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The history of the Feud of Benjamin vs. Mr I


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
The night the lines were crossed

UCW Presents Civil War

It was during this PPV were they first locked eyes. Acting as a special guest time keeper Mr. Incredible made his way out during the four way match to crown the first ever United States Champion. Here is what happen at the end of this historic match.

RC: Well, Mr. Incredible is in the ring now, and he’s handing Benjamin the belt and a microphone! What a surprise that Mr. Incredible was here to present the belt! But he’s exiting the ring now. Let’s hear what Benjamin has to say.

AB: You know, gold is gold. And I’m happy to be the newest champion here in UCW. I plan on defending this title as Ken Cloverleaf sees fit, but make no mistake about it…

I plan on representing the United States of whatever, so long as I have this belt!

DR: Uh oh.

RC: Guys, I may have spoken too soon, because it looks like Mr. Incredible is not exiting the ring now. Those comments by “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin just stopped him in his tracks. He’s making his way to Benjamin.

(Incredible flips Benjamin around and grabs the mic from him.)

MI: Excuse me, Mr. Whatever Your Name Is. Did I just hear you say the United States of Whatever?

(Benjamin sticks out his chin and nods.)

MI: That’s what I thought.


RC: Oh my! Incredible just clocked the US Champ with that microphone! Benjamin is stumbling back! The belt has fallen off his shoulder!

DR: Incredible is taking it to him with a flurry of rights! Benjamin is wobbling…

RC: Oh no! Mr. Incredible just nailed the US champ with his own belt! Adam Benjamin is out cold here in the middle of the ring! And Mr. Incredible is placing that United States Championship belt across the fallen champ’s chest! And now he’s out of here! What an entrance for Mr. Incredible!

A revolutionary speech

The following week during a US title defense Mr. Incredible was a guest ring announce. It was there Mr. I tried to interject himself into this match only to have Benjamin block a chair shot and retain his title. It was moments after that Benjamin had these words.


"You know it’s a bloody shame that I have to stand here in front of all you pathetic excuses of human beings. Now I am being forced to have my matches called by some retired American saint.

(Adam looks down at Mr. Incredible resting his arms on the top ropes as he showcases the US title over his shoulder proudly.)

"Nothing better to do? Trying to relive glory? I got a idea for you chap. How about you climb into this ring and attack me when I am looking?

I mean you really were patriotic when you attack me after my match last week. SO how about it old man?

(Adam looks down, as Mr. Incredible shakes his head is disbelief.)

"I did not think so. No, you’re just a washed up, old man who is dieing for one last cheap pop from all these low life fans who for some reason respect you.

I however do not respect anything about you. To me you are just another pimple of the ass of this country.

You make me sick to my stomach. However I am willing to end this right now. I am going to come down there and shake your hand like a gentleman.

(Adam exits the ring; Mr. Incredible gets up and takes off his headset.)

"Relax Old Spice I am not going to hit you. Truthfully I am going to end this like a man. Let’s shake on this and get on with our lives.

(Adam extends his hand; Mr. Incredible seems reluctant to shake his hand.)

"Shake it mate, and let’s end this bloody nonsense.

(Mr. Incredible extends his hand, only to receive a stiff slap across the face which sends him into his seat. "Yours Truly" looks at him smiling as he walks off.)

A face of to remember

Moments after falling short against Dan Ryan, Adam Benjamin entered his locker room to find a surprise.

AB: What the hell are you doing here?

The camera swings around to show through the door and none other than Mr. Incredible sitting on a chair in Benjamin’s locker room. Mr. I is leaned back in the chair with his legs crossed and hands behind his head. He puts his feet to the floor as he stands and makes his way over to Benjamin.

MI: Well, certainly doesn’t look like US “champ” is quite so unbeatable.

Seems to me that Mr. Ryan just put on a pretty good display of “how-to” beat the US “champ”.

Benjamin’s eyes fill with rage.

MI: You know what though? You still get to hold that belt because you have yet to put it on the line against a formidable opponent…

You have yet to hand that thing over to a referee when a true American is fighting for what he believes to be one of the best things that could ever happen to him…

Instead, you’d rather walk around and spit on it and the legacy that it carries with it.

