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"The Fallen Angel" Stephen Waltz


Jan 1, 2000
Handler Name: The Strawsma

Handler's e-mail address: rrstrawsma@gmail.com

Character's in ring name: Stephen Waltz

Character's Real Name: Stephen Alexander Waltz

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 273 lbs.

Hometown: Eugene, Oregon

-Verticle Suplex
-Belly-to-Belly Suplex
-Crossface Suplex
-Boston Crab
-Top-rope Superplex
-Sit-down Powerbomb
-Side Suplex
-Missile Dropkick from Top Rope
-Rib Breaker
-Muscle Buster
-Arm Drag
-Knife-Edge Chop
-The Idolizer (Diving elbow drop, Terry "The Idol" Anderson's finisher)

Finisher: The Last Waltz (Inverted Powerbomb)

Appearance: Caucasian male in his late twenties. Muscular overall, but not in what would be considered prime shape. Eyes are brown, as well as the hair, which he ties back into a ponytail. In the ring he wears a blue singlet with black and white trim, with an "SW" cross logo over the front and back. Also wears boots, knee pads, and elbow pads, all white.

Theme Music/Entrance: "Pass Out" by I-Exist

Gimmick/Other notes about your character:

Born in a small Indiana town and raised in a simple Christian household, Stephen Waltz showed a lot of wrestling promise as a youth, standing out in his class as an amateur wrestler in high school. He was soon discovered by Terry "The Idol" Anderson who helped train him in the transition into professional wrestling. Waltz peaked when he won the GXW Television Title in 2003 and landed a contract with EPW in their early years, but the rise in fame went to his head, and he soon fell into the vices of alcohol, cocaine, gambling, and hookers (probably because he was hanging with Anderson at the time). In 2004, he recklessly crashed a sports car and broke his hip. Recovery took a few years, but he managed to return to the ring for a spot in EPW's Wrestleverse III, tagging with Frank Ares for a one-time appearance in which they lost to the CHRONIC COLLIZION!! He's been working indie leagues ever since, and works a day job as a carpenter to pay his bills. Overall, Waltz represents the wrestler whose prime has passed, but is still chasing the dream. He's slightly out of shape and the injury still hampers his in-ring performance, but nevertheless, he commits himself to the sport in any way he can, usually serving as a jobber to other talent. Regardless of what he's become, Terry still thinks very highly of his former student.

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