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The Road Less Traveled


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
[LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois….April 20th, 2012]

[SCENE: This is not a formal segment, as we see an aerial view of the windy city. The camera pans the area from a great distance, as a somber tune sets the tone playing in the background.]

[As the music plays in the distance and the panning of the city continues, a voiceover begins to add commentary to the scene.]

Codine: Every man faces a crossroads in their, sometimes it takes place in multitudes over a lifetime. The definition of that man is based upon the road they choose. It’s a simple choice of “a” or “b”….”up” or “down”….”left” or “right”….”right” or “wrong”. Despite your best efforts to choose the best road, there will always be critics….doubters….people that condemn you for your decisions.

[Verbal silence, as the camera bypasses Soldier Field.]

Codine: Once again, I came to the aforementioned crossroads and I will be forced to make a decision. I have made decisions in my life that have defined me as a wrestler….





[Verbal silence, as the camera bypasses Sears Tower.]

Codine: I have made decisions in my life that have defined my peer relationships….

Sean Stevens

Mason Xavier

Lint Douglas


[Verbal silence, as the camera bypasses Wrigley Field.]

Codine: I have made decisions that have displayed my personality in this business….

The UnHoly

The Natural Born Killers

[Verbal silence, as the camera bypasses Millennium Park.]

Codine: I have made decisions that have encompassed by being on this planet….

My career….


My family….

[Fade to Black.]

Codine: In each of those cases, I made those decisions alone and had to choose a road to travel. During my prime, I chose the road less traveled when it comes to people in my business….

The tables have turned and now a rare second opportunity presents itself….

The difference this time is that there are two roads and two people that can travel each road….

[Fade to archived footage of Kendall Codine’s son tirelessly working within a ring to perfect the craft of professional wrestling, as his father watches from the corner with a sense of pride upon his face.]

Codine: One road leads to Chicago, where one journey will begin….

[Fade to a shot of the infamous Ultratitle belt that rests upon a shadowed background.]

Codine: One road leads to home, where the other journey ends….

I fail to abide by the old cliché that I have given my life to this business….

But rather I like to view it as my life is this business….

This is my life and I pity those that attempt to alter my path, as there is only one that that I know to be certain….

For my career….

For my opponents….

For me….



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