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The Legends Playoffs SJH Vs Alex Austin

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
One day reprieve for you two slackers, or else I have Doc Silver run in and crush you both.


The Phenom
Jan 1, 2000
Salt Lake City, UT
Victory Speech?


ACW Gateway Champion and PWC tourney standout SJH is standing before a body-sized mirror in his new ring gear; Gold and black sequins, a top hat that would put Lincoln to shame struggling to conceal his Bowie-esque "Labyrinth locks" and a ginormous platinum chain/charm combination advertising Hart's "JIGGY" buzz-word. Clearly impressed by what he sees, the Phenom smiles and speaks.

SJH: "So here we stand... on the eve of the Circuit's Legends tie-breaker match to determine a CHAMPION for their first major tournament, and event that UNDOUBTEDLY demands that those involved take things up a notch, both in performance AND presentation, and I've got to say...."

He turns around, watching himself in the mirror as he does so.

SJH: "If THIS presentation is any indication, I'm about to go out there and give the performance of my lifetime!!"

SJH chuckles at himself.

SJH: "Alex Austin... you've had a good run. Hell, you eeked one out against the best of the best in this brutal business, i. e. ME! I'm still not quite sure how you did it. But what can I say? Every dog has its day, and that one was yours. BUT... as the old adage goes, what goes around comes around..."

He pauses, and looks upward pensively.

SJH: "Or is that the other way around?"

Hart scratches his chin, before shaking his head and trudging forward.

SJH: "Whatever the case may be, the steak n' eggs of THIS situation is that before ANY young upstart can truly comprehend what it takes to bring their game to another level, that level at which they can say, without DOUBT... without hesitation, that they've made their mark, they need to be humbled. They need to know the bitter taste of defeat and grow to DESPISE it, because then... AND ONLY THEN, will they reach that place where they're willing to do ANYTHING in their power to keep from tasting it again!"

He removes his hat, runs a hand through his hair for the mirror, then continues.

SJH: "Alex Austin, you've had some success. Those heads are-a startin' to turn for ya, and the WHOLE of the wrestling world knows that you're gonna do your fair share of GREAT things. But right here, right now.... THIS tournament that the two of us are about to decide... well, it just ain't one of 'em."

Shawn grins impishly.

SJH: "Because DESPITE the buzz you've managed the create for yourself, the fact of the matter is that yours truly, JAM MASTER JIGGY in the FLESH, has already reached that place. He KNOWS what has to be done to accomplish his ultimate goals, and he will do ANYTHING in his power to kick defeat right in its sweaty nutsack!

One day, you too will have your moment in the sun. YOU TOO will know defeat.. and know what must be done to keep it as far away from you as humanly possible. Cuz like it or not, when we go toe to toe... the PHENOM is gonna show ya!"

He nods his head approvingly.

SJH: "This is my moment, bub. But don't you worry... SJH is gonna deliver you to yours."



Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
Re: Victory Speech?

(FADEIN: ALEX AUSTIN walking an in-door track wearing a hoodie)

AUSTIN: Shutup, Hart. Just shutup. The fact that a glorified stuntman like you is telling ME to pay MY DUES is disgusting and offensive. I travelled around this country winning submission grappling tournaments, beating high-level jiu jitsu master, wrestling champions, and other expert grapplers.

What have YOU ever done? You might have won a few titles in this circus you call a sport, but let me be the first to tell you...none of the joke titles in professional wrestling mean a DAMN thing until I'VE held them. Because I am THE ONLY true catch wrestler, submission artist, and grappling expert IN THIS GAME.

Sure, you have the catchphrases, the getup, the women...if you even wanna call them women. I call them disgusting and a disgrace to their gender, the way they act. Face it Hart, you're a sideshow. A CHARACTER. With me, what you see is what you get. And what you're GETTING...is the most LETHAL, the most TECHNICAL, the most EXPERIENCED grappler that professional wrestling HAS ever seen, and WILL ever see.

I beat you once, I'll beat you twice. Because I'm Alex Austin, and I'm the ONLY experience there is. Everything else, Shawn, is just smoke and mirrors. Believe that.


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