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The Wrestling Chronicle's WNW Report- 9/6/06

Yori Yakamo jr

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Jun 4, 2005
Nutmeg State
The Wrestling Chronicles WNW Report
Live from The Mullins Center, Amherst, MA

Burke back in the bleachers to bring you the blow by blow from MBEs second show back. After last weeks effort the net has been buzzing about the various hits and misses witnessed in the re-launch and this week we get to see if they can keep the good stuff good and learn from the bad. Last week had a guaranteed audience of MBE faithful and wrestling fans in general to see if the product could live up to the hype, but now that the curtain is up the next few weeks will be very important in determining how big (or small) the fanbase for the new MBE is going to be when the smoke clears.

Got to Amherst earlier than expected and noticed a line outside the Mullins Center. They were a couple thousand seats short of selling out (last number I heard was 7200 and change sold), but its a pretty big arena and an ambitious way to hit the road away from The Friendly Confines. Its a lot like last week with many of the wrestlers outside before the doors open up, but this time they had a camera crew as well. Sources mentioned something about shooting for an upcoming DVD, but that is unconfirmed. This weeks rumored no show was Promo, but he arrived with heavy security about 10 minutes before bell time. Cutting it close there, but better late than never.

Theyve already started tinkering with the set a little bit, but that may just be due to the larger venue. Theyve gone with an old school WCW style ramp all the way to the ring this week, which is the first thing I notice as I get to my seat. Very cool. That takes me way back and always offered great potential for innovative spots. Be interesting to see if this lasts or if they are just testing it out. National Anthem starts at 8:55 and were headed to TV right on time.


The cameras swing around through the crowd (would actually love to see them do something to distinguish themselves there) as Tillrules and Dr. P. welcome the viewing audience. Highway to Hell sends the crowd into a frenzy as Andy Gilkinson storms the ring. Moving with a PURPOSE is Andy this week. Too much purpose actually, as he grabs the mic so hard that it flies half way across the ring. Andy is on though and plays it off, standing there while the ring announcer gets it for him. Andy waits for the crowd to quiet down and demands that Promo be a man for once in his life and come out without any back up. He tells the ref to let the men settle this one, guaranteeing that he wont be able to keep things within the rules. After a LONG stall Promos music hits and he steps out on the ramp in street clothes. Uh oh. Crowd is NOT happy. Promo has a mic of his own and he says that his lawyers have advised him not even to show up at MBE events until he is awarded at the very least a shot at the title that he still claims ownership over. Crowd lets him have it for that one. He said that until MBE shows him the respect he deserves he wont set foot in a ring. Bit of a worked shoot there as we reported as early as Friday night that things werent totally smoothed out with Promos contract. Looks like they worked things out though if they are going with this angle. Andy flips out and challenges Promos manhood in VERY colorful fashion, but the former champ is having none of it. Andy accepts this in stride, by which I mean he tears ass out of the ring and up the ramp chasing Promo all the way out of the building to where he has a car waiting. Andy punches at the trunk as the car peels off.

Good angle that got the crowd hot, but theyre going to have to be VERY careful with the bait and switch game with Promo. The guy is already the number one heel in the organization and I understand that they want the crowd hating him, but too much of this will get the wrong kind of heat. Theyre walking a fine line.



Were still backstage and Yamada isnot pleased. He confronts Team Yori (who are - shock of the night here - in various states of undress). Yamada declares that the tag match with Cox and RoboYori is next to which Smitty complains that RoboYoris motherboard is fried and they need more time to fix him. Yamada is having none of it and demands to speak to Yori himself. Smitty tentatively leads him to the bathroom where Yori is kneeling before the porcelain God and enjoying his daily vomit session. Disgusted, Yamada storms out.

Duchess and Jimmy Donovan are out first and they make a striking couple. After all the years of being called a whore by everyone trying to make a name for himself its nice to see Duchess working with a guy who actually has nothing but the utmost respect for the worlds oldest profession. The next team out is comprised of a porn star and a full size sex robot. I just wanted to type that. No robot though as Michael J. takes the ring alone looking none too happy. The ref signals for the bell and it looks like weve got a handicap match. Donovan makes a big display of giving Duchess the ladies first treatment and Cox is quick to attempt to touch her with pretty much every part of his body. Its not wrestling so much as it is a full body grope and he pays for it as Duchess takes control with an armdrag. Once on the mat she concentrates on working over the neck and back with a nice combination of actual holds supplemented by elbows, knees and kicks. Duchess is about as aggressive as Ive ever seen her here which leads me to believe that Cox has her especially riled up

no, not that way.

