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The Fuse Bros.


May 22, 2017
Edinburgh, UK
Handler Information

Hiiiii. I spoke to Mikey and pitched an idea about bringing my former tag team into DEFIANCE. He spoke with Murr (or so he said lol) and they granted approval as long as I post an application for approval from the roster. So, here is my tag team application.

A couple of things to note before I start though:
-I will not bring them in this arc or maybe even next. I know we're pretty loaded with guys at the moment.
-while I do plan on making them active next arc (if approved), I will only need the propaganda boards to do something I've always wanted to do and probably use Uncut.
-I promise to have time to write for this team and Gage Blackwood and stay committed to DEFIANCE. I like it here. :)
-However, I won't feel bad if anyone says no or gives their honest opinion.

I'll skip the other formalities and get to the application.

Wrestlers Information

Tag Team Name: The Fuse Bros.
Previously handled in: fWo (a long time ago)

Ring Name: Tyler Fuse
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 186 lbs

Ring Name: Conor Fuse
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 177 lbs

Hailing From: Unknown (probably somewhere in Canada though)
Alignment: Faces
Theme Song: "Chemical Plant Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 / for big matches they may use "Bloody Tears" from Castlevania II or 4.

The Fuse Bros. are convinced the whole world (and in particular the wrestling industry) is a video game. They will incorporate elements of video game material into their segments and before matches. Obviously not all of these ideas will come at the same time but they include: power-ups, cheat codes, game sharks, saving their progress and so on. Maybe even "unlocking" a new character if the opportunity ever presents itself, or a BRAZEN character, or whatever. All segments and role plays with them as the "main players" will be titled after video games.

Conor is the younger brother. He's full of energy, at times can be very annoying and usually never shuts up. He's the "Player 2" of the tag team. Therefore, he will never start a tag match as this goes against video game logic. He frequently gets the hot tag. Conor is the high flying, fast-paced wrestler of the two. Think Daniel Bryan meets Neville.

Tyler is the older, more serious brother. He isn't as nonsensical as Conor, even though he "abides" to video game rules most of the time. But he keeps the team grounded so they aren't just a comedic act. Actually, I have a number of ideas to turn their comedy into more serious angles, so it's not like these guys are just clowns while their gimmick may say otherwise. Tyler is the technician of the team. Think Bret Hart and even his mannerisms in the ring are similar.

The Fuse Bros. are determined to find the boss, rescue the princess and beat the game on hard mode. They also need to get all the achievements and complete 100% DEFIANCE, as they would say. Who the final boss is, where the princess resides and what 100% DEFIANCE looks like isn't really known at this time. They didn't read the manual.

Wrestling Style: I kind of explained this above, but Conor is energetic and Tyler is methodical. Overall they are a mix of high flying/technicians. Often Tyler will exert himself over a longer period in the ring, which leads to Conor getting the hot tag. Clearly this doesn't happen all the time. The majority of the time, the brothers work extremely well together and get along. They use double-teams well and take in-ring competition seriously. After all, how else are they going to get a 100% DEFIANCE trophy?

Although they will have some "video game" gimmicks going on, it's never really incorporated between bell to bell.

Tyler's Three Strengths:
1.) Very focused in the ring
2.) Good technician
3.) Extremely driven to succeed and will never back down

Tyler's Three Weaknesses:
1.) Can take things too seriously
2.) Doesn't always tag out when appropriate, can exert himself in the ring
3.) Ridged and can lack creativity

Conor's Three Strengths:
1.) Extremely loyal to his brother
2.) Has lots of energy and feeds off The Faithful well, charismatic
3.) Always has new ideas and thinks outside the box

Conor's Three Weakness:
1.) Too emotional at times
2.) Easily distracted
3.) Can lack confidence in himself

Tyler's ten regular moveset:
1.) Inverted atomic drop
2.) Russian leg sweep
3.) Pendulum backbreaker
4.) Falling back drop
5.) 2nd rope elbow drop
6.) Shoulder block
7.) Diving DDT
8.) Hurricanrana
9.) Enziguri
10.) Knee drop

Tyler's 2-5 trademark moves:
1.) 'Achievement Unlocked' (Koji clutch)
2.) 'LANline' (clothesline from the top rope)
3.) Figure four leg lock off ring post

Tyler's finishing move:
'CQC' or 'Close Quarters Canvas' (running bulldog, usually up the turnbuckle pads)

Conor's ten regular moveset:
1.) Spinning heel kick
2.) Rolling thunder splash
3.) Irish whip and a dropkick into the knees
4.) Cannonball from the corner
5.) Tarantula submission
6.) Springboard dropkick
7.) Lionsault
8.) Running release German suplex
9.) Moonsault
10.) La magistral cradle

Conor's 2-5 trademark moves:
1.) 'Side-Scrolling Senton' (senton splash from the top rope)
2.) 'PWN'd' (tilt-a-whirl DDT)
3.) 'Leveling Up' (not really a move, but at times Conor may "Hulk-up" after he eats a bunch of (legal) mushrooms... nothing to the extent of Hulking-up though, I'm not here to bury anyone)

Conor's 1 finishing move:
'450 Frames Per Second' (450 splash from the top rope)

Tag team co-finisher:
'2 Up' (double splash from the top rope, hence 2 "up". Conor goes first, rolls out of the way and then Tyler goes and makes the cover.)

Tag team MDK co-finisher:
'Finish Him!' (basically a Doomsday Device but Tyler dropkicks the opponent in the face and Conor falls backwards, Tyler will scream "FINISH HIM" before the move is set up or performed, kind of like Bubba with "GET THE TABLES". The move will be used only in major situation.)

If anything else is needed just let me know. Writing samples can be found by Gage Blackwood but I definitely can put together some things for these guys. :)



Totally. Obvs.
Dec 23, 2015
I already gave the thumbs up in private and talked to people about it (supposedly).

You're a fun writer, who is doing very well here, if you feel you can spread your time accordingly then go for it and have fun.

Yes from me.


New member
Feb 28, 2016
Woah, that's a helluva throwback. I remember the Fuse Bros as well. I'll toss a yes into the hat.


Active member
Staff member
Feb 4, 2005
Love these guys. The video game world especially these days is so vast that you'll have a lot to draw from.

Yes from me.

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