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The Cinderella Story


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: The North Carolina State University Libraries.*EDIT -- I looked it up, that's what the building is called. I haveno idea why. -- CUT TO: Inside the library, on the third or fourth floor, stadning in an aisle of neverending books, is "The Big Man On Campus" JJ DeVille, carrying his bookbag, wearing his NC State Varsity Jacket.)

JJ: I've been watching all the promos and heard all the boasts this week. I've seen all the people lay out their claims to the title, all their "guarantees" of victory. I've seen people threaten one another, talking about who is better when.

Except no one's talking about me... JJ DeVille. Dan Ryan, a man who will wax quixotic about any number of subjects, brushed me off with a smug little comment. And Jericoholics Anonymous... IF THAT IS INDEED HIS REAL NAME... a guy who God gave one talent too, and that's the ability to never actually shut up, well, all he does is give me a lame little diss on his Live Journal.

Mike Smalls, the can-do kid from Carolina, he talked about me... but he got everything wrong. Yo, Mike -- that wasn't me, man, I swear! I never toilet papered your house! You're dad, if he found out... he'd KILL me!

But everyone else?

Completely quiet.

This normally would make a man upset. Getting talked about in this sport is what everyone strives for.

But me?

(JJ smiles.)

I'm fine with not being talked about. Because that means, once again, I'm being overlooked. Understimated. Dismissed.

And, as history has shown, you underestimate me at your own peril.

Now, don't get me wrong. The two people in this thing who've actually accomplished something in this sport... Troy Windham and Eli Flair... they've gone on at length about me. My former boss? He did the usual cool-guy, no one can touch me routine. That's cool, but I know that one of his hand-picked wrestling coaches and one of his handpicked sparring partners are going over everything I've done as we speak, trying to change Troy's in-ring and training styles, since I'm the one man who knows them best. And Eli Flair? He told the world to not look the other way, to not laugh when JJ's name is mentioned. Eli even, well, frankly, and no offense intended, Mr. Flair... well, he expressed FEAR of being in the same ring as me, because he knows I'll rise to the occassion, and he knows that I would love nothing more than to throw him out of the ring and put another scalp on my mantle.

Y'see, Gold Rush is an opportunity of a lifetime for me. I was the geek, the kid with braces and an overbite, the last one picked for kickball, Troy Windham's leafblower and bag carrier... a guy who was routinely dissed by a girl who is now dating JAY SMASH of all people...

And now, now I plan on showing everyone that I am indeed The Big Man On Campus. All of you big names... and even all of you folks who'd never get a chance around these parts... I'm out here to do what my former employers taught me how to do best. How to steal the scene. How to steal the show.

And I learned from the best. Except for one thing... they didn't teach me everything I know.

Y'see, I'm The Ultimate Cinderella Story. And I'm going to be wrestling in front of my hometown fans in Greensboro, North Carolina. And each and every single one of them is going to be cheering my name, rooting for the hometown kid who overcame the odds to make good.

And at the end of the night, all of you old-timers and veterans... all of you hot prospects and sure-fire next big things... all the people NOT talking about me now... well, you'll know my name then.

Because The Big Man On Campus is walking out of this as the CSWA Unified Champion.

Believe that.

Now, where's that book I was looking for? Oh, here it is!

(JJ reaches up and grabs a book off the shelf. The title? "HOW TO BEAT TROY WINDHAM" by JJ DEVILLE. FTB.)

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