic below the fourth floor window. She took a few seconds to re-read the words then closed the book and took off her reading glasses, laying them on top before looking back up at Harmony. ”Well I’m confident that you’re more than in control of your disorder at this point in time. As you know, my colleagues and I review the cases that the practice has regularly and after a review meeting yesterday, we feel you don’t require as much intervention anymore.”

Harmony suddenly sits up straighter. ”Really?!” She asked excitedly.

Bev attempted to stifle a small chuckle. ”Yes, really. Now, I’m not discharging you completely, Harmony. Your line of work is so high stress that I feel I still need to support you, but I think a phone appointment once a month should suffice.”

Harmony felt like all her Christmases had come at once. Her therapist was telling her that she only needed to speak to her once a month and on the phone no less. It was as good as being told she had been discharged. ”Oh Bev, thank you!”

”Don’t thank me.” Bev smiled. ”You’ve done all the hard work yourself. I just helped guide you in the right direction.” Bev stood and Harmony followed her to the office door, stopping before she opened it. ”Just remember that you can call me to arrange to speak to me whenever you need to and if you start to notice any symptoms at all, get it checked out.”

”I will, I promise.” Harmony answered, her voice a little squeakier than usual from the excitement. ”See you soon, Bev.”

”Hopefully not too soon.” Bev joked, opening the door and closing it behind Harmony, who almost skipped out of the office to the lift. Once the doors had closed, it all really hit her.

She was in control.

She had her life back.

The ding of the doors opening rouse her back to her surrounds and she almost runs out of the lift and over to Nathan on the lobby couches, throwing her arms around his neck from behind.

”Whoa, where’s the fire?” He chuckled, putting down the file he had been reading. Nathan had been so supportive since Harmony had told him about all her issues that he had insisted on going with her to her sessions for support.

”Bev just pretty much signed me off!” Harmony blurted out, resting her head against his and causing a cascade of her chocolate curls down his chest. ”I have to have a phone session once a month and that’s it.”

”Babe, that’s awesome!” Nathan exclaimed, twisting round on the couch to wrap his arms around her.

”It feels so amazing.” Harmony couldn’t stop smiling. ”I need to ring mum and Jimmy. And Tara and Faith. And Nessa. And Mika!”

”Whoa there Sally.” Nathan chortled. ”Slow down. I think we should take the time to celebrate you not being crazy anymore.”

Harmony released her grip on him and perched on the back of the sofa, watching as Nathan closed the manila file and slid it back into his briefcase. ”Hardly something I want to put on a cake."

”No, but you deserve to celebrate it, so we’re going to that lovely little coffee place down the next street for coffee and cake. My treat.” He said with a wink.

”Oh you do spoil me.” Harmony said with a sarcastic laugh.

”I know.” Nathan replied smugly. ”You’re worth every cent.”

And as he stood up, Harmony exhaled a sigh of relief.

Everything seemed right with the world again.


To know where you’re going, you must first understand where you’ve been.

A very wise woman first told me that when I was eight years old and learning to perform a somersault for the first time. We’d done all of the training and practice together, and while I had the aerial belt fastened around my waist and her hands there to catch me, I could do it. I could fly with the precision of a hawk and the grace of a swan.

But the minute the security blankets were taken away, I became as graceful as a hippo and as precise as an albatross. I don’t know why I couldn’t do it. To start with, I’d take the run up and land flat on my face, but I kept trying. Then it ended up that I would take the run up and just stop.

I suppose fear was the biggest issue. Fear of getting it wrong, fear of hurting myself or perhaps fear that I wasn’t good enough, I don’t know. At eight years old, I wasn’t all that philosophical or caught up in the hows and whys. All I knew was I couldn’t do it. And it frustrated me so much I cannot describe the feeling.

My gymnastics coach could see exactly what the issue is and she took me to one side to feed me the inspiration I needed. In order to know where I’m going, I must first understand where I’ve been. To begin with, I didn’t understand it. I just thought she was rambling like old people did. Not that she was old at the time, but at eight years old, anything over thirty five seems ancient. It wasn’t until I went home and talked with my step father that I understood it.

To know where I’m going, I must understand where I’ve been.

I had to recognise the progress I had made and the effort I have put into getting that far in order to understand that I could do it and that I would do it.

