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The Wrestling Chronicle's WNW Report- 4/25/07

Yori Yakamo jr

League Member
Jun 4, 2005
Nutmeg State
The Wrestling Chronicles Report
Live from the MBE Arena from upstate New York

MBE is back home, ladies and gentleman, and it is a sellout crowd of about 4800 packed in to see MBE return to its roots, the MBE arena in upstate New York for the best wrestling to be televised, and this is Matt Burke to bring it to you on this late april evening, an amazing Pay per view last week as Duchess and Doc Silver went head to head again, and Duchess came up just a little bit short for the second time in a row, highlights show Duchess' early pinfall, and under normal circumstances, she would be the champion, but on that night, she will have needed two, and as we can see, the late interferance sealed her fate and Doc Silver remains our champion. Crowd shots, Pyro, MBE IS BACK IN THE MBE ARENA!!!!


The show opens up to Yoshihiro Yamada's office, Dr. Phantasmo shows up inside and the crowd resounds a chorus of boos, Dr. Phantasmo iterates how Yamade needs to rethink his course of action this week taking on the officialy recognized PbPro champion this week and that he should leave such unhonorable acts to the likes of Justin Evitable...ouch...well, I guess you need to be japanese to feel that burn. Camera pans to Yamade who is clad in his traditional MBE gear, the fans cheer his return to in ring action, regardless of his past, the fans seem to take a liking to Yamada's current state of affairs against PbPro. Yamada takes his time as he looks over Dr. Phantasmo, after a long pause Yamada begins to remind Phantasmo that he has not shown the proper respect to the japanese legend and that he is dishonoring himself by barging in so suddenly and not recognizing his boss and giving him his due respects and bows.

Phantasmo is shocked at the statement and doe not know how to react, Yamada stands from his desk and begins to threaten Phatnasmo with words, that he will find a suitable replacement for Till, and that Till does not in fact, have a drinking problem and that he should save his threats and smart ass coments for those that actualy give a damn to what phantasmo has to say, particularly the kind of people that know anything of Phantasmo's career, which according to Yamada, is smaller than...oh lord....that cued up a response from the Inner Sextum, because coming through the door as Yamada speaks is none other than Yori Yakamo Jr. who is procalaiming Ayako to be the biggest ***** on earth....wow, that was months ago Yori, where have you been? Yamada fumes a bit at the mention of her daughter, Phantasmo steps aside to the Exellence of Sexecution as Yori, clad in probably the most scantily clad tights of all, a prada thong half a testicle hanging out, of course the FCC caught it and it is blurred out, but Yamada wants to know the meaning of Ayako's mentioning as she should have been on a plane back to Osaka last year and that she should have no relevence in this place anymore...as he speaks though, Ayako walks through the door, and the crowd resonantes a loud boo that can be heard all the way to Yankee Stadium, Ayako walks in and Yori sneers in her direction and claims that he and Ayako need to have a match over the rights of his Victoria's Secret membership....well, I guess that's where he got the outfit from.