Cox battles back to his feet, but Duchess slows him down with a headlock. His greasy hair enables him to shove Duchess off and on the rebound Donovan makes the blind tag. Duchess slides through Coxs legs and the cowboy catches him with a heavy right. He whips him literally from pillar to postwell, post to post as there arent many pillars in the ring tonight. Ive heard crowds count along with punches and even German suplexes, but with Irish Whips? Thats a new one. And he delivers 10 because once you start down that road its hard not to finish. Cox crumbles and Donovan lays in the boots before dragging him to the corner and tagging in Duch. She comes off the ropes with an elbow and goes for the pin, but Cox slips out. Common problem.

A commotion draws the fans attention from the ring to the entrance as Smitty and Riki help RoboYori to the ring. The robot is smoking and sputtering, but making some decent progress between dance breaks. Its actually a lot like the first BattleBowl with the Buddy Lee Parker thing and the crowd is in on the joke, chanting for RoboYori. Cox actually stages a comeback in the ring, nailing a low blow on Donovan and then hitting a beautiful standing rana on Duchess off the apron, but he is too gassed to take advantage. Donovan recovers and rolls him back into the ring for some more punishment. He nails the bulldog and then puts a serious hurt on Cox with The Black and Blue Balls. He goes for the pin, but Cox has a leg on the rope. Donovan complains to the official which allows Cox to roll out of the ring. Duchess catches him with a patented low blow of her own though and rolls him back in for the pin. RoboYori FINALLY makes it down to the ring (as the reason behind the WCW style ramp becomes painfully obvious) and breaks up the pin by launching a small vibrator out of its chest at Donovan. The Cowboy freaks and leaves the ring, tagging Duchess along the way. She enters, dropkicking Cox into a dancing RoboYori on the ramp. The robots arm smashes down across Coxs head sending the porn star through the ropes the floor. The ref counts it as a legal tag. Smitty and Riki aid RoboYori through the ropes, but this goes badly and RoboYori ends up prone on his back in the ring. Duchess grimaces and gets on top of the robot for the three count.

WINNERS: Duchess and Cowboy Jimmy Donovan (Duchess > RoboYori: pinfall - 8:09)

Weird booking there, but I imagine Ill be saying that a lot if they go the route of actually booking the sexbot in matches rather than using him as backstage comic relief. The handicap match section was actually quite good as Cox took a great ****kicking and still was allowed to shine a bit in his comeback.

Commercial 2

We come back from commercial and the intrepid Biff Bentley is inverviewing AJ Cirrus backstage. The Canadian promises another broken bone for Jogi Fresh tonight, but cant finish the thought as Andy G. rushes the set and attacks AJ. They brawl for a good minute before security can break it up. Bentley actually takes a pretty nasty shot and drops like a dead man. Im so glad Im Tivoing this as I want to see that again. The rent-a-cops finally get control of the scene and somehow the heel is left to take a cheap shot at Andy, who is being restrained. He is summarily escorted from the building as AJ retreats to his locker room.

Back to ringside and weve got El Terrible Segundo in the ring waiting on his opponent. Doc Silver is out next to a rousing chorus of boos from the Amherst crowd. Mostly college kids in attendance and while Doc has pockets of fans all over the country, most of them are a little older than the ones he is playing to tonight. Want to mention here that another great detail theyve added is the addition of time limits to the ring announcements. Its another small thing that shows that MBE is once again focusing on the wrestlingand the sexbots. Its come to a point where when a time limit is announced its an automatic clue that were gonna see a time limit draw, but doing it for every match makes it less predictable and gives everything a more legit feel.

Till and Dr. P. are both still getting used to calling some of the more outlandish stuff and seem much more at home here as Doc takes control early and sets the pace for the match, controlling with a headlock early on. He makes sure to get his signature eye gouge in at every opportunity as the MBE refs are still suitably clueless when necessary. El Terrible counters with a backdrop suplex out of nowhere and Doc takes a powder only to eat a flying space tiger drop! Holy crap and the crowd is going off. Both guys are out and its time for another commercial.



