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The Trojan Horse


Jan 1, 1970
"Out of respect, I really must confess -- Troy, you were always the one that got away..."

CUTTO: UWA '95 -- Troy Windham hopping a barricade as Mike Randalls is walking towards the ring, the crowd explodes as Windham delivers the Slackknife before running back into the crowd! CUTTO: AAWC '96 -- An almost exact replica of the scene. CUTTO: CSWA '96 -- Hey, its Troy Windham doing the SAME, EXACT thing...again.

"I never had your number, hell I never had your address. You truly made the mold when I was told to watch my back. Yet, here we are TWELVE years knowing each other and what can you say for yourself, Troy?"

FADEIN: 'The Wolf' MIKE RANDALLS standing in the garden of his Mojave Desert home, the camera-view is from the ground. Behind Randalls, an orange/red sunset looms overhead; Randalls is wearing brown boots, dusty blue jeans, a white shirt w/ the top few buttons undone and a small gold medallion hanging from his neck.

"You've NEVER faced me in the ring, ALONE."

'The Wolf' smiles and shakes his head in amusement, perhaps its due to the fact that he's heard this riff off the Troy's guitar for the last ten years. At this point in his career, its like water cascading down his back.

"There was a time, I thought it was fear...that attacking me before my matches was the best way to gain popularity with the teenage girls. Hell, I was certain the night I shaved Eddy Love's head bald rather than winning the CSWA World Championship that a message was sent to the Playboys locker room, along with Love's unconscious carcass. If you want to end the legacy of 'The Wolf' -- be prepared for your own personal hell."

Randalls' smile fades, he looks up to the sky in thought...a sense of regret washing over his body.

"...but things change, I know I have..."

Randalls' gaze turns towards the camera...

"...maybe you haven't, Troy. Maybe you're still jealous that I paved my own path without a famous last name, or a company constantly pushing me. Maybe you're upset that Merritt made me the first $20 million wrestler in the CSWA, when you can't even get a guaranteed $5 million from any federation over 5 years cause nobody believes you'll string 3 shows in a row...or maybe some broken fingers and a broken wrist will sideline you for a year, again."

"...but you've done well for yourself, Troy. I knew you would make it television one way or another from the friendship we had years ago..."

CUTTO: 'Devastating' Mike Randalls and 'The King of Slackers' Troy Windham, both in their early 20's -- passed out in a hotel room with all sorts of heroin paraphanelia strewn about...and a couple of naked ladies spooning them. CUTTO: Back to Randalls in the present...smiling.

"I still think its company rule to keep us apart on the road. I guess old habits die hard..."

"...well at least some of yours, as always. 'Mike Randalls is Boring' (Randalls laughs) That take you all night, Troy? Was Zoltan watching some of your promos from ten years ago and you just figured that angle still worked? Maybe Augustus came up with it stoned, while listening to Pavement..."

CUTTO: 'The Wolf' Mike Randalls and Hornet wrestling in the finals of the last Unified Championship Ironman of Champions Event -- 100,000 people screaming their heads off. CUTTO: Randalls vs. Tom Adler in the infamous Oktoberfest "I Quit" Match in New Orleans -- Adler Superbombing Randalls off a construction site.

"Yeah, that's right Troy...I'm just your Average Joe..."

CUTTO: 'The Wolf' vs. Tsunami at the last CSWA SuperPrimetime in Atlanta last year, Randalls is handcuffed...but still manages to flip off the second level deck and land a perfect Shooting Star Press on Tsunami -- the camera shifts to fans out of control after the move, some crying in joy and hugging each other, others bowing down to Randalls as he gets his arm raised. CUTTO: Back to Randalls in the present...

"God Forbid you get in the ring with me cause you'd ACTUALLY get a cult following, or even stranger -- work yourself off that 15 minute revolving door of fame you've rode the last 3 years cause you wrestled a decent match against Eli Flair."

'The Wolf,' once again shakes his head, even rolls his eyes. Ten years later, he still can't believe he's hearing the same song and dance from this man...

"I guess we all sometimes look at things wrongly, I did for ten years...luckily, I found the light. I think its time to change yours, Troy..."

Randalls' emerald eyes return to the camera, his smile fades once more...and does not return.

"...cause right now, yours just looks OLD."


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