Ayako reminds Yori that because of his actions, in which Yamada cringes a bit because of, that he no longer holds any power in MBE to make any sort of sick gimmick matches and that FreakFish now holds all the power to. At that exact moment, FreakFish walks in and another chorus of boos can be heard. Imagine the love for this man. It makes me wonder why he didn't make the hall of fame, and now I know. FreakFish goes face to face with Yori and Yamada is now even angrier. Yamada shouts at FreakFish that he needs to get his ass out of his office before security is called to forcefully remove him, FreakFish reminds Yamada that double F has as much to do with MBE as he and that he cannot make such claims and that there will not be a match involving a miscreant such as Yori on his show, not now, not ever, in fact, if he had a choice, he would bring in PbPro's roster to fill in the gaps of this failing show. Things are really not looking well, and it almost gives me a vibe that things are about to go in a direction that is similair to MBE's previous demise....damn you FreakFish, I love my job, don't do this to us now. The crowd is screaming out loud! IT'S THE TRUE FACE! He walks in clad in suit and tie, very executive holding the five titles that PbPro holds dear! Justin's victory over IrishRed sealed it and he now represnts PbPro as it's champion, Yamada looks slightly disgusted but that look diminishes into a bit of relief as he walks up to FreakFsih and stands nose to nose with him. Justin reminds FreakFish that as champion of PbPro, after long hesitation, he holds the right to overrule any of PbPro's shareholders decisions and demands. Yamada looks on in shock but quickly goes for a PbPro Standards of Operating Procedure manual, flips to a page and reads it quickly before announcing that Justin is correct, he supercedes any PbPro decision made! The crowd is in an uproar! Justin just saved the day for the moment! Justin proclaims that he has beaten every active and inactive member of the former MBE roster, including FreakFish himself, FreakFish is very disgusted by this, and there is one person on his list that he has unfinished business with, and that man's name is PROMO! The crowd is going insane chanting for the True Face of MBE! i never though I'd say this, but oh man, this is an opening sequence for the history books of MBE. Camera pans to Yamada who looks focused at the name of Promo. Whom he is set to face tonight. Justin and Yamada lock eyes and Justin reminds him that the True Face is on the side of MBE, and as PbPro's champion and prime decision maker, he will make sure FreakFish doesn't do anything out of bounds and to screw over MBE. Yori has enough and walks up to FreakFish and makes his statement that if FreakFish has power over everything that goes on in a televised MBE show, he will put a stop to it himself, and I've never seen Yori this serious before, but if he is putting his mind to something, then I know he has a pland, Justin smirks at FreakFish before Yori stomps off with his blurred nutsack in tow....ugh....seriously what was he thinking wearing that, anyway? It looks like the sextum has something planned. Justin looks over to Yamada who has a worried look on his face and tells him that he should not worry, because things have been put in motion to secure MBE's future, and that tonight, the Inner Sextum will end PbPro's reign of television dominance and shareholder security, and that MBE will be well off without them when tonight is through, and that tonight will be in MBE's history books as the most provacative show ever...this gives a worried look to Yamada as Justin gives a final look to FreakFish as he walks off, Ayako and Freakfish snarl at Justin's exit as they both walk out of Yamada's office, who still looks a bit worried.


What an opening, we begin with our first match of the night, two newcomers are about to prove their worth to a roaring and ready MBE crowd as Johnny Onan and the Canadian Punk are ready to go one on one against each other, Johnny Onan is the first man to enter, and, well, the crowd doesnt take well to the arrogance of Johnny Onan, but they do like the idea of a Canadian Punk coming in and dropping him a notch and give him a rather nice ovation upon his entrance, this helps the canadian punk's confidence a little as he chomps his fruit and enters the ring, Onan is quick to maneuver though and stomps a mudhole on the Canadian Punk as he rolls in the ring, the ref calls for the bell to officialy start this match. a series of cheap shots from Onan go off to begin the match before Canadian Punk gets to his feet and spits an eye full of fruit to onan before unleashing a series of rights and lefts, followed by an irsh whip resulting in a back body drop. Canadian Punk looks ready to wrestle in MBE folks, we could see some good fruit spitting action from him, Onan is less than impressed as he rolls outside the ring to the apron and tries to call off action for a second to recouperate, Canadian Punk is less than pleased by this, goes for the offensive and is met with a shoulder block to the midsection and Onan makes a pinfall after a sunset flip. Almost a quick victory, Phantasmo is spewing obscenities about Yamada and the intro still but it is quickly forgetably as Canadian Punk reverses a suplex attempt by Onan, gives his own suplex but Onan flips behind him and preps a reverse DDT. Onan plays a little but the crowd doesnt seem to be enjoying his presence in ring yet, Canadian Punk eye rakes to get out and delivers a quick right hook to send Onan on the floor, crowd cheers, Onan is quick to his feet but finds himself in a punching combination of rights and lefts, Onan is stumbling, Haymaker and Onan is on the mat, Canadian Punk is quick to mount delivering rights directly to the skull of Onan. Onan gives Canadian Punk a welcoming knee to the groin that doubles over Canadian Punk which gives him enough time to recover. A kick to the back and an arrogant pose from Onan riles the crowd, already a winner in my book, yeah right. Onan rolls Punk up and gets a two count, not exactly close, but Onan fights the count as if he just won the world titles. Hey, just cause you're good looking doesn't mean you can call the shots around here. We're off to our first break of the evening.



