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The Coronation of The King


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: A simple backdrop. The banner in the back reads CSWA17 and "Rebirth" underneath it. On one side stands THE MYSTERIOUS ZOLTAN -- shirtless, oiled, growling, wearing his chains. On the other, head in a bandana, in a wheelchair, is August De La Rossi. In the foreground is Troy Windham, wearing his shades, his suit jacket/dress shirt/Cole Haan combo, holding a microphone with a chord attached.)

TROY: Like I said in Denver. I'm Troy Windham. I don't need any fancy exterior shots. I don't need the deep-voiced guy from the WB network doing a voice overdub to explain the narrative of my life. All I need, baby, is to come out here with a microphone in one hand and a cameraman rented for $550 an hour. All I need is to do that and it's tickets sold, arenas booked, pay-per-views ordered and money made.

(August starts cackling with that.)

TROY: I'm not like my opponents at Anniversary 17. I don't need to do 45,000 grams of protein shakes like Dan "PowerMaster 2" Ryan. I'm not some dinosaur-brained weightlifter who didn't know how to carry the CSWA gold, some guy who devalued the title I made famous because doesn't know how to get over. I'm not some autistic doing the retread "Secretive Masked Man Run-In #2,122" story. Vacancy -- if you were so bad-ass, you could come into this thing with your identity AND win the title. But you need the air of mystery about you because if people knew who you were, it'd be like sex with Dan Ryan -- a brief pop followed by a lifetime of dissapointment. I'm not like that other dude (Turns to his lackeys) what's that guys name? You know, the guy repeating things I said ad nauseum in 1997? That dude?

No, I'm not like my opponents one bit. I'm not like anyone else in this entire industry. I'm not some dumb steroid meathead. I'm not a rip-off artist and I'm not a masked man. What I am is the man who has REDEFINED this sport. From the last time I held the gold to now, I've let others fight over the honor of holding it. I let OTHERS have a shot. Instead, I was busy CEMENTING my legacy. ALL my greatest opponents -- vanquished. Anyone in my path? Crushed and then forgotten about.

And now that's been done? Now it's time for me to re-invent myself again. It's time for me to take this sport and bring it to a new level again. All it took for me was THREE MONTHS to make everyone in this industry crumble in fear. All it took for me was THREE MONTHS to become the most hated and most talked about man in this industry. This sports NUMBER ONE DRAFT PICK. Who else has buried a man under an American flag in South Philadelphia? Who else has worn a $15,000 robe on the banks of the Delaware River and DEMANDED a parade be held in his honor? Who else has urinated in another man's face? Who else has dumped suits on a man's lawn? Who else beat a man without hitting a single wrestling move?


NO ONE. You can take my last three months and compare them to anyone elses ENTIRE CAREER and it will pale next to what I have done in a little more than 90 days. And then when you factor in my career -- CSWA World Champion. Signer of the Biggest Contract in this sports history. Endorsement deals. Three straight Match of the Decade candidates in 2001 -- all of which *EYE* won. Taking on Eli Flair with my neck busted, having all the bones in my right arm broken, and not saying I quit. My appearances on 7th Heaven, The Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. My Cable Ace Award. WHAT I HAVE DONE IN THIS SPORT IS LEGENDARY.

(Troy takes off the shades and puts them in his front pocket.)

TROY: WHAT I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED IS SO GREAT... SO MUCH BEYOND WHAT ANYONE ELSE IN THIS SPORT IS CAPABLE OF... that the CSWA's Anniversary Show isn't going to be about deciding a new champion. It isn't going to be a celebration of 17 years of wrestling. What this is going to be is something else.

(Troy turns to August and Zoltan. They rip down the banner. Behind it reads CSWA 17 REBIRTH: THE CORONATION OF THE KING. A picture of Troy Windham in a crown winking at the camera is on the backdrop as well.)

TROY: This is going to be the night when Troy Windham... as he has done for his entire career... does what he has promised he would do. This is going to be the night when I beat Dan Ryan, Vacant and that other guy and reclaim the title that *EYE* never lost to begin with. This is going to be the night when I restore the greatest title in the history of the sport and bring it to a level never before witnessed. This is going to be the night when I, Troy Windham, show the world that I am not just the greatest wrestler alive today... but that I am the greatest wrestler in the HISTORY of this sport. This is going to be the night where the CSWA and the sport of professional wrestling is going to see the CORONATION OF THE KING of this sport. And everyone else is a PRETENDER to my throne.

(Troy and August cackle as Zoltan growls. FTB.)

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