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The Gent speaks.


New member
Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(The light shines down on Lawrence Stanley as his eyes focus on the camera facing him, although his faces does not show it his brain is whirring away relentlessly. He looks to his right at the producer who nods at him, collecting his thoughts one last time he opens his mouth and speaks.)

LS: The CSWA is never a dull place, somewhere you will always find a talking point, something that has opinions being aired and views being divided. The imminent arrival of ANNIVERSARY sees me thrown headlong into a tussle with the CSWA legend Hornet for the US title. Should I survive that I am rewarded with a match against either Evan Aho or Kevin Powers for the World title later that night, two matches, two titles, it could be a historic night for “The English Gent”. So why then do I have something in the pit of my guts that claws away at my insides? The answer is simple and can be uttered in one word….HORNET.

I do not kid myself that our encounter at ANNIVERSARY will be our last, although everytime I think of it I view it as potentially my last match here in the CSWA. I think that way because of my desire to win, my need to beat you and humble you, teach you a lesson for your disgraceful actions outside and inside the ring. I feel as though I could not bear to walk into an arena after ANNIVERSARY knowing I had lost to you, that the man who destroyed my relationship with Teri Melton had also bettered me in the ring.

I know that really I should concentrate on more focused matters, I should look at our match as a stepping stone to face the World Champion but I cannot, my mind will not let me, my HEART will not allow it. I have prided myself on my mechanised style in the ring, my calm demeanour that hid my emotions……well that has gone…you have shattered it Hornet…..just as you and Teri shattered my heart. There is nothing left for me to fight for now, nothing bar titles and vengeance. Surely the former is the best thing to focus on, but while you are still breathing the latter is the only thing that keeps me going. As you have destroyed, killed one side of me so you have awoken, given birth to another. This side of me you have created is a hateful soul, a person filled with hate, vengeance, pain and bile. A man who knows he can only truly be free when he has eliminated the source of his discomfort, and that source is well documented.

A part of me queries what will happen should I be victorious over you, once I have destroyed the bane of my life, will I have the physical and mental fortitude left? Will I have put so much into the fight that come the outcome I am left lying on the ground, desperate for sustenance and aid? These questions are futile as we stand presently, until the start of ANNIVERSARY begins these questions are best left alone, until the time I am called to face you I have more pressing concerns. However they are best left in my mind, they will be aired when I am prepared to let others know their form and nature.

For now Hornet I want you to think, lie back and imagine the beast you will face in a few days time. The man who you have contorted and disfigured with your ungentlemanly conduct, without wanting to sound verbose you have created a monster my friend…..and soon you will find out if you can stop it or not.

(Fade to black.)


The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
I think you passed 'verbose' about thirty seconds into that promo, Stanley.

I didn't pick this fight, 'Gent'. You did. You somehow decided that I had taken away the love of your life and turned her against you.

But if you think this is your opportunity, then so be it. This *is* your opportunity to beat me. But humble me? Think again, Brit. The only man who's ever humbled me is standing in front of the camera right now.

There are things I've done in my life that I'm not proud of. I haven't lived a life without regret. Getting involved with Teri is one such regret. I've known Teri for a long time, long enough to know that I never should have used her as a rebound from the loss of another, more important relationship.

I've known her long enough that I should've stuck with the first impression, Stanley. Teri's a businesswoman, plain and simple. She uses her money and her feminine wiles in the same ways... to get what she wants. Right now, she feels like she can use me to get to where she wants to be... for a few months, she apparently saw the same thing in you.

If I've contributed to making you a 'monster', Stanley, then I'm sorry. I know a little bit about becoming something you never thought you'd be.

But don't let an apology let you think for a second that I have any interest in letting you get past me. You're a great athlete, Stanley, and you're a great wrestler. But you've got a long way to go before you can try to intimidate someone like me.

You're a stepping stone, Lawrence. Like Degadeth, Lex Vicious, Mark Vizzack, and all those others before you that tried to stop me from reaching my ultimate goal. If you feel like that demeans you, then that's too damn bad.

This is my time... not the long distant past like Tom Adler, Mike Randalls or even Eddy Love... not the future like you or Sight or even Evan Aho. This is the present...and I'm claiming it for my own. And nothing that you do, or Teri Melton does, or even Chad Merritt does is going to stop me from getting where I want to be.

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