Back in the ring and Terrible is in control with some crazy European submission that one of the geeks is already emailing me about with the proper name. Ill call it the Terrible Lock for now  looks like a mixture of a full nelson and an abdominal stretch or something. This gives the production truck a great opportunity to show the crap out of the flying space tiger drop replay, which Im all in favor of. Man, he hit that perfectly. I smell a new clip for the opening credits.

Back to live action and Silver is able to reach the ropes with his feet. He takes a jumping knee to the face from Terrible (just ow) but rolls out of the way of a second attempt, which leaves the Spaniard rolling on the mat clutching his knee. Doc smells blood and attacks like a bastard, throwing everything hes got at the knee, which is smart as he has definitely had more than a taste of what Terrible can do with two good legs. When he runs out of creative ways to hurt the knee (havent seen the Stretch Muffler in a while) he resorts to simply kicking the crap out of it. Silver then slides out of the ring and grabs a chair. He brings it in right in front of the ref, who liberates it from him, but as he is placing it back at ringside Doc takes the opportunity to smash Terribles leg into the steps. Back in and he signals for the Figure Four only to be wrapped up in a small package for a 2 count that fools the entire arena. GREAT kick out by Doc who loses his temper and walks right into a one legged dropkick by Segundo. He follows that up with a lightening fast elbow drop and a pin. Doc kicks out again. Crowd is way into the comeback. Terrible backs Doc into the corner with a series if European uppercuts and then sends him across the ring. His leg gives out though and Doc is able to stop his momentum before hitting the corner. He turns and charges Terrible, who shows he was playing possum and leaps for the Diamond Cutter. Doc is too fresh though and catches him, driving him into the corner where he ties Terrible in the Tree of Woe. Nice spot there. He nails a baseball slide dropkick and just lets Terrible fall to the mat. He measures as Segundo struggles to his feet and then floors him with The River, spiking the knee once more for good measure. Im sort of surprised he didnt find a way to work a bladejob into the move to be honest.

WINNER: Doc Silver (The River -> Pinfall  11:27)

Good match with lots of in ring action and some great psych from DocS. If MBE can deliver a few matches of this caliber on a regular basis I can see them holding onto the curiosity fanbase despite the fact that some of the MBE names arent here for this incarnation of the fed.

After the match a bike messenger (yes) meets Doc Silver on the rampway and delivers an envelope to him. Doc opens it and reads the contents. Furious he crumples it up and storms backstage, tossing the paper to the side.

Backstage a PA tells AJ Cirrus there is something wrong with his rental car. AJ grabs a security guard on the way to the car saying that if its Gilkinson he wants him fired.

Commercial 4

After the break we are taken to the parking lot where AJ Cirrus is cautiously walking to his car. When he gets there he finds his Lincoln Town Car the recipient of a very recent paint job (as in, globs of paint still dripping off to the pavement). The artwork is something out of the Dukes of Hazzard, although if you look close youll notice the Union Jack on top of the car rather than the Rebel flag. AJ pitches a fit at this indignation, although Id say that most guys watching the show mouthed the word cool as soon as they saw it. Coincidentally (wink wink) The Sheffield Wednesday Lot are enjoying a cold beverage in the parking lot (hello open container laws) and they offer their help to AJ in finding the perpetrator of this heinous act  for a price. Both Marion and Nate agree that this can only be the work of The Thrillbillies and that with the proper motivation theyll be very happy to punish them suitably during their match later tonight. AJ is about to agree when Juen Lee climbs out of a nearby dumpster covered in orange paint complaining of fumes. AJ tells The Lot that he doesnt have time for their nonsense (he got bleeped, but Im pretty sure thats what he said) now but sooner or later hell deal with them. Bad turn of events for the hooligans which they decide to take out on poor Juen.

Back inside Yamada has assembled security yet again (man, these guys are getting more face time than anyone else in the promotion this week) and he demands that they stay alert and vigilant during tonights main event. He warns them that despite Andys removal from the building (which we all know is binding now and forever) that AJ Cirrus has many enemies and he doesnt want his main event to be marred by interference from ANYONE.

