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"The Ripper" Danny B


League Member
Feb 22, 2015

- Handler Name: Danny B

- Contact Info: cwrfed@outlook.com

- Current EFed: CWR, OCW

- Are you representing that EFed with this character?: CWR, yes

- Is anyone else from your EFed entered in Battlemania?: Not as of yet

Character Name: "The Ripper" Danny B

Height: 5'11

Weight: 195lbs

Hometown: Brighton, England

Theme Song: Nightfall by Xandria

Alignment: Heel

Wrestling Style: High Flyer

10 Favorite Move(s):

Suplex, all suplexes.
DDT (Double Arm, single)
Dragon Screw
Springboard Attacks (Moonsault, back elbow, spin kick, cross body)
Diving Attacks (As with Springboard and elbow drop and leg drop)
Strikes, particularly kicks to midsection and head
Over the top to the outside suicide dive
Spinning Neckbreaker
Stinger Splash
Triangle Choke

5 Signature Move(s):

Ripper's Blade (Superman Lariat)
Springboard Shooting Star (If opponent is outside Ring and Danny is inside or Vice Versa)/ Springboard Phoenix Splash (If both Danny and opponent are in or out of the ring)
Holding my last breath (Roman Reign's dropkick to draped opponent from outside)

Set-up Move:

N/A, see above

Finishing Move: RKS/Destiny Deliverance/Ravenheart/Dovakhiin

Finishing Maneuver Description:

RKS - Ripper's Kill Shot (RKO - Used mainly for quick win or in desperation)
Destiny Deliverance (Daniel Bryan's Running Knee)
Ravenheart (Double Arm DDT from Top Rope - Can also be used from Ladders, Tables, Cage Tops Etc)
Dovakhin (With opponent on apron and Danny inside ring, Danny climbs to middle rope and hooks for a suplex, he lifts and springs off the ropes at once, slamming the opponent with what is essentially a springboard suplex and immediatley floats into a cover - Can only be performed on stars up to fifty pounds heavier than Danny)
Character Details: (Gimmick, History, Look)

There isn't really a gimmick to Danny, at least not any more. Everything that he has been through in the wrestlign world in the last ten years has molded him into the man standing in the ring today. He comes to battlemania as CEO of Championship Wrestling Revolution, but is much more than a suit, being a two time hall of famer, a two time word champion and a tag team specialist. His storied rivalry with Amber Ryan is spoken of across the wrestling world, as is Danny's ability to dish out punishment in creative and destructive ways. He's slimmed down since the last time he wrestled full time, but has maintained his agressive and innovative style.

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