Do you know how many men have died in order for you to have the ability to say whatever the hell you want about the great country that is dawned on that belt that you possess?

Do you know that jolly old England could be Hitler’s world if the country on that belt didn’t come to their aid?

Mr. I encircles Benjamin as he continues to speak.

MI: But instead of doing what’s actually right and walking around like a glorified champion and putting the title on the line to whomever desires the shot, you cower behind the power that title gives you, the same way Hitler did to avoid imprisonment.

You don’t deserve to hold that title. And once Cloverleaf gets his head out of his ass and puts you in a real title match, you’ll find that out soon enough.

Until then, why don’t you go party with your MCW boys and tell them what life is like when you’re the “champ”.

(Mr. I leaves a cold stare on Benjamin for a moment before turning and walking toward the door. Benjamin lowers his head before quickly turning and slamming the door shut on Mr. I’s head! Mr. I hits the ground, without a trace of movement.)

AB: You wanna talk champ? You couldn’t hold a candle to “Yours Truly”! That’s why you’re retired and on the floor while I stand here champion!

A message is served

We see the UCW United States Champion, Adam Benjamin making his way down the hallway, belt over his shoulder. He adjusts it before turning the corner and grabbing hold of the door knob in front of him. He opens the door that reads “Yours Truly” on the front and enters the room.

We see inside that it is the champ’s locker room. His clothes and duffel bag are lying around the room. Adam makes his way to the middle of the room and picks up a tape recorder that is lying on the table. He brings it to his face and presses the play button. A very familiar voice takes over the scene.

Tape: MCW?

Most Cowardly Wrestling?

Sounds like the perfect place for a man like you, Adam.

MCW deserves you, little man.

You and your championship belong in Most Cowardly Wrestling.

Neither you, nor that belt has seen any type of reason to have respect in this company.

Ultimate Championship Wrestling is exactly what the name says, the “ultimate”.

However, Mr. Benjamin, you are making a worse name for that belt each and every week you step between those ropes.

Fighting nobodies like Bryan Storms make me more nauseous than anything when I watch Revolution.

What you have done is tarnish everything that the other warriors in the back have fought to make a name for. It is because of this that I will make you see the error of your ways, Adam.

Continue your charade of champion. Continue to try and trick everyone into thinking that they should actually have the least bit of respect for you.

But I, Adam, am going to make sure that the world understands just who you are and what a counterfeit you actually are.

I am not the best of friends with our lovely commissioner, but he cannot help but agree with me about the audacity of you defending the United States Title in a match that he did not sanction.

Because of this, he has signed you to a rematch at Scars and Stripes. You versus Bryan Storms for the US Title, one more time.


This time, the referee…

Well, let’s just say that the match is going to prove to be…


(The tape stops. Adam looks up at the lockers, where a giant American flag unfolds right before his eyes! The rage can be seen inside Benjamin, who draws back and fires the tape recorder across the room, crushing it into tiny pieces as he screams into the air before leaving the room in a huff.)

The fire of intensity reaches a all time high

Benjamin vs. Storm with Mr I as the special ref at Scars and Strips

RC: Storms drags Benjamin up and it’s an Irish whip that sends Yours Truly into the ropes, where (you guessed it) he collides with Mr. Incredible. Incredible instinctively responds with a back elbow that connects directly with Adam’s temple. The champ is down and out cold!!

RB: This isn’t fair! Mr. Incredible has been against the Champion from the start. I can’t believe this.

DR: Mr. Incredible is holding his head in dismay. Storms with the cover and he is demanding that Mr. Incredible drop to count.




That’s it. Bryan Storms is the new UCW US Champion!!!

(As Mr. Incredible leaves the ring Benjamin charges from behind and nails Incredible in the back of the head with the ring bell. Incredible slumps to the ramp and Benjamin is just clobbering the Incredible one with bell shots to the back of the head. He is just brutal. Incredible’s mask is broken open and blood is gushing form the bell shots.)

DR: Here comes security. Benjamin drops the ring bell and starts to walk up the ramp with his arms raised in mocking victory.