Yamadas assistant then arrives with a phone saying that PBPro is on the line for him. Yamada dismisses security and takes the call. Its obvious that he is being read the riot act and he assures the caller that Ezeki will be treated with the utmost respect tonight. Thats a dangerous promise to make when Irishred is involved and doubly so with Yori Yakamo within 100 miles of the ring, much less in the same building.

Speak of the devil, Yamada just barely has the phone hung up before Yori bursts into the office, claiming that Doc Silver tried to set him on fire. Doc strolls in behind him, smoking a cigarette. Doc says he only wanted to talk to Yori, but the poor guy seems a little, you know, not himself. I think Doc means high on drugs. Your mileage may vary. Yamada counters that this seems all pretty normal for Yori. Doc shrugs and says that he just wants to actually do something to piss of management if management is gonna have it in for him. Yamada says he already doesn't like Doc, so he must be doing something right. Yamada's secretary buzzes in and says Justin Evitable is on the phone for him. Yamada says to tell him he is out to lunch. Which is what Justin is if he thinks he'll ever be employed by this organization again. Yori blurts out 'Oh yeah, I just hired Justin Evitable.' Yamada is aghast and asks why. Yori responds because the talking car in the parking lot told me too. Doc decides to leave those two alone to work this one out for themselves. Apparently when Yori was running away from firebreathing Doc Silver and his band of bloodsucking vampire gnomes (ya got me) he escaped into the auxilary parking lot where he asked for help from God. God answered in the form of a talking Yugo who told him if he hired Justin Evitable, he would be safe forever and his penis would grow another three inches. And it did! Charming.

While all this has been happening the ring ropes have been removed for the Sumo Match and Tillrules lets us know that Irishred vs. the PBPro Quintuple Crown Champion is NEXT!

Commercial 5


Red is announced and heads to the ring in sumo gear. Yow. Get that man a tanning bed. STAT! God bless Donnelle. I think those Doc Martins are going to have to come off before the match. Red seems less than pleased with the sumo set up, which would make sense as this type of match will seriously inhibit his instincts, especially against a former grand champion.

Ezeki is out next and again  this guy is a monster. Like, he ate Yokozuna for dinner and topped it off with half a Behemoth for dessert. His entrance takes FOREVER as Yamada has clearly spared no expense in doing his part to show respect to the PBPro contingent. Seriously, its been like 5 minutes and he is just getting into the ring. Its going to take another 2 to clean up all the confetti and streamers. Crowd isnt really sure how to deal with all of this but they seem content to stare at the mass of humanity in front of them for now.

The official gives the rules. Its a sumo match with a circle taped off in the ring. First guy out loses. Thats the important stuff anyway. Ezeki goes through the standard practice of throwing salt and Red initiates his standard practice of pissing all over what someone else holds dear by walking across the ring and interrupting. Ezekis entourage jump in the way but Red explains that he just wants some salt to pay some respects of his own. Ezeki grants him a handful and Red tosses it over his shoulder and mocks a sumo pose. Ezeki shrugs off Reds insult and rolls his considerable neck.

Both men get into position and the official calls for the bell. Ezeki charges Red but is met with half a handful of salt to the eyes and a punch in the mouth. He staggers back, blind as Red prepares for a second attack, but the official steps in the way as Ezekis entourage rushes the ring. The two men are separated and Red is officially warned as we go to another commercial.


Aaaaaaaaaand were back. Ezekis eyes have been flushed out and were going to try this one more time. Yamada watches from a luxury box, his handkerchief never leaving his forehead. The official calls for the bell and this time Ezekis approach is more cautious. For that alone Reds ploy was a success. As for Red, well, you cant say the guy has ever backed down from a fight, can you. He storms right up to the giant and goes chest to belly, talking trash the whole time. The crowd eats that up. Ezeki nonchalantly gives him a belly bump which sends Red teetering at the edge of the circle before he regains his balance and charges back at the champ. Ezeki shows AMAZING speed by dodging and Red nearly eliminates himself. He turns to find Ezeki looming and the two finally lock up and it looks like this one is over. Ezeki just pushes Red to the edge of the circle, but Red finds some grit and is able to hold off the inevitable just long enough for his fingers to find the sumos eyes for a healthy rake. With the inch that provides Red decides to go that extra mile and kicks Ezeki in the nuts. Alrighty then. Immediate disqualification and Yamada has a mile coronary. The crowd eats it up as Ezeki falls to a knee. His cornermen are around him immediately but he shrugs them off as he regains his composure. He is announced as the winner via disqualification as Red smirks and shrugs off of the loss.

