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The Return - Part III


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Jan 1, 2000
[LOCATION: mid-air over the continental United States]

[Scene: Flight 92, bound for Chicago, Illinois. Sitting in the coach section of the airplane, we find Kendall Codine and his son sitting side-by-side. Codine’s head is pressed against the window, as he stares into oblivion while his iPod plays. Meanwhile, the younger Codine can be seen reading the most recent edition of Pro Wrestling Insider. The headline of the magazine….Ultratitle 2012.]

Codine Jr.: Deacon….Cruise….Flair….Melton….Powers…Ryan…..we’re talking legends here dad. Men that absolutely revolutionized the sport.

[The elder Codine continues to stare out the window, failing to acknowledge his son.]

Codine Jr.: Not to mention the newer superstars like Jiles, Strife, and Tact.

[Codine’s son continues to display his manner of being star struck, while his dad’s only focus seems to be playing on the iPod that rests on his lap.]

Codine Jr.: I didn’t even get to Sean or Lint yet….what if you have to face one of them? Two of your best friends in this business.

[The younger Codine continues to read the article in awe, as the stewardess bypasses their seats with the beverage cart. This momentary passing is enough to break the elder Codine’s concentration, as he removes the headphones from his ears.]

Codine Jr.: What were you listening to that was so interesting?

[Ignoring his son’s question, Codine reverts back to his son’s earlier comments.]

Codine Sr.: Each man faces a crossroads in his life son. My life has experienced several as time has gone on and added wrinkle after wrinkle to my face. I respect each man that has the courage to step into that ring. However, when the time comes, one must ask themselves a single question….

Is it going to be you or is it going to be me?

[Codine hesitates for a moment, appearing to be a bit choked up as he ponders his last thought. Holding back his emotions, he continues on with his dialogue.]

Codine Sr.: There has only been one time that I haven’t chosen me in my life….

[Codine pauses once again, looking at his son with a sense of pride.]

Codine Sr: ….and I’ve never regretted it once. My time for redemption will come, as I face this final crossroads in my life. Someday, you’ll understand what I’m talking about and you too will choose….

Is it going to be him or is it going to be me?

[Codine stands up from his seat, leaving his iPod still playing in the seat in which he once sat. He begins to make his way to the restroom before offering one last thought to his son.]

Codine Sr.: Always choose you son….always choose you.

[The elder Codine makes his way towards the restroom, leaving his son to think about his last comment. Intrigued, his son picks up the iPod that rests upon the seat and he begins to listen to audio making its way through the headphones.]

[Taken aback a bit by what he hears through the headphone, the son of the former professional wrestling superstar listens to the following repeated track….]

Will he be the man he once was? Or will this just be a warm up?

Will he be the man he once was? Or will this just be a warm up?

Will he be the man he once was? Or will this just be a warm up?

Will he be the man he once was? Or will this just be a warm up?

Will he be the man he once was? Or will this just be a warm up?

Will he be the man he once was? Or will this just be a warm up?

[Over and over again, the same two sentences from an EPW promo cut earlier in the day repeat themselves. At this point, the Codines are at least an hour into the flight, leaving Codine’s son to ponder whether his father had been listening to the repeated track during that duration of time.]

[The younger Codine removes the headphones from his ears, offering a slight grin and one final comment.]

Codine Jr.: Darkness Falls….again….


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