The Match is set in blood

(Mr. I stands in the ring, which is filled with all kinds of props. There are red, white, and blue balloons hanging off the turnbuckles, followed by a carpet with the American Flag design draping over top of the wrestling mat. Incredible grabs a microphone and begins taking off his jacket.)

MR. INCREDIBLE: First off I want to thank each and every one of you for that spectacular ovation. My, what a wonderful crowd we have for tonight’s Revolution. Tonight is indeed a special night, because right here, right now, you are witnessing the debut of the “Incredible Knows Best” show!

(The crowd erupts with cheers, as they listen intuitively to Mr. Incredible speak. Mr. I hangs his jacket over top one of the turnbuckles, while he begins to roll up his sleeves as if getting ready for something)

MR. I: And what better way to get things started than introducing my very first guest. I must admit it was a hard decision.

(Mr. I comes back to the center of the ring and stands next to two chairs (obviously intended for him and his guest). He looks over the crowd very calmly, taking his time with making the introduction of his guest.)

MR. I: But when it boils right down to it, I couldn’t think of a better candidate to be my very first guest on the show.

He's a man who needs no introduction. You know him well. So let’s get this party started and bring out my guest for tonight’s show!

(It seems like forever as the crowd waits patiently while watching the back entrance and then suddenly it happens)

DR: Sweet mother mary!!! It’s ADAM BENJAMIN!!!

(Adam Benjamin, who’s carrying a red looking towel in his hand, steps out from behind the backstage curtain and instead of posing for the crowd like he normally does, he marches straight to the ring)

RC: WOW! Benjamin is on a mission! He hasn’t taken his eyes off Mr. Incredible yet. Wait, what’s that in his hands?

RB: Whatever it is, hopefully he’ll use it to choke out that fairy Mr. Incredible! Come on Benjamin, get in that ring and kick his ass!!

(Benjamin quickly rolls into the ring and approaches Mr. I, who continues to show his composure. The two athletes lock eye contact and you can just feel the tension between them growing at a rapid rate)

MR. I: Now before you decide to duke it out with me right here right now, which I know you're dying to do… I wanted to address your challenge, not just to you, but to the fans.

I mean that is what you want right? An answer?

RB: Screw that!! Just deck him Benjamin. Knock that ugly mask off his face!

(Adam Benjamin reaches out and quickly grabs Mr. Incredible’s microphone)

ADAM BENJAMIN: I can't think of one damn good reason why I shouldn’t just knock your head clean off your shoulders. This towel I'm holding is proof of the blood I've made you've spilled. It's very stains upon it that I carry with me is a representation of what you've created, of the monster you've unleashed. You've opened up the doors to pandora's box, and now you must pay.

RB: Here it comes!!

BENJAMIN: Because I already know that you’re going to back out of my challenge and retort with some bloody lame excuse, yet curiosity as it seems, has gotten the best of me.

So… Mr. Whatever. Amuse me. What’s your answer.

RB: Oh rubbish. I wanted to see a fight.

RC: Don’t get your panties in a bundle Bitterman, whatever lack of violence you may think your witnessing, this is still good, because now we get our answers! We get to hear what Incredible has to say about Benjamin's challenge.

RB: Pish Posh, who cares.

(Incredible shoots a quick smile as he backs up (still not taking his eyes off Benjamin and grabs another microphone)

MR. I: Maybe you should take a seat?

(Mr. I kicks a chair over to Benjamin, who quickly kicks it away)

BENJAMIN: I prefer to stand. It gives me a better opportunity to chase you down once you’re finished explaining your cowardice.

MR. I: If you say so, brotha. Before I get to answering your challenge, I want to address something that you’re probably having a hard time dealing with right now.

That something has to deal with your previous match at Scars and Stripes, and more importantly, that little something is you losing your U.S. Title.

(A fiery sparkle of rage flickers in Benjamin’s eye)

MR. I: I know what you're thinking. You think it was my fault that you lost your title.

RB: You bet it’s your fault!

RC: Pipe down Bitterman, let the man speak.

MR. I: I know that it was my elbow that knocked you down and gave Bryan Storms the opportunity to get the easy 3 count.

MR. I: I know all of this Mr. Benjamin, and yet, do I regret any of it?

