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The Championship Exhibition!

AC Blood

League Member
Apr 22, 2007
Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for...

the Championship and Ken Kashmere Kontacts Sports Management proudly announces that they will be running an exhibition round as somewhat of a pilot to tests audiences and television ratings. This will be screened on ESPN2 at 8:30pm Saturday the 28th of April, 2007.

Singles Competition
Cage Match
B. Badd Wolf versus A.C. Blood
LIVE! from the Diamond Theater, Zoellner Arts Center, Bethlehem, PA.
Clint West

Airs on ESPN2 at 8:30pm EST, Saturday the 28th of April, 2007.

B. Badd Wolf, probably one of the most interesting characters the world of wrestling has ever seen will make his way down to the ring with his entourage, Pig Brick and Little Red Riding Hood to face the Broken Mould, A.C. Blood.

Tickets are available from the Zoellner Arts Center @ $5 each. Tickets selling fast. Pre-show entertainment featuring local music. Must see event!

P r o u d l y p r e s e n t e d b y
Ken Kashmere Kontacts

Sports Management

Check it Out:
The Championship Exhibition

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