We're back and Canadian Punk has the advantage, a recap shows us that Canadian Punk can be unpredictable with his punches and to counter a DDT effort, a signifcant uppercut punch can be the differance between victory and defeat. Canadian Punk begins an assault of headbutts, and that kind of training for that maneauver I've seen involve beer cans, but I'm an extreme wrestling fan at heart. A pin attempt by Canadian Punk gets two and Onan is out, Onan reverses a high risk maneuver as Canadian Punk goes crashing to the mat, Onan is ready as Punk gets up and finds himself dropped by a dropkick, he is quick to get up and sees another, Onan prepares for another but Canadian Punk ducks under it, proud of himself but Onan didn't actualy deliver the dropkick and quickly hooks Canadian Punk into the Headlock From Hell, Canadian Punk desperately tries to release himself from the hold, elbowing the midsection repeatedly but Onan keeps it held, soon the elbows become weaker and weaker as Onan tightens the hold and applies more pressure, soon Canadian Punks hands drop to his sides, as the ref checks on him and calls for the bell.

Winner: (6:23 - Headlock from Hell) Johnny Onan

Onan drops Canadian Punk to the mat and holds his hands up as his theme plays, I guess we can be glad that this is over with and that MBE has to deal with yet another arrogant bastard in its midst, we see again that Onan shows a little more ability in reversing Canadian Punks moves and the...well...super exciting finish of his headlock that seems to be indominatable by the Canadian Punk, Onan has alot more to prove and to these fans if he thinks he can get by with just that, but Canadian Punk definately gave him enough to worry about through out this match with his boxing skills, Onan clears a little blood from his lip he did not notice before as he kicks Canadian Punk in the ribs as he leaves the ring, Punk grabs for them as he cringes and stares out to Onan walking up the ramp, Canadian Punk isn't taking kindly to such a gesture, rolls out of the ring and begins walking up the ramp to a nice ovation from the crowd, well..not much wrestling in this match, but the fans liked Canadian Punks style and didn't want to see another FreakFish wannabe get the better of him, what can I say, I love MBE too much to root for someone with such similarities.

We cut to the locker room where we see our MBE champion warming up for his tag match with Andy and Duchess, and when I say warming up, I mean he's playing poker with Greenie and his other buddies. Biff Bentley somehow gets into the room and demands an interview with the champ, Doc claims that he needs no distractions as he's up three hundred dollars and he's cramming his poker style by just being in the same room with him, Dority tries to shove Biff out of the room but Biff gets by and plants a mic in Doc's face wanting just a quick word about how he feels against Andy and if he has anything to say about Duchess. Doc simply huffs and tells Biff that he needs to piss off, just like Duchess, he's seen enough of her and wants nothing to do with her after this week, and that Andy has alot to prove to him before the belt goes on the line, because Doc watched his little match with Roberts at the Pay Per View and if he wants to contend for the World Heavyweight Championship, he needs more than a time limit draw to prove to Doc that he has any sort of say in who brings home a Heavyweight Title victory, and that's all he has to say before going all in with everyone else folding. Doc laughs and flips his cards over, a two and a seven off suit with nothing on the board to help him out...Doc calls everyone a stupid piece of ****, bleeped of course, before collecting the pot and Biff getting shoved out of the door.

Gotta lover our champ. Oh well. High Roller and Juen Lee are up next as we head back into the ring. Juen Lee is out with the Lot who are stumbling around with pints, Lee seems to be a bit nervous as he is, in fact, dressed up like little red riding hood. I would be nervous as to how this match is going to play out honestly. Nate gets to the announce table, drops his pint down and grabs a headset as he is going to "special guest commentate" this match as Mac chaces down a beer vendor.

High Roller comes out with his entourage who quickly move over to the Sheffield Wednesday Lot and intercept them with proposals of free beer if they fetch them a copy of todays program and a Sheffield Wednesday championship jersey signed by both of them as a token of goodwill...the Lot quickly jump the rail and go hunting for those items but I honestly don't think that Sheffield Wednesday have a championship of any sort, I guess the offer of free Beer persuaded them into a losing situation as Juen Lee calls out for them to stop and come back before High Roller blindsides Juen Lee from behind and into a quick rollup. Juen Grabs the ropes and makes for a quick spinning heel kick before he's deposited into a sidewalk slam and followed up by a fist into the forehead and another pin. Lee is out again at 2. Lee is a cheeky bugger, if I can be british for just a moment, but High Roller just has too much height and weight advantage over Lee as he picks him up almost effortlessly and tosses him across the ring by his throat. Shades of Spoiler here, but there's still alot that needs to be seen with this man before anyone can compare him with a force of nature...sure, he's got the size, but the ability? Juen Lee isn't exactly the best test of it.

