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The Midnight Rider vs. John Doe


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
Singles Match.

The RP deadline will be Saturday, August 19th at 11:59 PM.


League Member
Oct 31, 2005
(The Midnight Rider stands side my side with a bruised and battered Estaban. Neither looks terribly happy.)

RIDER: You made a big mistake, Doe. A big mistake.

You allowed yourself to be used. To be used as a pawn in the sick and twisted game that Commissioner Cloverleaf has been playing with my close friend BG Bruce and his lifemate Estaban.

And while I may well understand that you were placed in an uneviable position last week at Revolution, the fact remains that, instead of doing the right thing and standing up to that insane meglamaniac, you CHOSE to do his bidding instead. You CHOSE to beat this innocent boy halfway to a pulp because you didn't have the strength and fortitude to stand up against and say NO MORE to an Abuse of Power.

When my friend Bruce was confronted with such a choice all those weeks ago, he could have caved just like you. He could have done as he was told and none of us would be in this current situation. But he didn't. He had the instinal fortutude to fit the power and is now paying the price by way of an open ended suspension.

Luckily, The Midnight Rider was there, ready and willing to lend a hand. And that is exactly what I CHOSE to do.

We all have choices, Doe. But this week, I am taking the element of choice out of your hands. This week, instead of Cloverleaf's puppet, I am going to treat you like his effigy.

I am going to bater you pillar to post just like you did to Estaban, making sure that you suffer profoundly before I finish you off. This week I am going to use you to send a massage to send BG Bruce's message to Ken Cloverleaf - just like you used little Estaban to send Cloverleafs message to me last week.

In other words, Doe. This week I am the reluctant Bully and you are the delicate little queer.

Let's see how much you like it.

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