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"The Neighbors Have a New Hot Tub Card" Announcement

Yori Yakamo jr

League Member
Jun 4, 2005
Nutmeg State
Live from the MBE Arena, Message Board Entertainment will once again be beamed into your living room. On July 20th, 2007, live in Binghamton NY, MBE presents "The Neighbors Have a New Hot Tub" live on ESEN, your home for extreme sports and entertainment.

As promised, Doc Silver will defend his World Heavyweight Championship, and against none other then the last man to hold that title, Promo. The Underground Icon was never officially beaten for the title after abandoning the belt for A1E, and now he wants it back. Finally the question of who the real world champion is will be settled once and for all in what is sure to be an action packed main event.

As was previously announced, The Sheffield Wednesday Lot will take on the Thrillbillies in a ladder match for the Billies' World Tag titles, but in order to get this shot, the hooligans had to promise not to seek another title shot for 365 days if they lose. The Lot will have to leave it all on the line if they want to upend the undefeated Billies and walk out as the Tag Team Champions.

In a battle of two men looking to lay claim to the number one contendership for the world title, "The True Face" Justin Evitable takes on the red hot Jeffrey Roberts. These two men are more than willing to go to the extremes to get what they want, and this match may go a long way in shaking out the world title picture in Message Board Entertainment.

In a special attraction match, the two sexiest men in MBE not named Yori Yakamo jr will square off as the Italian Adonis Johnny Onan squares off with the Valentino of Sex Robots, ROBOYORI.

And finally, two newcomers with a similiar background take to the ring to try and prove themselves in Message Board Entertainment as the brash Brit General Mayhem takes on PTSD in one on one action.

Be sure and tune into ESEN to catch all of this great grappling action.

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