Oooo...Chokeslam, and High Roller looks to have a sort of advantage now, well, having H.G.Davis & Co. with you and the Sheffield Wednesday Lot away on their hunt for alcohol and a jersey that may or may not exist, I think Lee may be in a bit of trouble right now, especially wearing a rather revealing outfit, the big bad wolf comes huffing and puffing and blows Juen Lee down into the corner after a splash and follows up with a running knee, Lee is on dream street now and massing an offensive against High Roller will take an act of god, and I'm not speaking of the sort of gods Yori worships, god knows what he has in mind tonight anyway, I'm still a little freaked out that he has a plan, it scares the crap out of me it should definately scare the piss out of you. High Roller is setting Lee up and drives Lee's face into the mat with a cobra clutch facebuster. Ref is there for the count and High Roller is the winner.

Winner: (3:19 - Deddy's Cheer) High Roller

Well, Juen Lee just got decimated in the ring and we cut to a recap of the Zero Hour PPV, the Promo vs. Lance Thunder match, the exciting ending of the Gilkison/Roberts matchup, the surprise and extreme finish of the Red/Evitable matchup and the ever so surprising and unexpected but unsurprising end of the Duchess/Silver match. PbPro stands tall, PbPro stands divided, Doc stands champ...not much change, but things might be changing soon as we go to a commercial before our next match.

Commercial Break #2

And we're back and we have a match to remember coming up next, the international icons go up against each other, not out of spite, not out of hate, but out of friendship, they want to enhance their abilities in the ring, they want to tighten their bond, they want to reinforce their tag team strength by facing off against each other in this very ring tonight to see who is the better between the two. This isn't about pride or victory, but rather just an exhibition to keep them on their toes, and of course, the match starts with a friendly handshake between the two, I can't wait for this match to startup and neither can anyone else, a general "lets go icons' chant begins around the arena, the two begin with a collar and elbow tie up, Fusenhoff gets Mason to the corner, gets a five count but releases and backs up to let mason out of the corner, a series of tie ups follow, headlock, reversed into a hammerlock by mason, powering out of it and into a wristlock, rolling out is Ace mason and a legsweep followed by a cover, Fusenshoff kicks out at 2 and both roll to opposing corners and the fans are on their feet cheering.


This match continues to be a technical fest as Fusenshoff begins his early power repoitore against Ace, a powerbomb keeps Ace Mason down for two but Ace is quick to retake the advantage with a Boston Crab after a a dragon screw when he blocked a boot from Fusenshoff, but there is no quit from Fusenshoff as he crawls to the ropes and grabs on to call a break, Ace obliges and allows Fusenshoff to recover a little in his corner, this may be a bad idea but this isn't a match about winners or loser, just friends having a match to test each other and to make each other better, the crowd cheers for both of them, not in encouragement to one man but to both, and its good to see this sort of sportsmanship for once. Fusenshoff takes the advantage with a spinebuster after an irish whip, Fusenshoff follows with an elbow drop and pin but gets two. Fusenshoff is relentless on the assault now and hits a big german suplex, flying elbow drop from the top rope and goes for a pin, Ace is out at 2.

