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May 2, 2007
Here is a list of the need to know characters that run the day to day operations of IWF.

CEO/Owner of IWF: Kimball Cho. Cho is a Japanese businessman in his mid-50's. About 5'10", thin with white hair at his temples. Cho is aloof and tends to not deal in the day to day affairs of IWF but when he shows up, he lays down the law however he sees fit. This attitude has him named "Chairman" Cho in the locker room.

Purchasing the naming writes to a former defunct federation once known as Insanity Wrestling Federation, he has infused the product with his wealth. Being a successful factory owner in Japan, Kimball Cho has decided to try his hand at a sport he once loved to watch as a kid. Renaming his newly bought company to International Wrestling Federation, Kimball Cho has set up operations in Seattle, Washington.

Commish of IWF Arthur Mori: Known as "Art" by the locker room, he is the brother in law of Cho. A man who was a bit player in the indy scene in Japan and the US before his knees gave out, he got the gig through his wife and his supposed knowledge of the industry. Art is too accommodating to the wrestlers and tends to be a push-over, about the only thing that stops the roster from trampling over Art is the knowledge that to push to hard is to invite Cho to make one of his unwelcome appearances.

Face Commentator: Aaron Creed
Heel Commentator: Terry 'The Idol' Anderson
Match Analyst Commentator: Brian McGinnis
Ring announcer: Donald Bell
Backstage reporter: Gail Martin
Assistant to IWF Commish: Courtney Paz
Head Referee: Tony Daniels
Auxiliary Referee: Paul Tyler

The Location of operations for the IWF is Seattle, Washington
The Location of all shows unless otherwise specified is: Moss Bay Events Center
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