I went back to gymnastics practice the next afternoon and I hit that somersault on the first attempt. And the second. And the third. In fact, I hit it sixteen times in a row, just to prove I could do it.

It taught me an incredibly valuable life lesson, if I’m honest. It taught me to value the past as it helps to shape my future.

And I do value my past.

It’s been full of adversity. And I don’t mean the “I broke a nail, how do I carry on?” type of crap. I’ve spent my entire career battling and fighting to prove my worth, to prove that I’m worthy of my place in this industry. I’ve grown up in the wrestling ring and it’s taught me more life lessons that I care to remember, but I wouldn’t change any of my experiences for the world.

Okay, maybe the two where I almost died, but that’s a different matter.

The point I’m trying to make is that I’ve learnt my lessons and the experiences have made me the person I am today, and progress only comes when you learn those lessons.

So now I’ve graduated from the school of life, I’m out in the big wide world to make my mark. And it starts with CJ Osborne.

I’m not the little girl that debuted in BQWA back in 2006.

I’m Harmony Ashley Scott. I act like a lady and I work like a boss. Hence the hashtag.

It’s time I taught you all exactly who I’ve grown to become.

Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: Harmony
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 137lbs

Hailing From: London, England.

Alignment: Face.

Gimmick: Act like a lady; Work like a boss. Harmony is passionate about the wrestling industry and works hard to be the best in the ring at what she does. She doesn't cheat and she doesn't use underhanded tactics. It's all about the work you put in that gets you what you want.

Wrestling Style: She's a technique girl. Dabbles in a little bit of everything.

Three Weaknesses: She can be too trusting of people. She can let her emotions get the best of her on occasion. She used to date Ryan Matthews (That counts, right?)

Three Strengths: She's a tenacious bitch, a childhood in gymnastics has meant she's very flexible, and her legs are 40 inches long (and she knows how to use them).


Ten regular moveset moves:

1) Handspring Enziguri
2) Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker
3) Pele Kick
4) Corkscrew DDT
5) Shiranui
6) Swinging Neckbreaker
7) Dragon Suplex
8) Standing Moonsault
9) Lotus lock
10) Lungblower

2-5 trademark moves:

1) Double Leg Muta Lock
2) Wheelbarrow DDT
3) Leg Trap Sunselt Flip Powerbomb
4) Quebrada
5) Rope Hung Guillotine Leg Drop

1 Finishing Move: The Acciaccatura - Gory Bomb

1 "MDK" (murderdeathkill) Finishing Move: The Fermata - Figure Four Leg Lock teamed with a backwards bridge to increase the pressure


Jan 1, 2000
Hey Tracey. I'm Lindz, another female handler in DEF. Figure I should formally introduce myself. :cool:

So, a few things:

1. The writing sample passes inspection but are you willing to write matches (in b4 James asks this!)

2. I'd suggest upping Harmony's weight a bit. LT (my character) is 6'3", 180 and I could probably stand to have her around 190/200 if I'm being honest, but it's probably too late to change this now, heh. Would you be agreeable to have Harmony around 150 given her height?

3. She probably won't be able to hit her finisher on the majority of the people in the fed. Maybe a technical move instead or have her MDK be her main finisher?

I'll more than likely cast a "yes" vote either way.
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Mar 13, 2015
Hi Lindz. I have heard good things about you from James :)

1. Yep, matches are no problem and I can post a sample if needs be (not tonight tho, my laptop has gone sleepy buh byes).

2. I don't see why not.

3. I can move the MDK as her main finisher and I'll have a think on the replacement.


Jan 11, 2013
The Land of Cheese
1. The writing sample passes inspection but are you willing to write matches (in b4 James asks this!)

Damnit, MOM, stealing my gimmick!

Hi Lindz. I have heard good things about you from James :)

Lies, I assure you... I mean, YEAH! *cough*

Also, Ryan and Ken got in on the act of recruiting you, heck, even Justin did, HAH.


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May 19, 2013
Because I'm an asshole with an ego, I vote no for that shot at Ryan Matthews...

.....just kidding. Yes.


Jan 24, 2007
I lost count as to how many 'yes' votes there are. So yes.


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Jun 26, 2009
Hit me with a PM with a username and a password for tbe website.

Find the art thread and fill that out.

Grab something and hold on.
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