Ace has a few ideas with his fists as he tries to get up, Fusenshoff delivers a nasty sitout powerbomb but Ace isn't giving up after another two count. Fans are on their feet. Ace is being dragged up but a dropkick ends Fusenshoffs plan, Ace is quick on Fusenshoff with an armbar, ace off the ropes and dropkicks Fusenshoff in the head, pin, two count. Amazing ability by Ace as Fusenshoff is up but catches Ace in an attempt for a cross body but gets a fall away body slam, Fusenhoff is preparing Ace for the domination but Ace kicks out of it and hits Fusenshoff with a dropkick and falls on top of him for a count, we get a two count. Crowd is in stitches now. Ace rolls up and hooks Fusenshoff, snap suplex, Ace on Fusenshoff delivering a spike piledriver. Crowd thinks it to be over but Fusenshoff kicks out at the last possible moment. We replay the spike piledriver and we see Fusenshoff bounce off the mat. That should have been it but Fusenshoff has no quit in him. Fusenshoff elbows out of what could have been a straight jacket suplex, instead, grabs Ace's legs and slingshots him into the turnbuckle, Fusenshoff bounces off the ropes, hooks Ace's head and hits a high angle DDT with Ace landing perpendicular to the mat, head bouncing off the mat, Fusenshoff on top for the cover...




Ace kicks out before the hand slaps three and we continue. Ace and Fusenshoff are showing Pay per view type wrestling today and neither of them are willing to give a victory to the other. A few series of punches between the two as they are up on their feet, Fusenshoff ducks one and a backbreaker brings Ace down to the mat, Elbow drop attempt and ace rolls out, knee to the midsection and drapes a leg on the back of Fusenshoffs head and drives it to the mat, we haven't seen this kind of wrestling from Ace but he's giving the fans more than their share tonight with his ability. Ace drags Fusenshoff to the corner and signals to the crowd, the crowd knows whats coming up, Ace goes to the outside and drapes Fusenshoff's leg around the ringpost and delivers a ringpost figure four, the ref is calling for a break and Ace finaly gives one at the four count, hoping to do enough damage, Ace is up on the top rope now as Fusenshoff is slow to his feet. flying clothesline, pinning attempt, 2 count!

Ace is up first and leaning in the corner, Fusenshoff is up and leaning in the corner, both stare at each other, the crowd is roaring, both charge in and attempt a clothesline, they both stumble a little, they both turn at the same time and tie up, Fusenshoff with a headbutt, followed by a t-bone suplex, cover. Ace gets a shoulder up!

we're going to another Commercial break folks! Stay tuned to this exciting match!

Commercial Break #3

We're back to an Ace Mason atomic drop, he's going for the Icing Gavones! This could be it!, Fusenshoff is near the corner and he's reaching, Ace has it strapped in well, Fusenshoff is struggling, Fusenshoff to the ropes! The ref breaks the hold! Ace is backing off and Fusenshoff finaly gets to his feet again, knife edge chop gets the whoo from the crowd, Ace delivers one of his own, whoo!, Fusenshoff gets a knife edge chop, whoo!, Ace tries to deliver one of his own, Fusenshoff grabs his arm, spins him around with his hand holding his arm across Ace's chest and hits a nasty modified German Suplex, both men are down and tired. ref begins the ten count. Fusenshoff is up first and he grabs Ace as he finaly gets to a knee at 9, DDT from Fusenshoff and he quickly applies his ankle lock, Ace is in the middle of the ring, he tries to shrug it off the best he can, Ace is grabbing for anything, Ace is going deep down inside and reaches for all that he has, he spins around and kicks Fusenshoff in the face, Fusenshoff bounces off the ropes and Ace is to his feet, they both go at each other for a tie up but the ref is in between them breaking them apart, the ref calls for the bell as we wait for an announcemtn

the referee called a time limit draw!

Time limit draw at 20:00

Both men look at each other, both extend hands at the same time and shake, then hug each other, Fusenshoff is reaching for a mic and grabs one as the fans are still screaming their heads off at an amazing match. Fusenshoff claims that there is no better man between the both of them and that the tag team is the strongest thing between the two of them, Fusenshoff sais that they failed at winning the tag titles but tonight they proved to be an amazing force and that they want to give more to the crowd, but because of certain outside circumstances, it may be impossible to give another shot, this is not the end but it may be the last for a while, and that they don't know when they will be able to give everyone in here the same effort they gave tonight, it may be sooner, it may be later, Ace finalizes it by saying that whenever it may be that they return, they will be hunting the MBE Tag Team Championship to claim for their trophy case, and the crowd goes wild as they drop the mics and hug each other and slap hands on the way out.

An amazing display between these two competitors and I wish I can see more of it, but what do we get? A shot of promo in his locker room strapping his wrists as we go to a spot for the main event tonight, spots of Roberts/Doc/Andy/Duchess from Zero Hour.


