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(Fadein: A man lurks hidden in the shadows, fully cloaked - we cant make out any of his features. A dwarf walks out of the shadows and into the light and begins to speak.)

Dwarf: The call has been made. The die has been cast. Mike Randalls has been marked, marked for pain, marked for suffering, marked for death. (cackles) Who lurks behind the shadows? Who is coming to destroy you, Randalls? The wheels are spinning in your head, arent they? Who could it be? Who has Eddy Love called to seal your doom?

You dont know, Randalls, and you wont know until Anniversary. But by then everyone will know and nothing will be the same again. Because once the mystery is revealed, once the fury is unleashed, it will not be bottled. Once the hate comes forth from the shadows and into the light, no one will be safe. No one. (The dwarf again cackles maniacly)

Mike Randalls will be the first victim, but he will not be the last. Love and Merritt have opened pandora's Box. Who knows what lurks inside? (evil cackle) THE SHADOW KNOWS!

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