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The gloves come off.


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Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(The light was not perfect for the promo, the room was dark, despite the protestations of the cameraman Lawrence Stanley was unyielding in his decision on the mood of the promo. He wanted the light this way, he desired the setting to reflect his mood, and Stanley was not happy. He made his way relatively calmly to his seat in front of the camera and sat down purposefully in front of it. He straightened his tie almost subconsciously before indicating to the cameraman that he was ready to proceed.)

LS: Did it really have to come to this Adler? Was this really necessary? My casual attitude towards wrestling is indeed new, but I will be damned if I will sit back calmly whilst you degrade my efforts in the ring compared to yours. I had hoped for more from you, I had desired a match where the focus would be on our struggles inside the ring rather than our ferocity outside it. I figured you for more of an intellectual man Adler, a man who could offer an interview of enlightenment, rather than resorting to using unsubstantiated claims against my achievements. That is not the behaviour or action of the man I thought I was fighting, your recent interview was a fine blend of arrogance and ignorance, qualities I had hoped you did not possess.

I did not ask for a potted history of your time in the CSWA or the many other ‘great’ federations you have ‘graced’ with your presence. I do not desire to hear how you were discarded by the top brass of the CSWA, for seemingly ‘nothing’. Like yourself I have no substantial evidence, but I know the owners to be intellectual and decent as far as money and success is concerned, and they would not be so foolish as to ignore you if you were delivering the results as you claim. I am no detective but your story smacks of bias and untruth. It suggests that your time in the ring during your first stint in the CSWA was not as successful as you make it out to be. Either way, that is of no consequence during our upcoming bout, our previous experiences with officialdom will neither aid or hinder us in our bout.

In truth what angered me more than anything was your arrogant claims and boasts that you had fought in front of more people than I, and that you had succeeded more than I during your career. I too have participated in other federations, I too have held titles and enjoyed both the adulation and the barracking of the crowd. It is both insulting and discourteous to sweep aside my accomplishments in such an arrogant way. Take away my achievements in these federations, look at the success I have had in the CSWA and you will see that I am no pushover. Adler…..little man….some advice if I may, do not, under any circumstances….make me angry. I have fought bigger, badder and much, much, much better men that you and come out on top.

Do not make me enter this match with a different mind set to the one I had previously. Before your most recent outburst I was concentrating solely on winning the Presidential title, doing what was needed along the way. Now your words have altered those objectives, now I want to hurt you, to prove to you that what you say is unfounded and false. Trust me, if I wanted to I could end your career, but that is not my aim. If I desired I could put you in a world of hurt that you would think was unheard of, I am more of a match than you will ever understand. The reason you are ignorant of this is simple, I choose not to stand by like yourself and make shallow claims about how I am better than you, I allow my words to be etched in the ring. I admit the last time we met you had the upper hand, but without going into unnecessary issues we both know that the result was not a fair and impartial one. I hope that this time it will truly be one on one, and if it is the case, as plainly and as magnanimously as I can, I know I will win. The quickness of the win, and the severity of the beating I will administer to you depends solely of your attitude and courtesy outside the ring.

I have no desire to get into a feud with yourself, I merely want to be respected for my achievements that I have accomplished in the CSWA. I have not put in the effort I have during my time here to be mocked by someone who has clearly flattered to deceive. I apologise, my words and manner are starting to contort into the behavioural style of yourself. I will not allow myself to be as discourteous and curt as that, I hope for a good fight, I know I will keep my end of the deal, I sincerely hope you do too.

(Fade to black.)


League Member
Apr 16, 2004
Lawrence... when, exactly, did I "degrade" your efforts? Last I checked, I was the one before Fund saying I was looking forward to wrestling you. Last I checked, I was the one AFTER Fund saying that if you wanted another shot you need do nothing more than ask for one to get it because you'd earned it. And, last I checked, I wasn't the one coming out here lecturing somebody on what should be a proper motivation to compete.

No, Lawrence, I've given you all the props you deserve. So save the feigned outrage for the senate minority leader's speach writers.

Of course, maybe this love fest you seem to gush out every time the suits of the CSWA are mentioned may well be legit. Then again, maybe you aren't one of the many mega-stars that were dumped by the way side for no reason other than to bolster their own image. Frankly, I don't have the motivation to find out. But, since you seem to, you shouldn't have any problems establishing that my record in this organization is everything I say it is. I left on my own terms. Period. But, as you said, the past is the past. I have long since given up any grudge I had against Merritt and the CSWA. And, by and large, I have no MAJOR complaints. You'll have to ask him if he feels the same.

Ultimately, my point was that I don't need to be lectured by you or anybody else on what my motivations should be for wrestling. If you are offended by the plain and simple truths of how I present that point.. then sorry, but you are just going to have to be offended. I am a good many things, Lawrence, but politically correct isn't among them. If you are offended by the truth, it's not up to me to make you feel better about it. If you're looking to be consoled, try packing a hundred thousand chanting fans into the Tokyo Egg Dome for a card you don't even wrestle on. I can tell you from experience that it does wonders for egos that need a little boosting.

But, since you seem to be so liberal with your advice... allow me to offer... if not advice, at least an observation of my own. I went into this focused on one thing. Retaining my belt. You say yours was the same. Take a good long hard look at what you've turned into here in a matter of a few short days. And ask your self who's retained that focus and who hasn't. Who's the one out here talking about hurting people. Who's the one out here making threats that have little or nothing to do with winning titles.

I'll let you answer those questions yourself. Lord knows the last thing I'd wanna do is say something else that might offend you.


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