(Mr. Incredible turns his head and looks at the fans, and then turns back facing Benjamin)

MR. I: Not one little bit!! Ever since Civil War Mr. Benjamin, you have disrespected me, you have disrespected my country, and you have disrespected these American Fans.

You’re little charade of being Champion was a disgrace to the UCW United States Championship title.

And I couldn’t sit back and let someone like you disrespect such a highly treasured belt. So something had to be done, something drastic, something I wasn’t accustomed into doing, but alas it had to be done.

RC: What exactly is he saying? I don’t understand?

RB: Oh I understand, because I’ve been saying it all along…

(Mr. Incredible looks at Benjamin in the eye and doesn’t blink when he says the next set of words)

MR. I: I intentionally hit you with that elbow.

(Benjamin’s eyes are now exploding with a burning rage)

MR. I: I did it not for me, but for these people. Because they need someone who will represent them not disrespect them.

Now about your Challenge.

You can bet your ass I accept your challenge!! Mr. Incredible never backs down from a challenge, not from anyone.

DR: Oh YEAH!! Looks like we have our first match coming up for the next Payperview!

RC: Don't look now but I think we won't have to wait to the Payperview to see this match!

(Benjamin looks as if he's going to explode right onto Mr. Incredible)

MR. I: And I assume you don't want to wait that long to get a piece of me, I don't blame you, not one bit.. but wait you haven't heard my request.

RB: Request? Come on Benjamin just knock him out and get it over with. This fairy is stalling.

RC: Shut up Bitterman!

BENJAMIN: You got 5 seconds.

MR. I: I know you want a street fight. No rules, no DQ's. And I'm all for that. Hell I've participated in some of the most brutal matches that anyone has ever known. So since this is just a "one time" match, I wanted to raise the stakes.

(Benjamin doesn't say anything he's still focused more than ever onto Mr. Incredible)

MR. I: These fans want to see us put on one of the greatest matches ever. They don't want just blood spilt, they want an epic battle of gladiator vs. gladiator. They want, no wait, they deserve a match of such high quality everyone will be talking about it for years to come.

In this match there needs to be a definite winner. No rematches. No draws. No time limit. No rope break. Hell we can take the match to the parking lot for all I care.

So my request is that we make this an official UCW Survivor Match!

(The crowd just erupts)

RC: I can't believe it. Mr. Incredible just challenged Benjamin to a Survivor Match!

RB: What the hell is that?

RC: Shhhh.. Wait I think he's explaining it.

MR. I: I'm taking this straight from the books of the MBE Federation pages. This match defines the true meaning of what it takes to be a champion. You want brutality, you want to unleash your rage upon me? Then this is the match for the job!

There are two ways you can win. Either by knocking out your opponent for a count of 10 seconds, or making your opponent tap out.

So what do you say Mr. Benjamin, you want to make this match legit? All it takes is for you to shake my hand. This is what you wanted, a one shot deal to take me out and now it's just a handshake away from being official.

(Mr. Incredible spits in his hand to seal the deal as he offers it out in the open for Benjamin to shake)

RC: Look, Benjamin doesn't know what to do. He can't decide if he wants to deck Mr. Incredible or shake his hand.

RB: Deck him! Deck him!!

DR: He's going to shake his hand!!

(Benjamin takes out his hand and is about to spit in it to seal the deal and then...)

RC: Benjamin just spit into Mr. Incredible's face! He just spit into the face of the American Hero!!

(The crowd boos Benjamin's reaction)

BENJAMIN: There's my answer!

((Benjamin drops his microphone and walks off))

(Mr. I looks infuriated as you can see the saliva from the former US Champ dripping off of Mr. Incredible's mask)

RB: I love it!! I simply love it! Look at that moron's reaction. It's priceless!!

(As Benjamin makes his way backwards up the ramp he fails to notice though someone at the top is waiting for him)

DR: IT'S BRYAN STORMS!! He's standing at the top of the ramp, and Benjamin doesn't see him.

RB: This is Mr. Incredible's doing! It's his head games again. He's just toying with Benjamin.

(Benjamin turns around and to his surprise Storms is there starring at him. His surprised reaction quickly turns into a cocky smirk as he gestures that the U.S. title that Storms has in his possession is really his, but Benjamin is distracted and forgets about one little small thing coming from behind him)

RC: Look!! Mr. Incredible just turned around Benjamin and he's going to town on him!!