WINNER: Ezeki (Disqualification  5:13)

Ezeki finally snaps and grabs Red hard from behind. He smashes his head into the back of Reds three times and then nails him with an inverted gourdbuster. US fans know that move as The Champagne Supernova made famous by he who shall not be mentioned during MBE recaps, but the move just looks that much more devastating with close to 600 pounds behind it. Ezeki tosses Red from the ring as the crowd starts to litter the ring with debris. Yamada suffers a stroke. Ezeki isnt done yet though as he moves to the edge of the ring and actually dives (falls really) off on top of Red obliterating him with a splash. That might have been more nasty than the flying space tiger drop from before. Place just goes silent. I mean, absolutely silent. Red is dead. He has to be. Good God that is a sick move for both of those guys. Ezeki slowly leaves the ringside area with his peeps as the meds rush the ring to tend to Red. A show and a half in and weve got our first stretcher job of the new era. Red is coughing up blood and they actually cut away from him to Till and Dr. P. That was absolutely brutal.

Commercial 7

Back from commercial and Till lets us know that Red is being rushed to a local hospital and that well be updated as they are. We see the splash replayed as the ring crew puts the ropes back up. I mean, he just crushed him. Theres really no other way to put it. If youre in one of the markets where they run the Saturday replay and you skipped the show tonight, check it out just for this. Seriously. We also find out that the decision has been officially reversed and Ezeki has actually been DQd which will NOT sit well with the PBPro boys.

Dr. P. interrupts Till by saying that one of his underlings was able to secure the crumpled up note that Doc Silver was handed after his match and that he can confirm that Doc has been invited to something called an Orifices Wide Shut Party next week in the office of Yori Yakamo Jr.

Awkward silence meets this announcement, as well it should.

Fortunately that is broken by the singing of The Sheffield Wednesday Lot who make their way to the ring for their tag match against The Thrillbillies, who come out next. The two big men start it out with Gentleman Nate quicky tying Hoss up in a cheap imitation of the famed Terrible Lock. His version, however, involves a leg scissors. Jake is in quick to break it up and Mac figures if were going to play that way he might as well run in with a bag of dirt and clear the ring. OK then. Ref warns Mac back to his corner and we start again. This time as Nate is going for some kind of octopus stretch Hoss is able to counter with a knee to the gut and summons some MULLET POWER which he uses to drive Nate down with a bionic elbow. Kind of early in the match for that kind of showboating, but Ill take any reference to Dusty I can get.

Hoss tags out to Jake who quickly floors Hoss with a rana and follows that up with a springboard legdrop. He goes for the pinfall but thats a mistake as Nate is able to counter a simple lateral press into a modified surfboard which sees his knee in the small of Jakes back, one arm looped around his ankle, the other around his throat and his fingers interlocked. I tapped out instinctively. He drags Jake to the corner and tags in Dont Call Me Marion who kicks Jake in the face. About 20 times. Id be more descriptive if there was more to describe. Hoss is all well if he charged in with a bag of dirt and charges in with a ridiculous lariat that actually flips Mac completely. Nate comes in and rocks Hoss with a German suplex, but then eats a missile dropkick from Jake. Marion then calls in Juen who makes good use of the bag o dirt by smacking Jake in the face with it which finally brings on the DQ. Boooo for that as this was shaping up as a fun little tag.

WINNERS: The Thrillbillies (Juen Lees Bag of Dirt to Jakess face -> Disqualification  6:58)

The bell doesnt really mean anything to anyone at this point though as all five continue to brawl. Shockingly security is NOT immediately present to break it up (they must be taking a union enforced break). The teams scuffle out onto the ramp and finally we get the bump the rampway has been teasing us with all night as Marion gets whipped off of the ramp by both Billies and crashes through a well placed table. Perfectly fine as a set up to something bigger, but the world demands a battle of Marion and Hosss versions of the Garvin Stomp!


