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"The Stones" Frisco Jones


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Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
NOTE: Posted for Hollan Davis

“The Stones” Frisco Jones
Name: Francisco Jones
Height: 6’1
Weight: 222 lbs.
Hails From: South Central LA
Music: “California Love” by Tupac

Physical Appearance:
Half-black, half-Mexican; his skin is light brown and covered in various tattoos that reflect his upbringing and heritage. He has light brown eyes with black, nappy hair that is pulled back in cornrows. He has thick 5 o’clock shadow that is well kept. He’s tone and muscular. The tattoos cover his upper body. LA on the left of his neck and a picture of a dragon on the right that runs down onto his shoulder. On his upper abdomen he has ‘THE STONES’ arching over his perfect six-pack. On his shoulder is a portrait of his mother with ‘RIP MADRE’ underneath it. Many smaller tattoos cover his skin, words, pictures, and even a unicorn with ‘ROSA’ as the mane.
Ring Attire:
Frisco wears a loud outfit when he’s at the arena, outside the ring. He wears a long, extravagant yellow feather robe with ‘THE STONES’ stitched on the back in thick, red and white lettering. He wears a pair of old-school, one-piece, ‘Bret Hart’-like, reflective red shades. Under the robe is his ring attire; long red wrestling tights with yellow and white polka dots covering the legs. The waistline reads ‘JONES’ and the right leg has ‘THE STONES’ down the leg in black lettering. He wears white tape on his wrists and fingers. On his left arm is a white elbow pad and red band on his bicep. His right arm is a thin red sleeve on his right elbow. He then completes the ensemble with a red headband with ‘STONES JONES’ in fancy lettering across the front.

In-Ring Style: Submissions
General Moves: Knife-edge chops, Kitchen Sink, standing front kick (basic kick), punch, clothesline

v Cruiserweight/smaller opponents: Multiple German Suplexes, Running Diving Shoulder Block, Fireman’s Carry Slam, Superplex, Facebuster, Reverse Single-arm facebuster, Elbow from top rope, double-power bomb w/ pin

v Heavyweight/larger opponents: Tornado DDT, Spinning Snap Suplex, Leaping sidekick, Standing sidekick, Double-leg Boston Crab, Diving Clothesline, jawbreaker, ¾ neckbreaker, diving cross-body block, Dragonplex with pin

High-flying: Frog Splash, Missile Dropkick, Superplex, Summersault Plancha (to outside of ring), Corckscrew summersault body block off the top rope

Submissions: Dragon Sleeper, Standing Crossface, Figure-four leglock (around ring post in extremely high-emotion matches only), Triangle Choke, German Suplex immediately followed by a rear ankle lock.

Hardcore: Running Bulldog onto objects (chairs, puppies, tacks), DDT onto objects, high-impact moves through tables, FOR FIJI through two tables*

Special/Signature: LA Crimes (Jones lifts the opponent up in a suplex-like maneuver, but ropes the left leg of his opponent, driving their head right into the mat and holds it for the pin), Running Summersault Suicida, All-types of Plancha moves, Stick the Stones (Tigerdriver DDT)

Set-up: Rolling Stones - Springboard Moonsault-into-Tornado DDT
Finisher: Hollywood Ending – Reverse DVD into Crossface; LA Crown Cracker – A Spinning, T-Bone Suplex + F*ckyoassup DDT Hybrid move; Street Sweeper - Sharpshooter

Personality: Confident and calculating, Frisco is no joke. He’s got a good head on his shoulders filled with street smarts. Sure, he only has a high-school education but consider him one sharp cookie. He went straight into wrestling school out high school because he wanted fame and he wanted it soon. His quickest path, he says, is wrestling. After that, movies, music, and modeling dance in his dreams. Frisco Jones is willing to sell out, sure, but he’s also willing to stand up and give the fans a show they’ll never forget.
In-ring Strategy:
-Frisco abides by ring rules, until the opponent crosses that line. If that’s the case, all bets are off.
-His demeanor in the ring is passionate and fiery, usually causing him to get carried away in the beating down of others.
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