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The Spyder is back


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Jan 1, 2000
(Fade In: The camera shows us a figure sitting against a wall somewhere with a FMA Hoodie, a pair of simple blue jeans and a pair of black boots, but the fans know that from the signature tattoo around one corner of his right eye that this is the former GXW Cruiserweight champion in Zell Hunter and he has a somewhat wistful look on his face)

Zell: When I first heard about this Ultimate Gold Rush match at the CSWA Anniversry event, I thought to myself that I would love to take apart of it and then lo and behold, guess what? Here I am, the man who was once regarded as the "Human Bump Machine" a couple of times in Global Xtreme Wrestling and other promotions but I would damn near kill myself to ensure that I would be able to give the fans what they had come to watch which was wrestling and now look at me, almost at the age of thirty and I've worked for GXW, BWA, UWC, SSW, SCW and several oithers but I never got my chance to wrestle for the CSWA, to show them what I was capable of doing but now I have my chance and a chance to wrestle for the CSWA Unified title as well..but I'm not here for the title but I am here to challenge myself against some of the top names in our profession like Troy Douglas, Lawrence Stanley, Joey Melton, Kevin Powers, Jay Phoenix, Eli Flair, and Hornet among many others.

(Zell stops talking and reaches up to push back the hood to show us that his hair is now it's natural brown color rather than the dyed blonde that the fans are more familiar with over the past few years. His sea-green eyes are bright with a kind of "nervous energy" that one would expect while waiting for a major match to happen)

Zell: The CSWA for sixteen years has had a tremendous amount of legacy and is quite frankly one of the, if not *THE* oldest promotion active right now that actually cares about the fans and the wrestlers rather than getting their egos over but needless to say that there are egos in this match like Rocko Daymon, the man once known as the "Ghost of Icarus" which I thought was utterly hilarious because that got more over than his "Daymon two point zero" gimmick but you had to love that whole using a crocqet mallet as a weapon gimmick, kind of like old Abdullah the Butcher's signature fork. But needless to say that I look forward to taking down that ego a couple of notches.

Then we come to a man who I respect like a brother in arms, Kin Hiroshi who since the untimely fall of Global Wrestling Evolution has become the CSWA US Champ and to that I have to honestly say bravo, Kin, bravo. You're like me, you didn't spend the last couple of years sitting back on your laurels and your big fat reputation like some wrestlers that I know, instead you went out there every single night and showed everyone why you're one of the best crusierweights out there...

(Zell gets a rather cocky look on his face complete with a smirk that would make "Good God" Kevin Powers proud)

Zell:...but you're not one of the top in the profession, unlike me a former J-Crown champion. I can claim that right because I was not only the GXW J-Crown tourment winner but I was also a former NWA and SWA J-Crown champion as well and as such I can claim that right but here in the CSWA, I'm just another guy looking to give the fans who watch CSWA every week, every month, and every year without fail the ultimate high flying, death defying highlight reel match of the year kind of fights that they rightfully deserve and that is what by god I'm going to give them, over your and anyone else's broken bodies because champions aren't made...they're born and Hiroshi, I'm a champion born and a champion bred, I'm also a sadistic person because after everything in the last few months..I've got more hate in me than usual.

(the former Maverick stands up and with the smirk never leaving his face, looks at the camera again)

Zell: So, to everyone in the Ultimate Gold Rush. I expect one hell of a fight because I'm going to be there just for that, a fight. To me it doesn't matter if I win the belt or not, but if the fans get their hard earned money's worth...pure and simple...

(Fade Out)

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