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The Truth


Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jul-25-02 AT 04:23 PM (EDT)]"Where's my logo? ...I have no logo. No backdrop. Nothing."

fade- in:

[small]The 'U 62' logo slowly made it's way around each corner of the television screen, before settling on the corner at the bottom, on the left side. ...as a 'Blue- Eyed Badass' backdrop slowly flashed it's way onto the screen. Moments later, Sean 'Triple X' Stevens was shown sitting on a bench, fists taped, in a pair of grey sweat shorts, and a wife beater. His hair, tied back into a ponytail.[/small]

"Shane Southern, you still don't 'get it', do you? I'll be the first to admit, Dan Ryan made this whole entire thing personal between us, by invading my privacy, and airing it live for the world to see. Not on GXW television where only about... twelve- to- twenty people have access... No. He did it here. And, yeah... it threw me off a bit. Instead of sitting here and discussing the dynamics of the wristlock, and it's many counters, like YOU apparently wanted to do, I took it elsewhere.

"But, again I ask... Could you blame me?

"Tell me, Shane... since you obviously know so much. How would you have handled it? ...if somebody sat there and flat out TOLD you he was gonna harm someone you loved, you mean to tell me, you'd ignore it and focus on the United States Championship? Well, that's the difference between you and me, Shane. I'm a man. I'm not gonna sit there and let someone make false accusations about me, or my personal life. I'm not gonna sit by and pretend I'm not looking, because some big, tall, roided up jacka## talks a better game than he wrestles."

[small]Pausing for a moment, Stevens calmed himself... Taking a deep breath.[/small]

"So I apologize if I've disappointed you, Shane. But, I can make up for it, if you allow me to. Just like you think it's gonna be easier than you first imagined upon looking at the Fish Fund lineup because of all the drama that comes along with being in the ring with Triple X, Dan Ryan, and Hornet... I can promise you it won't. As a matter of fact, if you DO win this thing, Southern... It'll come at the expense of one of the guttiest performances of your career.

"I'm prepared to go out there and lay it all on the line, Shane. Sure, defending my personal life is part of the motivation. But, rest assured knowing, that I was motivated long before I was placed into the public's eye. And, I won't be satisfied if I don't win the US Title.

"And, despite what I said in the heat of the moment... I don't hate Hornet. Hate is such a strong word. Hornet beat me a couple of weeks ago, but before that, he never even acknowledged my existence. ...I strongly dislike him. Shown me up? Wrong again, kiddo. I've never had any problems stealing the spotlight when I wanted it.

"At Fish Fund... I want it. I want it more than I've wanted anything in my career. I want to prove to Hornet that I'm better than he is. I want to prove to Ryan that he was NEVER on my level. I want to prove to all the people who has labeled me 'Eli Junior' that there's no comparison. And...

"...I wanna prove to YOU, Southern... that I'm taking YOU just as serious as the rest of the world. I've tried telling you, Shane. You, obviously, don't want to listen. So at Fish Fund... It's time I show you."

fade- to- black


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
As I see it

{{...FADE-IN: A Comfort Inn hotel room in Sweetwater, Texas. It's semi-dark inside the room, the only light provided by a unseen glowing neon sign. Shane Southern sits on the right side of the window, staring out in the distance, hypnotized by something we can't see or hear. Southern is dressed in jean shorts. He is shirtless and shoeless, but that's not what sticks out. A gigantic ice pack is wrapped around his right knee dripping into a puddle on the ground. Southern picks up a glass full of water and ice and takes a sip, his eyes never wandering ... barely even blinking....}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: " Ya' know, I really wasn't gonna' cut another promo. I was just gonna' let things be ... let tha' words settle in ... deep down. But I felt like I needed ta' get somethin' off mah' chest ... somethin' that's been eatin' at me. I don't wanna' sound like'a preacher here, or even like I'm tryin' ta' give any direction. I just wanna' clarify some things that I said. "

" Trip, I can understand where yer comin' from. A guy threatens somebody important to ya', you wanna' beat tha' hell outta' him. Hell, even EYE wanna' do that, n' I don't even KNOW Ivy. Problem comes in when ya' put so much emphasis on that, that it takes away from yer preparation for tha' match. I've been there before. In fact ... lemme' tell ya' a little story. "

" I love tha' TV show Survivor. I keep a pretty busy schedule, so I don't often get ta' see tha' show tha' night it airs. So I usually get somebody ta' tape it fer me...then FedX it where ever I happen ta' be that week. Well, coupla' months ago I just so happened ta' be delayed in an airport somewhere when tha' show came on. My mom got me one of those portable tv's for Christmas last year, so I pull it outta' mah' bag n' TRY ta' tune in. Well don't ya' know tha' reception was terrible. I fiddled n' fiddled with that antena through tha' WHOLE damn show, n' by tha' time I finally found a little corner in tha' airport where tha' reception was JUST right, tha' damn show was over. Ya' see Trip, sometimes we spend so much time in our lives focusin' on tha' interference, that we often end up missing tha' show. We're so concerned with our OWN problems that we tend ta' forget what we wanted in tha' first place....namely that US Title. "

" Now, ya' may not be a Survivor fan, but have ya' ever tried ta' watch a football game inna' bar? Have ya' ever talked ta' Ivy in a noisy disco? Have ya' ever had an important phone conversation with a' baby crying? It's alot easier ta' keep your eye on tha' dream if ya' minimize tha' annoying obstacles and excuses that hinder ya' from yer goals. "

" I tell ya' this Trip, 'cause I don't want ya' ta' think I'm minimizin' tha' threat ta' Ivy. But are ya' ready ta' sacrifice YER shot at tha' US Title, 'cause some loudmouth pansy freakboy is threatnin' yer woman? We both KNOW he's too much uva' coward ta' do anythin'. Hell, Ivy'd probably kick his ass anyway. {{...laughs...}} So ya' see where I'm comin' from Trip? "

" As fer you Danny boy, I've said enough ta' you. I don't plan on repeatin' mah'self, or anybody else. Yer FU<BLEEP>ed. Plain n' simple n' it's gonna' be mah' PLEASURE ta' peel yer broken down ASS off tha' CSWA mat n' mail ya' THIRD class back ta' tha' FOURTH class promotion you call home. "

" I've said mah' peace now ... ever'body knows where I'm comin' from...n' where I'm headed to. Now, it's time ta' get there. "

" Party's Over. "

{{...FADE OUT...}}

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