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The way she goes boys...


Totally. Obvs.
Dec 23, 2015
Hey guys. Unfortunately I have to type this schtuff, and I'm sure you all know what's coming already. But Ascension 17 was my last show with DEFIANCE for some time.

13 months ago when I joined DEFIANCE, I didn't know what an Angle fed was. I had just finished up a nearly 2 year run with UTAH, and was lost in translation after the fed closed. I knew Murrr was in Defiance, and I was familiar with some of the people who had been in UTAH as well. (Justin, James, and Brunk), so naturally after some discussion with Justin and Murrrphisto I decided to be one of the first Utah'ers to make the leap over. Shortly thereafter I was joined by Pete, Stevie, Dalton, Jonno, Mike Bell, and even Jay Rivera. This helped me become EXTREMELY comfortable in my new environment, and helped make DEF a fixture for me. Even though about half the group fell away pretty quickly, I realized that this was a special place and decided to stick it out. The last year has been the most fun I’ve ever had in efedding. Telling great stories without having to worry about competing AGAINST someone! Who would have known! DEFIANCE turned me into a fully angled kinda guy.

In April last year, Ben Halkum announced he was bringing UTAH back as an angle fed, and it would reopen in July. I signed up for the project having recently been converted to angle, I loved the idea. So when Ben started off he made the Mikey Character the first World Champion of the new era. I was very surprised as I have never held a “world title” in EW. (probs cause im not that good). So I was heavily invested in the new UTAH run. A couple months later Ben told me he had some life things and a cross country relocation to go through and asked me to take of UTAH, or else it would probably die for the time being. At the time I was handling in just these two feds, and thought “Well I don’t want it to die…” so I took it over in September. Now for the last 6 months I have been handling Mikey Unlikely in DEF, as well as handling Mikey as an On Screen Owner for Utah, booking the shows, and doing the vast majority of the work. As deadlines came and went I found myself cutting it closer and closer on both projects.

That said, I have to put my time into the Fedhead deal. It’s a lot more demanding and to be completely honest, it’s a bit more rewarding. I love DEFIANCE, and the friendships I have formed here, I feel will continue on for a long time. But for me, it’s wise to step away before I get burnt out, OR flake one someone which is the ultimate no no for me. I wanted to give a special thanks to a few people in particular.

Seth/Andy Sharpe - Thank you for being my first Angle partner in DEF. we had a two arc story, and even though you dipped out halfway through the second arc, the help in match writing/and how to book an arc as an angle was terrific. I hope someday we get a chance to work together again.

Justin: Thanks for tipping the scales my way on the votes when everyone else was unsure how Mikey would fit into DEF. It was your suggestion for me to turn to angle and give it a go, and its been AWESOME. DEF is special and you’ve done a great job building it. I’m looking forward to coming back someday.

Murrr: You’re one of my E-Besties and you also helped me Segway into DEF. You’ve been more resourceful for me, than any other member of the staff, always willing to help me out, even when you’re busy. I greatly appreciate you and the dedication you put into DEF and the help you’ve given me as a friend. You’re a great guy, incredibly smart, and the president of Justin’s Dick Sucking club. We’re the only Burger Boys left… and quite frankily…. This world needs more Beef. I know we’ll keep talking and working on stuff together, but I had to show you love here.

Pete – Being the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Longest reigning SOHER wasn’t easy…. But having PETA as a feud partner certainly made it easier! I loved the two arcs we put together, and the story we told with Mikey and Impulse. I know it’s not over where we left it… It was a pleasure to drop the belt to you. Also you wrote a book! I even bought it! great job! I highly recommend Pete to anyone, and if anyone didn’t know, he basically carried my ass the last arc we had. He’s fantastic!

Billy & Tom – When you guys joined DEF right after me, I hated you…. You stole my gimmick, lets be frank! Then James said “Hey Mikey, quit being a twat and work with these guys!” So I gave it a shot, and it turned out to be the most fun I’ve ever had in a stable. The amount of comedy we got to do over the last year, While keeping all of our characters relevant and serious was an absolute blast. I thought I was a pretty good comedy writer until I met you two, and you completely blew me out of the water. It’s been fun developing the personal relationships we have, as well as the “on screen” of the last year. Tom I’m looking forward to working together on the project we’ve already embarked on, and Billy we’ve met up a few times, and I look forward to the next time we get to a ROH show together again (as long as I don’t get cockblocked by ROH security again). <3 you guys.

Stevie.- My Bruv, My rock! I would have never made it over a year in DEF without Stevie being right there with me, every step of the way. Through every frustration, every issue, and everytime I had to write something alone, Stevie was there for me to help in any way he can, without ever complaining. When I shook hands and formed Dynasty in UTAH me and Stevie were the last two members… when it disbanded we decided to stay a tag team on a whim, even though we barely knew each other. Somehow the “Hollywood Bruvs” came from this, and made us the most detestable tag team to barely ever team together. We garned more reputation as a tag team, than we did singles, and we had maybe 7 matches together….. That’s just what Bruvs do. We segment the fuck out of people. It’s been a blast buddy, and im super looking forward to meeting you and Murrr in London in 25 FUCKING DAYS!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO! You’re my other E-Bestie!

If I missed you I'm sorry.

Guys I fully intend on coming back, Brunk and Justin have both made it abundantly clear that I would be welcomed back with open arms in a multitude of roles, but on screen and off. I’m humbled that I would even be given the opportunity to handle in the top angle fed in the world, let alone being asked to staff it. Thanks guys for the opportunity, and the arena to showcase my stuff. I loved my time here, and look forward to shocking everyone with my return someday. I hope you enjoyed my stuff over the past year plus, but most of all, I hope Mikey made you laugh.

Thank you,
Mikey Morrison


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Jan 6, 1995
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But you'll always be the greatest HoHER of all time.

Mikey Money 4-Eva -



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