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The "New" VD


Official Unofficial FW Party Pimp
Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.

Name: Mike Dove
Email Address: michaeldove@gmail.com
AIM/Yahoo Messenger: DizzaHizza


Tag Team Name: The NEW VD

Wrestler Names: "Wildfire" Johnny Rage, "Mr. Irresistible" Johnny Styles

Heights: 6'2, 6'5 (respectively)

Weights: 255lbs, 225lbs

Hailing From: Santa Monica, CA

Handedness': Both are right handed

Dispositions: Uber faces, often times unaware that they're the "good guys".

Gimmick(s): Rage is the straight-shooting jokester while Styles is a hopeless prankster. Both are happy-go-lucky ladies men who find no greater pleasure than being a thorn in each other's side for the sake of a good laugh. Kin Hiroshi often times eggs them on, or teams up with Rage to make fun of Styles, much to the ignorance of Styles. Their in-ring persona is the same as it is backstage. Both men have no problem making friends with their fellow wrestlers, but will quickly turn on their new "friends" in order to keep the tag-team together and prosperous. Styles is often time the butt of jokes by Rage and Hiroshi, but only because the other two men are larger than him and threaten physical abuse jokingly (Styles takes it as a literal threat though). They roll with the punches that life deals them in order to entertain and kick some ass.

Ring Attire:
Rage's Attire: Brian Bosworth sunglasses, a sleeveless, cut-off white t-shirt (think of what high school football players wore under their pads in the 80's), orange board shorts and wrestling shoes, often times his wrists are taped.
Styles' Attire: Glossy black wrestling shorts (think what Christopher Daniels wears) with red trim, knee high black wrestling boots with red kick pads, taped fingers and wrists.

"Wildfire" looks like he just got done spending time in the 80's, or spent too much time on the set of "Point Break". He claims Finnish family heritage, and it shows in his short wavey blonde hair and light skin (which has a nice tan from spending all day out in the sun). He also has a sly grin that hardly ever leaves his face. His eye color is still unknown, as no one on Earth has seen him without his trademark sunglasses on. "Wildfire" also takes great pride in working out, and has worked his body into a lean physique usually associate with a professional athlete.

If "Wildfire" is the body, then Styles is the face of the operation. Penetrating sky blue eyes, chiseled jaw line, impecible white-toothed smile, slight freckles and a light tan exemplify his moniker of "Mr. Irresistible". Despite his stunning facial features, he rarely goes to the gym with "Wildfire", but his body remains quite slender for his height. He DOES go to the gym, but it's usually to pitch a ridiculous idea to "Wildfire" or Hiroshi. Sometimes he is described as "lanky", even though he weighs in at 240lbs.

Ring Entrance:
(CUE UP: "Look What The Cat Dragged In" by Poison. Strobe lights start going off on the entrance ramp while "Wildfire" Johnny Rage and "Mr. Irresistible" Johnny Styles make their way out from backstage. Grinning they pause at the top of the ramp, looking out over the assembled crowd. Styles lowers his aviator glasses, and hangs them from the collar of his "I'm A Slut" t-shirt . Rage flexes one arm, staring at the bicep while Styles turns his back on the ring. Rage reaches out his other arm, and shakes Styles' hand while Styles gives a model-pose glance down to the ring as fireworks cascade down like a waterfall over them.

Both me break their posing, and sprint down the ring. After sliding in, they start running the ropes, and after a few rebounds they stop for a final pose in the middle of the ring: flexing at each other while fireworks go off from all four ring posts).

Theme Music: "Look What The Cat Dragged In" by Poison

"Wildfire" is a self-described "brick sh*t house". That is, he works stiff, and he knows it, often times referring to his fists as "TNT" and "C4" because "they're explosive and leave an impact". Though a natural brawler, he's also been well trained, by Kin Hiroshi, with suplexes. He's a meathead with a pension for standing toe-to-toe and swinging away on an opponent before dumping him on their head.

"Mr. Irresistible", again, is the opposite of "Wildfire", focusing on a high-risk air arsenal and aggressive submission ground work. Not a natural striker (though his size does lead to an advantage with leverage and striking range), Styles opts more to throw his body at an opponent instead of risking his devilishly good looks by trading punches. His risky in-ring behavior doesn't always pay off, and can leave him vulnerable to opponents. However, he always seems to be able to stretch and counter a techinical wrestling assault.

5 Specialty Moves:
"Wildfire": Short Arm Clothesline, Dragon Suplex, T-Bone Suplex, Running Forearm, Regal-Plex
"Mr. Irresitible": Hurricarana, Missle Dropkick, Flying Armbar, Camel Clutch, Top-Rope Leaping Tornado DDT
Team: "Hi-Low" (Styles does a diving shoulder block to the back of the legs, while Rage hits a clothesline), repeated arm-ringer + axe-handle smashes during tag-ins, double Hornet Splashes

Finisher & Set-Up Moves:
"Penicillin": "Wildfire" hits a "Black Magic DDT" (jumping swinging DDT), and "Mr. Irresistible" hits a standing twisting moonsault before applying the "G-Spot Killer".
"G-Spot Killer": Styles locks in a sufboard dragon sleeper, and Rage hits a running baseball slide into the nutsack of the opponent.
"We Win~!!!": (This can be hit at anytime, and doesn't require "Penicillin" as a set-up) Styles knocks an opponent backwards with a Roaring Elbow, and Rage catches them with a bridging butterfly suplex for the pin.

1) Great teamwork (quick tags, working over opponents together)
2) Great at their technique (brawler/powermoves, highflyer/submissions)
3) Play well to the crowd, but ridiculing their opponents, to help their momentum

1) Get too cocky when dominating a match, leading to a momentum swing
2) Styles: sometimes takes too big of risks (suicide dives) and takes punishment for it
3) Rage: likes going toe-to-toe, but there are men bigger than him that pack a better punch

In 100 words or less, please give a biographical profile of your characters:
The NEW VD grew up together in Santa Monica, CA. They never graduated high school, due to be being expelled for an incident involving the principal's wife, a wiffle ball bat, and duct tape. However, both kids grew up as fans of wrestling, but immediately grew into fanatics when they saw Kin Hiroshi at one of his first shows in the United States. Styles and Rage vowed to start the "Muffin Maniacs" fan club, and Hiroshi quickly took notice of the two stalkers. Over years, Kin ended up training both Styles and Rage in Seattle during his time off, and they made their debut in GXW as the tag-team Vicious and Delicious. However, both realized they loved WATCHING wrestling, and not ACTUALLY wrestling. The duo left the ring, but have now returned, after numerous years absent, since Kin has cut them off financially.


Official Unofficial FW Party Pimp
Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.
Re: Tag Team Application

Thanks! I sure hope I can make an impression here in NFW, I hear good things from people.

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