DR: He's taken down the former US Champ and it looks like he's taking him back to the ring.

RC: Benjamin doesn't know what's going on, he's so out of it.

RB: Look at that Bryan Storms, he's not even offering to help Benjamin. He's just standing there watching.

RC: Maybe he wants to see how his competition measures up to Mr. Incredible.

DR: I would say not very good because look in the ring! Mr. Incredible is calling for the "Incredible Dream"!!!

RC: Benjamin is slow to getting up on one knee and yes, Mr. Incredible comes up from behind and locks in the hold!

RB: Fight it Benjamin! Fight it!!

RC: It's too late! Mr. Incredible has turned his body over and Benjamin is helplessly on his back. He's tapping out!!

DR: But Mr. Incredible isn't letting go. This isn't a match. Mr. I wants to prove to Benjamin just what exactly he's gotten himself into.

RC: Oh no! Benjamin looks to be passed out. He has, Benjamin has passed out from the hold.

(Incredible gets up and leaves the unconscious body of Adam Benjamin on the mat as he walks over grabs the microphone. He slowly leans over Benjamin's body and say something)

MR. I: So I'll take that as a yes. See you at the payperview brotha.

(Incredible drops the microphone onto Benjamin's limp body, while starring up at Bryan Storms, who just stares back at him)

RC: I can't believe all that's happened. Adam Benjamin vs. Mr. Incredible at the next payperview in a UCW Survivor Match! What a night!

The war continues

I’m Jay-Jay and standing beside me is none other than the American Hero, Mr. Incredible!

(The arena pops with cheers as the camera man turns and we see Mr. Incredible standing in his signature suit and tie while the American Flag drapes over his shoulder)

JJ: I have to tell you Mr. Incredible, the UCW front office has been getting a lot of messages and fan mail lately in regards to what transpired last week, and I have to ask...

Why did you not only accept Adam Benjamin’s challenge, but initiate one yourself, by challenging Adam Benjamin to a UCW Survivor Match? And is last week’s events just a prelude to what’s to come at the Pay-per-view?

MR. INCREDIBLE: If by events Jay-Jay, you’re referring to that slimey Adam Benjamin’s actions of spitting in my face and then attempting to play head games with me last week as he walked off without giving an answer to my proposal… then hell yes there should be an uproar of messages and mail, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from the UCW fans to be showing the front office just how they feel about it.

And the fact of the matter is Benjamin, when the thought of actually manning up and accepting my challenge crossed your mind, you decided to take the low road and disrespect me yet again on national television when you spit in my face.

(Mr. Incredible looks deep into the camera as he points to the crowd)

MR. I: That mistake you made will cost you dearly, because you didn’t just spit in my face Benjamin, you spit in the face of every hard working man, woman and child that calls America their home. All these people here, all these fans, every single one of them felt it as your saliva dripped down my off my mask, not only that but it was a direct insult to this (Incredible points to the American Flag draped over his shoulder) and everything it stands for… and that brotha I cannot let stand.

(Incredible turns his focus back on Jay Jay)

MR. I: So you see Jay Jay, the people are speaking, their calling their shots, they want –no they demand – that justice be served, and god damn it I’m going to give them just that!

JJ: Good show! But first 2 more questions… who’s on the guest list for tonight’s “Incredible Knows Best” show? And what are your thoughts on Adam Benjamin and his World Title shot against The First tonight LIVE on REVOLUTION!

(Just before Mr. Incredible can give an answer there’s a large pop like a light bulb shattering as Mr. Incredible crumbles to the ground)

JJ: Holy Mother Mary you just broke open Mr. Incredible with a Light Tube! Are you insane?

(Out from corner of the camera Adam Benjamin is seen standing over Mr. Incredible’s body as he snickers. Benjamin grabs the microphone from Jay Jay and pushes him out of the way just as he leans down over top of Mr. Incredible)

ADAM BENJAMIN: I bet you didn’t see that one coming old man. Just like how your feeble mind can’t even comprehend the fact that I’m going to break you in half at our match during the Pay-per-view. I’ll have you begging me to stop the match.

