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The People Who Make WARFARE Work aka the Staff


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Feb 4, 2005
In the vein of the real-life PWG fed, the fed is actually owned by a group of people who are almost all wrestlers themselves (the sole exception being Rosemary Avalon). But for the purposes of the television show, Sonny Silver is your boss.


Sonny Silver - The HNIC of WARFARE. I sh*t you not, this is the actual job description that he gives out, despite the fact he’s about as pale as the word document I wrote this on. He’s a PRIME Hall of Famer, a former multiple-time World Champion and a general blight on the human race itself. He’s currently thirty-nine years old and has about twenty years wrestling experience under his belt, making him perfectly qualified to run things, the fact that he’s a deluded evil f*ckhead notwithstanding. Despite this, he will not be playing the heel authority figure, but he has more than enough verbal venom to fuel all the major cities in the world. He has a very short temper, he demands perfection from his roster and will not tolerate bull****. Mainly, because he’s the one dispensing it.

Rosemary Avalon – The Head of Talent Relations. More or less, Sonny’s second in command. When it comes to the ACTUAL hirings/firings of the roster, it’s the job of Rosemary to make sure all the talent are up to snuff. She’s the polar opposite of Sonny, playing the voice of reason to his constant crap. He values her input ever since they worked together in tSC and was the first person to really give him a chance to run with the ball in the business. He generally treats her like dirt, but respects her opinion enough that she’s still a high-ranking individual. Unlike Sonny, she’s very business-minded and to the point, but like Sonny, won’t tolerate crap from the roster.


Steven Silver – a rather quiet individual unlike his older brother. As the second oldest of the Silver clan, Steven has mainly taken a backset to Sonny and has served as a trainer in their father’s Silver Lining Gym facility. He’s a very soft-spoken, easy-going, but very wise and respected individual among the fed. If any of the younger talent has questions, he’s their go-to guy. Much like Michael Scott in The Office (US Version), Sonny intensely hates Steven Silver (thus making him Sonny’s Toby Flenderson), constantly referring to him as “Daddy’s Worst Mistake.” Mainly, this stems from the fact that Steven is actually part-owner with Sonny and as such, is not subject to the same power. Feel free to use him in segments if you need somebody extra to talk to or break up fights. Especially since he’s about 6’5” and around the 270-pound mark.

Tim Silver – Tim, the youngest of the Silver family, is the other road agent. He, too, knows his way around a wrestling ring and looks forward to helping out his roster mates, but also is known as the fed chatterbox. Obsessed with all things gaming, social networking and everything in between, he’s easily the most tech-savvy person. He’s also another body that can be used in segments, but tries to dominate the conversation. He’ll get serious if need be and can also be used to break up fights and help maintain a good atmosphere since… well, that’s his main job. Goes about 6’4, 230ish.


Evan Goldberg – An eager fanboy that Sonny literally hired off the streets one day because, quote, “we should get one of those ugly f*cking fans to do this so that way we can communicate with our audience… blahblahblah…” He tries to come off like the WWE’s own Todd Grisham, but really comes off more like… well, an eager fanboy. He’ll ask about the current feelings and situation of a wrestler and will sometimes deviate into hilariously stupid questions involving random factoids nobody but him cares about. He’s a short, 5’5” pudgy mess of nothing that usually wears one-size-too-small dress shirts and slacks.
Sherri “Hot Stuff” Herrera – A fiery Latina personality. Former model for various clothing lines including The Gap and Abercrombie and Fitch, this 25-year-old loved wrestling and took time from her busy schedule to try and earn herself a degree in journalism. Sure, she may have gotten it online, but Sonny’s happy to have her in his Smokin’ Hot *****es Division… er, as one of his interviewers. She’s got sex appeal, but she’s far from an idiot and will ask the questions she’s supposed to.


These two won’t be so important since the majority of the matches are shortform, but can be used regardless if you choose to write a bigger match.

Neil Reid – PBP Announcer and a family friend of the Silvers. A former news anchorman in the morning for KONG 6 news, he now turned his attention over to the world of professional wrestling, slowly learning the moves over the year in order to deliver the play-by-play. He tries to remain as impartial as possible in doing his job. A true professional in every sense of the word. Think Joey Styles without the occasional shrieking.

Tommy Wang (pronounced as Wong) –The Color Commentator. One of Sonny’s students, this Chinese-American wrestler was a middle-of-the-road wrestler, but a very entertaining guy behind the microphone and has managed various other students at the Silver Lining Gym. Obnoxious, lewd, and not possessing a particular moral epicenter, he’s all about the money and looks forward to verbal reaming those he deems fit. He’ll try to justify what the heels are doing in the ring at all times, going to ridiculous means to do so.

Antonio Jones (head referee)
Greg Garrett
Wes Reno
Bobby Dove
“Pretty In Pink” Rosa Minx (the sole female ref, duh)

In the case of Sonny Silver and Rosemary Avalon, you need special “Seth only” permission to actually write with them. Everybody else is fair game, however, I’m enforcing a strict rule regarding the staff. Ready? DON’T ATTACK THEM. That’s it. They’re off-limits for assaults unless it’s a major, major storyline and even then, I’m going to ask that you tread carefully. Other than that, go nuts.

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