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The second Legacy Interfed Tournament


League Member
Jul 11, 2009

Welcome to the second Legacy Tournament everyone.

This will be set up as an interpromotional tournament spanning hopefully a wide array of federations, and anyone and everyone who signs up will be accepted in the tournament. Once we have enough applicants it will begin under single-elimination rules, and for each round there will be 10 days to post 2 roleplays maximum. The limits for each post are 300 words minimum and 2,300 maximum, we will not be hard on anyone who goes slightly over the maximum but once it gets around 2,500 or so it will begin to get docked for going over the limit.

Although I said all wrestlers are included in the tournament, only created-wrestlers may apply. We will not accept any WWE/TNA or elsewhere ripoff, so make sure to create your own character. You may only apply to the tournament with one character also.

Foul language is allowed in roleplays, but please try to keep it to a minimum. No one wants to read an entire post of swear words, and racist and overly offensive material will not be tolerated.

All Legacy Tournament matches will be judged by at least three people: The Accelerator, J. Rish, and at least one guest judge. For every round in the tournament there will be a thread posted for judge and matchwriting signups, please keep in mind when you join the Legacy Tournament we want you to volunteer to judge at least one match in your time with us. The more judges we have for the matches the better off we are, once you signup to be a judge or matchwriter you will be notified which one you're placed on by PM.

After every round is over, there will be a results show will somewhat summarized matches. The matches will not be just a paragraph or two long, but they won't be full-length either. We want this experience to be as lax but enjoyable for everyone, and we believe that with shorter results and segments sent in by the Legacy Tournament competitors will work the best.

So now that we got the basic rules and regulations out of the way, I hope you all enjoy your stay there at Wrestling Revolutionized, and that the second Legacy Tournament becomes as successful as the first one where we drew in 24 different people from six or seven different feds.


Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
The Accelerator? F*ck that, I refuse to have that bastard judge my matches. He knows what he did.

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