It's time for our singles match pitting members of two tag teams together, as Eric "Super Cool" Hyde go up against Jake McCody of the Thrillbilles, each come out with their respective partners and they are at ringside to root each of their teammates on.

Jake gets the early advantage of this matchup as he powers through a few holds and drops Eric to the mat with a couple power maneuvers, power slam, powerbomb, belly to belly suplex, Eric kicks out at two a few times, Eric is mounting a small comeback with a few chops to the corner but ends up eating an elbow during a splash attempt. Jake runs in for a clothesline and hits it, Jake covers and gets two. Eric Hyde hits a Rock Bottom-esque maneauver before dropping a leg w/ hip thrusting. Eric covers and only gets two from Jake.

The shot goes to the crowd and they see the Sheffield Wednesday Lot walking through the crowd holding up what appears to be a modified jersey of theirs with hand written "1993 Domestic Cup" champions written on the sleeve, in which in reality they lost that match to Arsenal if I am not mistaken, how I know that I do not know. They stumble to ringside and roll into the ring as Jake has Eric in a headlock, Nate has the mic and calls for High Roller's group to come out and give them the free beer they promised for finding this jersey, and that they will not wait until they get their free ****ty domestics that were promised. The crowd is none too happy and neither is Jake or Eirc as they both assault the Sheffield Wednesday Lot, Nate is poinding away at Eric though and manages a suplex on a tired Eric, Boogie Man is in the ring but Hoss Garrison attempts a clothesline on Mac, Mac ducks and hits Boogie Man laying him out and sending him flipping through the air, Mac pokes the eye of Hoss as he turns around and tosses him out of the ring and follows cloesly behind him, Nate drapes the jersey over Jake's head and follows with a few punches to the face, Nate winds up and Eric "Super Cool" Hyde comes into the picture, about to drop a double axe handle from the top but Nate hits the haymaker before he even has the chance and Eric goes crashing to the mat and rolls out of the ring, Jake gets the jersey off and hits a huge belly to belly slam on Nate that sends him out of the ring, Hoss tosses Mac out into the crowd but gets assaulted by Boogie Man as mayhem ensues, the ref finaly throws the match out here.

No Contest

All three teams fight their way up the ramp and into the dressing room as we see Yamada start walking to the ring! our double main event is about to begin as Yamada sets up to meet Promo in the ring, we're going to our last commercial folks, stay tuned for the non stop main event action!

Final Commercial

We're back and Yamada is standing in the middle of the ring eagerly awaiting Promo, we have to wonder just in what condition is Yamada to take on the man that is Promo, Promo is in prime condition and it has been a long time since Yamada has faced a competitor like him, but he looks ready, Yamada has no assistance outside the ring, and when Promo is announced for PbPro, neither is he. Promo is out alone, which is a shocker, but I am quite worried about this. Promo gets in the ring and is immediately in the face of Yamada, they both exchance words, Promo slaps Yamada across the face and puts a finger to Yamada's face, Promo is threatening Yamada but Yamada comes back with a few punches of his own and the match is underway.


