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The NEXT World champion...

Mad Dog

Original Gangsta
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to a recording booth inside a huge, elaborate music studio. A man with long hair pulled into a ponytail is it the switchboard, turning dials and tweaking the music. Through the window of the booth, Shamon can be seen holding a set of headphones up to one ear and singing into a screened microphone. He is bobbing his head to the beat and begins to sing.)

SHAMON: (In his out of tone, off key voice.) And it cuts like a knife…she’s out of my…LIIIIFE! (Pauses for a moment.) Hey Mutt, can we take a breather. I’ve been cooped up in this booth for an hour now…the humidity is making my hair frizz. (Spraying a squirt of activator into is long, drippy, blonde locks.)

MUTT: Yeah, mate. Go ahead and take five. I want to fool around with the bass line.

(Shamon walks out of the booth and is wearing a black fishnet shirt and red parachute pants. As he walks out of the studio, the swishing sound can be heard with each step. He talks a seat on a huge leather sofa and pours himself a glass of water, from the pitcher on the table.)

SHAMON: Ahhh, it’s so nice to be able get back into the studio. My vocal coach told me NOW was the time to make a demo and shop it around. My voice is at its peak, I am in the greatest shape of my life, and in a matter of days…I will be the CSWA World champion! YES! (Smiles) It only took me a few weeks and I am already the top guy in the company! Who has risen to superstar status as quickly as Shamon? Nobody. Not Hornet, not Eli Flair, not even Jo Jo Melton! I have been stunning audiences all over the world and it’s no wonder why the CSWA already has me at the MAIN EVENT LEVEL!

(Shamon takes a drink of water and settles more into the sofa.)

You people saw what I did a couple of weeks ago to Shane Southern. He had all this momentum in his corner. He was a former Greensboro champion, had an impressive showing with the World champ as his tag team partner, and then he collided with the KING OF SNAP…CRACKLE...and POP! OWWW! HEEE! HEEE! (Smiles) I gave Southern the match of his life and what do I get for elevating him to my status, for giving him the rub to become a superstar, and getting him ready for his World title shot? (A bitter look comes over his face.) A get my hair pulled, I get foreign object-ed to death, and to top it all off…while I had my foot on the rope, Southern grabs a handful of tights and pays off the ref!

But I get the last laugh, Shane! (Giggles) Because you see, I mentally and physically drained you in that match. You were a big mess and you didn’t have a chance to recover from that onslaught of offense that I drilled you with in Portland! Due to that…I cost you your shot at the World title. I didn’t have to resort to cheap tactics…I just toyed with your mind and made you lose your focus. And just like I said I was going to do…I did it. I ended up getting the title shot I said I would take from you. (Smiles)

(He sits up for a moment, but ends up falling right off the couch and onto the floor, due to the silky material of the parachute pants, combined with the leather from the sofa. He has a surprised look on his face as he gets off the ground and settles back into the seat…very carefully.)

Now the scene is set and Evan Aho…there is no walking away. The next big thing, Shamon, is gunning for YOU! Can you imagine it? I will be walking into Fish Fund as the CSWA World champion! Who would have thought that I would make this much of an impact on the CSWA? Aho, I won your match for you against Shane Southern. I was the reason he didn’t live up to all the hype. I know that the two of you are cut from the same cloth…you both like to break the rules, you both like to use various weapons in your matches…and you both kiss ass! I am an athlete, Aho, I don’t go the rulebreaking route. I wrestle, no gimmicks…no international objects…no tight pulling, I go out there and lay it all on the line.

Now you are probably all wondering, what will Shamon do after I win the title and take it to Fish Fund? Well, after I make a few alterations to the belt…to make it more fitting for Shamon, I plan on writing a tell-all book about my dramatic month-long rise to the top. I know a lot of folks in the locker room are bitter. They see me getting special treatment right off the bat…limo rides to the shows, my own private dressing room, my own personal security team, but that’s what you get when you are a world-renown star! (Smiles) Did I fail to mention to the private plane? (Holds his gloved hand over his mouth, as if he let out a secret.) Oops…my bad, I don’t mean to rub it in, people, but when you got it…you got it, and Shamon is definitely filled to the brim! UNGH! UNGH! HEEE! HEEE! (Winks at the camera.) SHAMON!

Evan, enjoy your final days in the spotlight, because in Kansas City the Gloved One is going to take what should be his in the first place, the World title. It’s like it was meant to be…its destiny. Just like this glove is a perfect fit for my hand…that title will be a perfect fit around my waist…and the fact that it has adjustable buttons to customize it helps too! (Grins and looks at his watch.) Oh look at the time, my five minutes is up…back to the booth. But before I go, I want to give a shout out to my boy, Pierre. Thanks for being there for me with the emergency hair kit in Portland…I’ll be seeing you after I beat Aho for the World title!

(Begins doing a shoulder stuttering dance and once again, slips off of the couch. FADE TO BLACK)

[IMG http://www.cswawrestling.com/rp/User_files/3cc5d3334fba8558.jpg]


The Next Best Thing


A wrestling ring. A wrestler. Evan Aho paces slowly carrying the CSWA World Heavyweight Title loosely by its strap.

AHO - A lot of folks have questioned why I'm involved in this match.

[font color=gray](VIDEO CLIP) Evan Aho throws an opponent with a Northern lights suplex into a bridge, then hooks the leg for a pin.[/font]

I've been wrestling for seven and a half years because it was the only thing I wanted to do. I didn't want to cut promos, I didn't want to sell t-shirts or "steal the spotlight". I did what I loved and the promos, t-shirts and spotlight came with the territory.

He holds up the big belt.

I never asked to wear this belt. I only asked for a match.

[font color=gray](VIDEO CLIP) Aho drives an opponent to the mat with "Ecstasy". The victim's neck folds in sickening fashion.[/font]

This title... this "spotlight"... this recognition... Shamon wants the ends, but he doesn't have the means. What do I want? Real wrestling.

[font color=gray](VIDEO CLIP) Evan struggles out of a head scissors to snare his opponent's legs and counter with an Indian deathlock.[/font]

Do you need to ask why I wanted this match?

[font color=gray](VIDEO CLIP) Aho tears across the ring and flattens another wrestler with a brutal forearm to the head.[/font]

Is it to prove a point? Is it because I'm angry? Is it to stay in ring-shape? No...

It's because it's the next match.

[font color=gray](VIDEO CLIP) Evan walks up the entrance ramp dragging the World Title behind him.[/font]


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