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"The Masked German Monster" Lord Raab

Lord Raab

League Member
Feb 22, 2015

- Handler Name:

- Contact Info:
I'll PM you this.

- Current EFed (if any):
WEW, Indy SCW and 4CW

- Are you representing those EFed's with this character?:

- Is anyone else from your EFed entered in Battlemania?:
Yes Alexis Morrison in WEW, but nobody from Indy SCW and 4CW as of yet.

Character Name:
Lord Raab



Cologne, Germany

Theme Song:
Monster by Skillet


Wrestling Style:
Hardcore, violent and powerhouse

10 Favorite Move(s):


Double Arm German Suplex

Scoop slam piledriver

Crucifix powerbomb

Rolling German Suplex


Kneeling reverse piledriver


Back suplex


5 Signature Move(s):

German Suplex

Release German Suplex

Arm Trap Chickenwing German Suplex

Everest German Suplex

Release Everest German Suplex

Set-up Move:
The Killercutter

Description: Diamond Cutter

Finishing Move:

Finishing Maneuver Description:
Double Arm Brainbuster

Character Details: (Gimmick, History, Look)
An out of control monster in a mask who's a violent and dangerous wrestler and does things you don't expect along with being angry all the time until he beats people in the ring. Black and Red stripy mask with black and red trousers with The Masked German Monster on them along with Monster Energy logos on the side of his trousers and wears black gloves and black boots on.

Was known as the most hated man in APW and had a very arrogant and mouthy attitude towards wrestlers on screen and on twitter. Now things have turned for the worst as after he's been realised from prison, he's been sentenced to do anger management for a year and his anger grew from the sessions and has now started to wear the mask to make himself more aggressive with his wrestling and wanting to be a violent and dangerous wrestler.

He's deleted his twitter account back in March and now is completely against the site and focuses on his wrestling skills in the ring and is a very lonely wrestler who has schizophrenia, speaking to voices he has in his head. Has improved a lot in the ring since the change and is now a monster. Is addicted on using every single German Suplex move he can find to stick within his German country and also speaks more of the language as well.

Raab's recently changed his name to Lord Raab and has his anger shrink Henry Losak with him at ringside to help Raab embrace his anger and violence in the ring.

Anything else you think we’d need to know about a character in order to write them into the Battlemania event?: Raab always comes out with his anger shrink Henry Losak. Henry will never help Raab win matches as Raab prefers getting the job done himself, but he'll shout out instructions to Raab which Raab follows and does everything Henry says in the match.
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