Yamada Irish whips Promo to the ropes, Promo counters and delivers a big boot with his boot on Yamda's chest for the pin, extrmely arrogant pin and Yamada kicks out at 2, Promo slaps at the back of Yamada's head a few times, completely disrespecting the japanese legend, Yamada gets to the ropes but Promo is right behind him and begins to choke Yamada out on the ropes, the ref begins to count but Promo grabs the referee by the throat and chokeslams him in the ring! Well thats a way to beat the japanese legend, take out the ref, but I don't think promo is out to win here, and to say that I'm surprised is an overstatement here. Promo grabs Yamada up to a vertical base but Yamada is under promo and takes out promo's legs and applies a leglock, Yamada wont give up on the hold as promo grabs onto the ropes for dear life, until suddenly senior PbPro official Yamaguchi comes out and pulls Yamada off of Promo, Promo begins jawing with Yamaguchi in japanese but Yamaguchi isn't having any of it, Yamaguchi is about to recieve a right hand before Yamaguchi reminds Yamada that he was sent by FreakFish to officiate this match, and that if he lays a hand on him he will be disqualified, I'm no japanese expert, but thats what I am assuming here. Yamada hesitantly obliges, but that is enough for promo to catch Yamda in a promo plex, Yamada is down and clutching the back of his head. Promo is playing to the crowd but his effots get him a beer in the face, Promo exits the ring and grabs the fan in the front row that threw it by the shirt and calls for security to throw him out, which they promptly do, looks like we're down to 4799 fans tonight and Phantasmo won't let up on the fact that this place looks like an empty bingo hall now...guess he can't count very well. Prom is back in the ring but recieves a swift kick to the chest for his troubles, roundhouse to the chin, spiining front kick brings Promo crashing to the floor, pin! Yamaguchi refuses to count, what the hell is this. Cmon now, this is no way to be treating the japanese legend regardless of your affiliation, this referee should be showing respect to this man, instead he is turning his back, he is dishonoring his heritage. Yamada is up and back in the face of Yamaguchi who protests any illegal action against referees, oh yeah, now he enforces the rules. Promo is up and he chop blocks Yamada to all fours and applies a dragon sleeper, and he looks damn proud of it, Yamaguchi is right on Yamada looking for a submission but Yamada is not giving in, Promo drives Yamada face first into the mat and begins walking on Yamada's back, then begins stomping all over him. This is just amazing, Promo stops for a while, discusses things with Yamaguchi before turning back to Yamada, Yamada breaks out of Promo's grab and throws knife edge chops his way, we get a resounding whoo for each one, Yamada goes for the ropes, ducks under a clothesline, amazing handspring sommersault back elbow and promo is down, cover...no count, the fans are starting to throw trash into the ring...this is just a travesty, Yamada is furious with the referee now and starts poking at his shoulder, Yamaguchi is screaming back in japanese for Yamada to back off. Yamada quickly spins around for a side kick, Promo ducks under and applies the fadeout, Yamaguchi doesnt even acknowledge it as he stands there cross armed watching Promo begin to choke the life out of Yamada, not even acknowledging Yamada's eventual tap out, this was a set up all along, A has to be in on this, Freakfish is definately in on this, PbPro is just throwing their weight around and there seems to be no stopping them. Got the life? KoRn? That's Justin Evitable's original entrance theme! The man of a million themes is on the ramp with his original gear on! Singapore cane in hand as he walks down the ramp, Promo and Yamaguchi are too busy laughing and enjoying their work to even realize that this isnt Promo's or PbPro's music, Justin rolls in the ring, Promo's back is turned on Justin and so is Yamaguchi's, Just walks up behind Yamaguchi and taps him on the shoulder, Yamaguchi turns around laughing, but he stops laughing when bamboo meets his head! Justin just layed out Yamaguchi with that singapore cane! Justin walks slowly up to Promo who has a lifeless Yamada in his clutches, Promo throws Yamada down to the mat and stands up raising his hands, he runs for the ropes immediately and tries to get the fans to shut up for cheering him, Promo is asking what the "F", for lack of a better letter, is wrong with these fans.


Promo stomps the ground and screams for them all to shut up, he huffs and spins around quickly to meet Justin nose to nose, the two look at each other intesnely as the crowd goes insane, Justin with singapore cane in hand, Promo with the entirety of the PbPro franchise at his backing, eye to eye now, an inevitable face off is about to occur, but suddenly the cheers die down into boos as FreakFish comes strolling down to ringside, armani suit and all, he rolls in the ring as Justin retreats for a corner and quickly assumes a defensive stance. Freakfish grabs a mic and joins promo at his side. Freakfish begins to announce that Justin has no right to be calling shots and veto'ing any decision just because Justin is the so called PbPro Quintuple Crown Champion, which in last time I checked, Justin won fair and square with an assist from a flame throwing dildo. Never thought I'd ever say that on live television but that seems to have been the case, and people paid to see it, so I'm just recapping old news folks. Justin looks back and forth between FreakFish and Promo before dropping his defensive stance and smirking, Freakfish wants to know what the hell he is smiling about, he also claims that he won't be smiling for long when he has to defend that quintuple crown championship in a gauntlet match against ten former Quintuple Crown champions next week. The crowd boos at this decision and I am 100% behind them, because that's a huge set up waiting to happen and quite frankly, I'm sick of PbPro set ups.

