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The HoH Must be Overthrown


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
((RAYNE stands at the kitchen table, speaking directly into the camera.))

RAYNE: I have decided that Marc is inadequate as Head of the Household. He has nominated me for eviction, and everyone is not that fond of freeze tag. Therefore, I demand I not be evicted, so as that Marc can be overthrown.

I can inspire the people to revolution.

And even better, I can blackmail Marc into being my puppet.

For now, I'm willing to tell everyone about his size and technique....and how he lacks in both areas.

Not to mention whose names he yells out while doing it.

So, do not evict Rayne, allow her to ascend, yes, ASCEND I say. For now, I have the ability to dethrone the tyrant of the household.

And what would things be like under Rayne, whether as the new HoH or the woman behind the scenes?

A HoH of the people, yes, one that does not exercise her authority, but allows others to do as they choose.

I realize I can't be voted for HoH and have to win it, but, I can work on that, with everyone's support. Just don't evict me and help me destroy Marc's confidence in his self as a man.


Jan 1, 1970
(FADEIN: Marc Robinson laughing...then gets serious.)

ROBINSON: "Please folks, we all know since she started worshipping Manson she wouldn't EVER allow herself to have sex with another man. The fact is I passed out from the oven cleaner and her stanky armpits. Remember folks, she worships MICHAEL MANSON - she thinks he's BIGGER than Jesus. Probably in that 'size' department too. So ask yourself...is THAT what you want hanging around the house?"

(ROBINSON pauses for a moment)

"And if she tells you otherwise, you better believe its all part of her plan to secretly impress him enough so he finally (bleeps!) her cornhole. I remember her telling me that right before I passed out. Why? Because she wants to remain a born again virgin before their wedding night."

(ROBINSON shudders)

"Thank you and I'll be making a Continental Breakfast tomorrow morning, so wake up early."

(ROBINSON waves and smiles as the camera fades out)

"Now where's that Clorox...I need to make Kool-Aid."

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