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The tag champs speak!


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Jan 1, 2000
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(It’s a familiar sight, The CSWA unified tag team champions Simply Stunning stand facing the camera. Both Hardy and Wilcox look a little the worse for wear after their hellacious match with the Professionals a week ago. Despite the beating they took one thing still hasn’t changed, over their shoulders remain the tag team titles.)

MH: The Simply Stunning express keeps on rolling along throughout America, and next stop is just a few days away. Getting on board is none other than Shane Southern, the CSWA world champion Evan Aho, and season ticket holders, the PEE ARH OH!

SW: I’d like to apologise to all our female fans out there for our appearance, our cage match with the Pro’s really took it out of us.

MH: Umm, and also to our gay fans.

SW: What?

MH: Last not be sexist, or whatever it would be to deny that we could have gay fans.

SW: Err, right.

MH: Anyhow, regardless of the official decision, Simply Stunning still retain the tag team titles, and continue our legacy towards greatness. Lately we’ve been attacked for being one dimensional in our approach to our matches, and we decided that had to change.

SW: Like it or loathe it, what we did to those loud mouth Pro’s showed that we’re not the baby faces that people like to think we are. Sure we love to fight a good match, but we’ll get down and dirty if we have to.

MH: We’ll do whatever is necessary to hold onto the gold. No matter what people say, no matter their previous records or past achievements, the only thing that matters in the tag team division is whether or not you have the titles around your waist. Certain people can say they are better than us, that they’ve achieved more and are more worthy of the titles, but look closely, look where the titles are at the moment.

(The camera zooms in on the titles.)

SW: This upcoming match really looks to be testing us to the full, we know what the PEE ARH OH are about, but Shane Southern and Evan Aho will be a real test. Aho is a prime example of what Michael was just talking about, he hasn’t been in the CSWA that long, and certain critics have said there were wrestlers more deserving of a title shot than him. Yet when he got his chance he took it, and no matter what people say he is the CSWA world champion on merit.

MH: As for Shane Southern, well, this guy is as tough as they come. He’ll ask no quarter and give none either, if he and Evan Aho can gel then they have the potential to be a devastating team.

SW: Yeah, but that is the question, can they team up?

MH: Who knows? I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Personally I’m more concerned with the Pro’s, they’ve not taken kindly to what we’ve done, you know they’ll want revenge.

SW: Why? So we got to ladies to help trick them. So we beat them to within an inch of their lives in their dressing room. So we electrocuted them with a stun gun, is that any reason to get bent out of shape?!?!

MH: Well, I think they’re upset because its not a nice thing to do, and with us being such nice guys it goes against our character.

SW: But, what if the Pro’s just judged us wrong from the beginning?

MH: No, surely they wouldn’t do that?!?!

SW: You think this sarcasm is going over their heads?

MH: More than likely!

SW: Pro’s, you need to realise something, there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do to keep hold of these titles. We’ll go to any length, and I do mean ANY length.

MH: What you encountered a few weeks ago was nothing compared to what we’re capable of dishing out to you. You like to think you’re the kings of the sneak attacks and the double dealings, but we’re not as innocent as you think. You’ve started a war boys, and it’ll only be over when we say it is.

SW: Southern and Aho, I feel sorry for you in a way, you’re being dragged into a Simply Stunning ass-whipping display thanks to the PEE ARE OH. The best thing you can do is keep out our way and let us focus on the Pro’s.

MH: When it all boils down, Simply Stunning aren’t letting these shiny babies out our possession for a long time to come.

SW: And if you don’t like it, live with it!

(Fade to black.)

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