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The Return - Part I


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Jan 1, 2000
[LOCATION: Sandy Springs, Georgia….roughly about 12 miles outside of Atlanta, Georgia.]

[Scene: Gold’s Gym….specifically the men’s locker room, where an older gentleman can be found sitting on the bench after completing his workout. Based upon his aged face and peppered hair, upon which the white streaks are prevalent, the man is presumably in his 40s. Upon the floor is wrestling attire that obviously has not been used in years. A pair of black tights, with purple trim sits at the man’s feet. A pair of heavily worn wrestling boots, complete with purple laces is thrown about on the floor. In the man’s right hand is a knee brace with signs of rust on the metal hinges and in his left hand is a letter.]

[The camera zooms in to capture the heading of the letter, which reads….”Ultratitle 2012 Invitation”.]

[As the older gentleman blankly stares at the letter, a younger, well-built man in his early 20s walks in to the locker room.]

Younger Man: Dad….

[The older gentleman continues to stare, as it seems he is within a deep trance of thought.]

Younger Man: Dad….

[The older gentleman seems startled as his attention is now captured by the younger man, who is evidently his son.]

Younger Man: Dad….are you ready?

[The older gentleman looks at his son and begins to think, then looks back at the letter that sits in his left hand. A smile stretches across his face, as he looks his son in the eyes and utters his first words.]

Older Gentleman: I’m not….but you are son.

[The younger man looks at this father with a bewildered look, when suddenly the awkward silence is interrupted by a cell phone ringing in the father’s gym bag. The older gentleman reaches into the bag, grabs his cell phone, and answers.]

Older Gentleman: Hello….

[There is a silence, as the person on the other side of the call responds.]

Older Gentleman: Dan!! It’s great to hear from you. Have you put any thought into my proposal?

[Another moment of silence passes, as the person responds to his question.]

Older Gentleman: Darkness and Aaron Jones….a triple threat match.

[The older gentleman pauses for a moment and takes a look at his son, smiles, and then continues the conversation.]

Older Gentleman: Dan, you have a deal. I will see you in Chicago!!

[The older gentleman closes his phone, as he addresses his son who is eagerly awaiting a response.]

Older Gentleman: Well son, we’re heading to Chicago.

[With a look of excitement upon his face, the son embraces his father with a hug and proceeds to address him.]

Younger Man: I knew you could do it dad. I knew you could do it!!

[The older gentleman breaks the embrace, places his hands on his son’s shoulders, looks him in the face, and offers his final words.]

Older Gentleman: It’s time for the wrestling world to be reintroduced to the name….KENDALL CODINE.


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