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The Vegas Crew

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Handler name(s): Mike Stanton
E-mail: mikethedealer@hotmail.com
AIM: War on eurasia

TEAM NAME: The Vegas Crew
Team Members: Doug Tanner, Vlad Alvarez are wrestlers, manager is Green Machine
Nicknames: Green Machine is known as Greenie…

Heights: Tanner 6’1” Alvarez 6’4” Greenie 5’11”
Weights: Tanner 215, Alvarez 245 Greenie 180

Theme Music: “I Made It” by Kevin Rudolf ft. Jay Sean, Birdman & Lil Wayne

Ring Entrance: Music hits and Green Machine will come out of the curtain first, since this is a vanity project for him, followed by a cheerful, happy to be here Tanner, and lastly by a quiet, distrustful of the crowd Alvarez. Greenie will act like he’s the star of this show on the way to the ring, with Tanner trying to high five/fist bump with the fans, while Alvarez just makes his way to the ring slowly, sometimes having to be yelled at my Greenie to pick up the pace.

Appearances: Greenie will be rocking CSI gear, since the show is in Vegas and he’s a fan, unless a Boston sports team is in contention for a title, at which point he’ll jump on the bandwagon and rock their gear. Tanner is in his early 20’s, clean shaven, in good shape, wears white or green long tights with “Vegas” in black across the back. Alvarez is barrel chested, could stand to lose 10 pounds or so, black curly hair, his eyes tell you he’s a scumbag, just something in his look that isn’t right. He wears trunks that are the same color as Tanner’s, also with “Vegas” across the back.

Alignment: Heels, to be explained in gimmick.

Gimmick/Personality: Tanner and Alvarez are indy workers who Greenie saw and figured he could exploit. Tanner wrestled in Colorado and New Mexico, while Alvarez worked in California. Both men were sweet talked by Greenie into doing a Vegas based gimmick with the offer of fantastic wealth and fame. Greenie is in this to get himself on camera, act like a big shot, and use the money The Vegas Crew make to allow him to make more sports bets.

Tanner dreams of being a huge star in the wrestling business and figures this is his big break, he wants to be a face, but figures (Incorrectly) that Greenie has his best interests at heart and that being a heel will be OK for now.

Alvarez is just here to make some money, he knows Greenie is a parasite and Tanner’s a mark, he doesn’t care about much other than his check clearing, since WARFARE is supposed to pay him more than any other indy he’s been in, even with Greenie skimming off him. Friendly when you get to know him, but quick to anger and very distrustful of people.

Wrestling Styles: Tanner is the technical wrestler, Alvarez comes in to hit the power moves to lead to one of Tanner’s submissions or a double team finisher

Movesets: Tanner, dropkick to a seated opponent, knee breaker, ankle lock, heel hook, figure four leg lock. Will go to the ropes/high flyer style offense if a match drags on and he has to start landing more high impact stuff.

Alvarez: Spinebuster, corner avalanche, neck crank, Fisherman’s buster, running powerslam. Alvarez will work the leg that Tanner has been targeting, but only if he feels like the other team is a honest threat to them, otherwise he’ll just beat them up, which can get him and the team into trouble. In desperation will cheat like hell to save himself.

Finishers: Tanner uses an STF, which he calls the Tanner Lock…Greenie says it’s a stupid name, may even yell at the commentary team to not call it the Tanner Lock if he’s near them during a match.

Alvarez lands a stiff running lariat which Greenie has dubbed “Busted out”…Alvarez could care less about the name of the move, just so long as he hits it and wins.

Team finisher: Alvarez tags Tanner and then hits an Exploder Suplex on the hurt opponent, leading to Tanner connecting with a spring board splash. Greenie has named this team finisher “TCB”, if asked about the name, well, you can’t shut Greenie up.

Background: Doug Tanner is 22, worked the indy scene in the southwest for three years, has an underground following on the internet as a solid worker who could use a break, his internet buzz got Greenie's attention. Alvarez is 28, a career indy worker who does whatever he can to make ends meet, rumors that he’s stolen money from indy shows have surfaced, but nothing has ever stuck to him. Greenie saw him at an indy show and thought he'd be a draw.

Greenie is a gadfly in the wrestling business, unable to work or even bump from an incident with a piano falling on him nearly 15 years ago, he’s been a tag along to just about anyone who he thinks will get him on TV and make him money that he can then blow on sports betting/table games in Vegas.

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