(Benjamin looks irritated as he taps the microphone on the back of Mr. Incredible’s head)

BENJAMIN: I thought I told you my answer last week, I can’t help it if it was in the form of Yours Truly’s saliva. But since you need a direct answer, then here it is.

YES, I accept your challenge and you better believe that this little incident right here is just the frosting off the cake compared to what I’ll do to you.

(Benjamin reaches down and grabs the American Flag as he wipes up the blood that is pouring out from Mr. Incredible’s mask)

BENJAMIN: Do you see this Incredible? Do you see your precious flag and what I’m doing?

(Benjamin pulls back Incredible’s head so he can see Benjamin holding the blood stained flag before him)

BENJAMIN: This is what happens when you cross paths with Adam Benjamin. This is what happens when you stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, and now not only will you suffer but the very thing you hold so dear to you must suffer as well

You like to claim that you’re the symbol of this country, that no one can beat you as long as these fans stand behind you…

You know why you act so courageous, because you think you have nothing to lose. Well you’re wrong! You have your pride, and when I’m through with you, I’ll have squeezed the last drop of it from your pathetic patriotic body, even if that means that I have to make the ‘infamous’ Mr. Incredible bleed until the ring canvas is colored red, white and blue. The red being your blood, the white being the spots of dry ring canvas symbolizing your failure, and the blue will be your limp unconscious body lying helpless as I stand victorious over you.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP to win.

(Benjamin slams Incredible’s face down into the broken glass as he walks off carrying the blood stained American Flag with him, leaving Jay Jay to watch over Mr. I.)

JJ: We’ll be right back folks, don’t go anywhere.

(Out of Character) Someone get a paramedic!! I have a wrestler down!!! It’s going to be ok Mr. Incredible, help will be here.

(The crowd goes silent as the look on)

JJ: For Christ sakes, turn off that camera!!!

later that night Benjamin goes for the world title

FADEIN: The ring, where Adam Benjamin stands holding the bloody American flag over his head with one hand, holding the mic in the other.)

BENJAMIN: "I want you all to look at this...(Holds up the flag) and know...I am serious, DEAD SERIOUS about being the World Champion...I didn't come here tonight to have Mr. Incredible or anyone else screw me out what is rightfully mine! Now, The First, get your ass out here and bring MY BELT with you!"

(Everything look to be going Benjamin's way in this match, his dream of becoming champion was with in reach until................)

RC: "MR. INCREDIBLE JUST HIT THE RING! He's trying to pull that belt from Benjamin...They are fighting over it...Benjamin kicks Mr. Incredible in the gut and rips the belt away from him and now BLASTS him with the title, Mr. Incredible sent crashing to the floor...Benjamin turns around...SPIN KICK BY THE FIRST! Benjamin brought his hands up to block it and just had the World Title Belt driven into his skull!"

RB: "BAH! What a lucky break! This is like that Eckstein fly ball that the Tiger fell down on, that series cost me 500 bucks you know!"

RC: "The First now rushing to the outside, and he climbs to the top...CUT THE THREAD!! HE NAILED IT! THE REF CRAWLS OVER!"




RC: "He got him!!" (Bell rings, crowd cheers.)

Team "Your Incredible?"

Due to Sarge being attack pre match, Benjamin stood prepared to face the FATE alone. That was until Mr. I made his way to ring side.

Mr. Incredible’s music blared and Mr. Incredible made his way to ringside to act as Benjamin’s partner.

Benjamin was doubled team through out this match, and when he finally made his way to make the tag Mr. I was busy fighting off outside mangers of the FATE.

However Mr. I did enter to break a pin attempt by the FATE. Franklin helps Benjamin to his feet and looks to put him away for good, but Benjamin hits a Final Countdown out of nowhere and makes a weak cover for the three count.

During the after match “celebration” by Adam Benjamin, Mr. Incredible attempts to join him in the ring and raise Benjamin’s hand in victory. Benjamin jerks the hand way from him and short-arm clotheslines Mr. Incredible to the floor. Shortly thereafter, he locks Mr. Incredible into a sharpshooter to a chorus of boos from the fans.

What will Happen at Night of the Legends 2 when these two men step in the ring to face off.......

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