Justin begins laughing and Freakfish and Promo become furious, wanting to know why Justin is lauhging about that proposal when he should be worried, Justin snatches away the mic from Freakfish who gives a look of shock, Promo looks ready to strike but Justin swings the singapore cane at his face holding him back, telling the wild man to keep his cool before he eats his own medicince, and boy I cannot wait for that to happen finaly. Not like I havent seen Promo get his before, but jeez, I would love to see him cut open and beaten with that thing, just my 2 cents on the situation. Justin claims that one of those ten prvious Quintuple Crown Chapions has something to say about that.

Hiroshima Comes to Disneyland! Hida Yakamo! Hida Yakamo is here! He is a former PbPro Quintuple Crown Champion, and just like the stipulation, he is one of the ten previous winners! Looks like FreakFish forgot about that one detaily, Hida comes down to ringside soft cast on his arm from the previous break and rolls in as Justin tosses the mic over to him, Hida thanks his friend who stands by him, Hida gets on the mic and calls Freakfish right off the bat an overdressed and underskilled businessman, and that he refuses to participate in that match because he is a multiple time holder of the Quintuple Crown championship, and that freakfish's plan has failed.

FreakFish tries to get the mic back but Hida proclaims that he is not done. Hida pushes Freakfish back with his good hand and tells Freak that he needs to get back because he still has enough strength to drop him with a Hidadriver in which he proclaims, OH THE HUMANITY! man was it good to hear that again. Hida also mentions that FreakFish's attempt at claiming MBE and its television program as his own will end here tonight, and by the hands of a Yakamo, but not by Hida.

Freakfish stumbles around at the ropes and finaly gets a mic for his own and asks Hida what exactly does he mean by that, seeing as Hida owns absolutely zero of the company, how he can be making such claims, Justin and Hida look at each other and then back and a perplexed Promo and Freakfish, Hida gets back on the mic and tells FreakFish that Justin, as the current PbPro Quintuple Crown Champion has been scouring the united states for a new network to begin broadcasting this amazing company. Freakfish wants to know how such a abomination of a champion could possibly handle any sort of day to day operations that don't involve his own bowels. Hida tells Freakfish to get a better writer for material before he calls out his brother Yori! And Yori....oh my god...is coming out naked...with a goat....on a leash....what the hell....

The crowd is in stitches as they have to witness a doped out Yori on qualludes leading out a goat, naked, in turn being lead out on a leash by smitty, this is just weirdness, Hida and Justin clear the ring, and rightfuly so, as they begin to head back up the ramp, leaving smitty, Yori and the Goat, with Yori butt naked, they get the goat in the ring with a little push from the Bassoon section of the previously fired Thai Hooker Marching Band. Yori is on the stick, and I honestly should not have used that term, but Yori is now giving FreakFish a little speech about how he fell for his trick with Ayako, how he has been left out to dry in his own company because of FreakFish's and PbPro's crap, but today he has come up with his best creation for all mankind and it's genitalia, which will get MBE thrown off this network and end FreakFish's attempt to claim dominance of televised wrestling. Freakfish calls his attempts a mere bluff and that there's no possible way that he will go through with it, and that no network will pick us up if he attempts anything. Yori says oh contrare to that and proclaims that he has discovered a new cream that will win the heart of Ayako and find the back of her uterus at the same time...I don't think that was very appropriate to say, and I'm sure the FCC are now scrambling to action as we speak...Freakfish has no words and Yori continues speaking proclaiming that he has come up with the worlds greatest penis enhancing cream, as he pulls out a tube of some sort out of literaly nowhere, ROBOYORI is there at his side and asks Yori "GOAT NEED MILKING?", Yes roboyori, apparently it does according to yori, who dabs ROBOYORI's cold metal hands with whatever it is in the tube and....oh my...folks....FreakFish and Promo have just cleared the ring, and I am about to clear my stomach...I cannot repeat what we have just witnessed, and...oh my...from what I have just been informed, we are forced to cut this show short according to certain sources, we still have our main event to announce, and well...I don't know what to say, I'm about to gag and I'll just have to get Biff Bentley to do an MBE.com exclusive on the main event sometime later today because we are cutting the cameras now...please god let me sleep tonight after what I just witnessed....

Fade to MBE logo

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