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The Greatest Moment

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: INSURGENT wearing a T-Shirt wearing "NoLibs" on it. He stands behind a tank full of water where a big fish is swimming around, he grabs the fish and holds it up for a moment before putting it back in the tank.)

INSURGENT: "And that in a nutshell was the greatest moment of Dear Leader's Presidency...You might have thought it was capturing Saddam, or running the Taliban out of power...Or maybe when he pissed himself in a classroom full of kids when he found out this job wasn't all hand-shake lines and pushing tax cuts through congress...

Nope...Today when asked what was the greatest moment in his term of office was...Dear Leader said it was catching a fish..."

"I want every moron who voted for this ***hole to think about that...Think about how much this man supposedly cares about this job, this country, this world...He's been running this country for 5 years...FIVE F***ING YEARS, and the best thing that's happened to him...Was catching a fish in his man made pond in his back yard...

It wasn't trying to make it so gay people can't marry, or driving women from south dakota to the coathanger should they get knocked up and don't want the baby...It wasn't keeping global warming out of the political debate or wanting Intelligent Design in the classroom...

Nope...None of that, one of your causes registered in this feeble man's feeble brain...

He was proud he caught a fish...That was his crowning moment...Catching a damn fish...(Shakes head)

Over 2,400 dead in Iraq for nothing, but the 'freedom of the Iraqi's' and the 'building of democracy in the middle east' all of that, meant nothing...NOTHING compared to a fish...

Your sons and daughters are getting their arms and legs blown off, or killed, all for nothing...How meaningless is their deaths, their injuries?

Iraq pales in comparison to a fish...

I can't take this s***...And now everyone in MCW is going to pay...

You're going to pay because nothing in this world matters besides a fish...

Some stupid f***ing fish...

(INSURGENT shakes his head in digust and walks off, the fish swims around having no idea it's made anyone so angry.)

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