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"The Ultimate High School Jock" Biff Busey

Evil James

League Member
Feb 17, 2008
San Diego, California

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Name: Biff Busey
Nicknames: The Ultimate High School Jock, The Normal Looking Monstrosity

Height: 6’6
Weight: 263 lbs.
Handedness: Right
Looks: Blonde haired and a gigantic monstrosity of nature that still looks like a normal human being. His face is a mix of Biff Tannen from the Back to the Future movies and actor Gary Busey.

Hailing From: Bayside, California

Disposition: Biff thinks he is the greatest wrestler in the history of humans and will try to sell it to the world at all times. He also thinks the fans should adore him and enjoys their adulation but at the same he despises the fans for being ‘mere mortals in the presence of a Busey.”
Gimmick: His gimmick is he is the son of Gary Busey and thinks that he is the “greatest wrestler in the history of humans.” Also part of his gimmick is having his high school and college buddies who are famous appear at shows to make him seem superior to the other superstars whose friends nobody knows.

Ring Attire: He wears Olympic style black tights, black kneepads, and black boots.
Theme Music: “Down on Your Knees” by Age Against the Machine
Ring Entrance: Biff usually comes out with his arms outstretched, showing off his massive size to the human masses. He is usually flanked by his pals as well. His normal entrance gear is either his Cal U or Bayside High Lettermen’s Jackets.

Tactics/Style: Technical/Power, modeled after Jack Swagger with a little bit of Scott Steiner and Brock Lesnar thrown in for good measure.

1. Technical wrestling ability and strength. Biff is an accomplished technical wrestler from his college and high school days. His size also helps with strength based technical moves as well.
2. Endurance. Biff can last a long time both in and out of the ring. According to him, he can go three hours because “nobody can stand the “Stiffness of his Biffness.”
3. Busey. The fact that he is a Busey makes him rule over anyone, period.

1. Beholding the Biffness of his Buffness. Posing too much to show his superiority over his “weak” competition is a major issue.
2. Overconfidence. Will sometimes get too cocky for his own good during matches.
3. Madness. Is a psychotic maniac on the level of the comic book character Superboy-Prime mixed with a bit of Apocalypse.


Usually employs a slow and deliberate pace. Occasionally will pose to show the “Biffness of his Buffness.” Technical wrestling and strength moves are his specialty. He also has a lot of stamina, endurance, and agility for a big man.

Finishing Moves:
Busey Bomb (Falling Gutwrench Powerbomb)
Biff Buster (Spin-out power bomb pin)

Signature Moves:
Shooting Star Press
Multiple suplexes of various types

1. Abdominal Stretch
2. Corner slingshot splash
3. Double leg takedown
4. Dragon screw
5. Gutwrench roll
6. Lariat
7. Running knee lift
8. Gutwrench Suplex
9. Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex
10. Powerslam


Born the son of actor the greatest actor in the history of the planet, Gary Busey, Biff grew up in Bayside, California. He has a famous actor brother named Jake. He is also related to famous outlaw “Mad Dog” Buford Tannen. Was undefeated in wrestling in both while attending Bayside High School and Cal U. His friends, which are cooler than yours, include Zach Morris, AC Slater, and Screech Powers. He also is a known associate of many known wrestling families. He is one-eight Von Erich as well. Biff has held the AC Slater Heavyweight Championship for five years now. Biff is a finely tuned wrestling machine. Bow down before his Biffness or suffer the consequences. Now make like a tree and get out of here before he sees you reading his bio and makes you feel the Stiffness of his Biffness right in your bum hole.

Evil James

League Member
Feb 17, 2008
San Diego, California
Biff Buddies (minions/goons of Biff):
The Goonies ("Mikey" Walsh, "Mouth" Devereaux, "Data" Wang, "Chunk" Cohen, "Brand" Walsh, "Andy" Carmichael, "Stef" Steinbrenner, "Sloth")
The Monster Squad (Sean Crenshaw, Patrick, Horace, Rudy, Eugene, Phoebe Crenshaw, "Scary German Guy")
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Mr. Miyagi
Freddie Fernandez
Ricky Butler
Dave Peterson
Corey Feldman
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Edgar and Allan Frog
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Pete Fontaine
Kate Beringer
Jake Busey
Various Brat Packers

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