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The Working Man's Wrestler


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CUTTO ... The lockerroom of Hell's Gate Wrestling Academy, where "The Standard" Lance Spencer removes his sweat drenched T-shirt, placing it on the wooden bench to his right. Spencer sits down on the bench now, his focus turning towards the camera.

For the past couple of days, I've found myself just listening to countless and endless amounts of trash talkin' and nay sayin'. You pretty much get the feeling that all these men and woman honestly feel like they have a shot to win this bad boy. That makes this a very dangerous game, a game in which people will be going all out, doing
unimaginable things, and creating havoc inside of four wrestling rings, while Windham drinks his martini in that center ring, just waiting.

But the simple truth is, not everybodyis going to win.

This isn't Tee ball where everyone is a winner.

There will be ONE WINNER.

Troy Windham claims it will be him. No excuse me, Troy boy GUARANTEES that he will leave the CSWA Unified Champion. I'm guessing that almost everybody in this competition nearly jumped out of their seats when they heard his "guarantee". God knows if "The Epitome" Troy Windham says he will win, he must be telling the truth.


Maybe Troy boy is scared, nervous about the amount of talent that has shown up for this Ultimate Gold Rush. Generally when an athlete guarantees victory, it isn't in arrogance, it's in fear. Scared, nothing left to say, and it just seems like the right thing to do. Sure Joe Namath did it, Messier did it, you can go back and give examples of everybody who has predicted correctly. It doesn't mean it will happen, infact it won't happen. There isn't anything you can say or do that will put that title back in your hands. Your time as champion in CSWA is coming to an end - you can put your blinders on, hope and pray to the wrestling Gods, but you've got some competition that is right behind you Windham, and some that is already in front of you.

Go ahead, make guarantees.

I'll watch them pass on by as they head straight to the garbage.

Just like every other lie that comes from your mouth.

Spencer stands up from the bench, and takes a quick glance around the lockerroom, which has remained completely empty.

SPENCER: Next, and last on my agenda ... "Total Elimination" Eli Flair. If you want to be like Troy Windham, and throw out empty guarantees, by all means go ahead. Spend your day trying to figure out insults to throw at people. I'll be in the gym, working harder than anybody in this match. Everybody is so busy talking, they forgot what a champion is made out of.

Hard work.

A "diehard" attitude towards their sport.

I'm sure you've heard it before Eli, I'm sure you've said it before.

Thing is, I mean it. That's how I train, check that, that's how I live.

I'll push myself to limits ten times to what any of you can do, and then I'll take a deep breath, and push myself even further. I'm not here to be a glory hound, and flash my wrestling credentials around. The way things are going, I will be the Unified Champion. A wrestling champion. The working man's champion. I won't waste countless hours doing commercials and advertisement shoots, just to get my face on national TV. But I will put more hours into the gym, train harder, and give everything I have to a sport that has given me more than I can explain.

I'm not dreaming Flair.

I'm not hoping and praying I win.

I'm not sitting in a club, on a beach, wasting countless hours.

I'm not sitting in a gym in street clothes like Eron, giving the impression of working.

No, that isn't me.

I am in the gym everyday.

I do work harder than anybody in this sport.

When the Ultimate Gold Rush comes around, everybody is going to realize that maybe this Lance Spencer, actually knows what the f[bleep] he's doing. I have a goal, one goal only, to become the CSWA UNIFIED CHAMPION.

Go ahead and try to stop me.


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