We get another ad for MBE Awakenings with the MBE Tag Title Belts featured prominently.

Commercial 8

Back outside the arena as we pan across the parking lot. We land on a suspiciously parked Yugo next to one of the main entrances. The vomit on the bumper is a sure sign that Yori Yakamo Jr. has been here. Justin Evitable does a GI Joe roll out from the shadows and gives an overtly complex series of knocks to the Yugos right quarterpanel. Another series of complex knocks answers from inside the hood of the car followed by a disgustingly hacking cough. Justin stands, looks around, and opens the hood to reveal one of his trusty hobos where the Yugos engine once resided. They shake hands and tonight Justin promises Moons Over My Hammy for everyone!

We rush back inside to where recovering reporter Biff Bentley tries to get a word from The Thrillbillies. Before they can wax poetic on their DQ win tonight though The Lot are at themwith weapons. Nate (now wearing his helmet) wields a metal pipe while Marion (a large splinter of wood still sticking out of his back in the disgusting image of the night) has what appears to be a brick. Juen is present with his bag of dirt and a folding chair. The Billies dont back down though, grabbing some handy 2X4s and its a Mexican standoffwith South Carolina meets Sheffield flair. Cowboy Jimmy Donovan evens the numbers for the hicks as he bumrushes the Lot from the side with a bullrope complete with cowbell and its breaking loose all up in Amhersts grill. And now security arrives again as we get to hear all sorts of awesome southern and British slang, none of which is repeatable in the least but its confusing enough that the censors dont bleep it.

Tillrules hypes the main event (which is NEXT!!!) before the commercial break.

Commercial 9


Jogi Fresh is announced first and comes out looking pretty badass with his entourage flanking him and a towel over his head. Doing the old Tyson thing and it works. He gets a very hetero rub down in the corner as Linkin Park announces the arrival of The Angry Canadian. AJ looks naked without Promo by his side, but he covers that up with the old MBE Unified Championship Belt. What a dick. Awesome. Jogis boys hold him back as both guys stare one another down during the ring announcements. Till runs down the history between the two and really sets this up as a huge grudge match, adding a feeling of importance to things that doesnt come off as forced despite the fact that were only two weeks in to this thing. Nice camera work to focus on the leg Jogi had broken at AJs hands as Till describes the injury and Jogis recovery.

The bell rings and were off. Jogi takes the early advantage by throwing fists. Hes too quick for AJ to dodge and after a series of lefts he drops the Canadian with a wild right. AJ hits the outside to regroup but walks into Team Jogi and scrambles back into the ring for more punishment as Jogi peppers him with some more jabs then sends him into the ropes, launching him HIGH with a backdrop. Someone ate their Wheaties this morning. AJ is up quick but finds himself quickly leveled with a running clothesline and this one looks like squash city from the start. Jogi bounds up to his feet and bounces back and forth from one to the other calling AJ on. Cirrus gathers himself and springs towards The Fresh One to take him down, but Jogi just catches him and shakes his head. He tosses AJ to the side and tells him to bring it better than that. AJ says some naughty words and exits the ring. He grabs the Unified Title and takes a walk up the ramp, telling Jogi and all the fans to stick it. Security makes yet another appearance on the ramp and the MBE Tron fires up with Yamada telling AJ that if he walks he is in breach of contract and will be terminated and taken to court. Damn. Nice use of the authority figure just trying to put on a wrestling show rather than siding with all heels or all faces for once. AJ says MORE bad words and we go to commercial.

Commercial 10


Back to the action and AJ has taken control during the commercial, no doubt by nefarious means. We see a replay and indeed that is the case as it was a poke in the eyes that initially swung the advantage AJs way. He stays on top through some choice dickery that would make Doc Silver jealous. The bootlaces to the eyes is always a personal favorite of mine and AJ does the move proud. He keeps the advantage with a series of crisp looking suplexes as Security watches from the ramp. AJ transitions into a nice abdominal stretch (rope assisted of course) that further saps Jogi. This goes on for a while, AJ digging the point of his elbow into Jogis ribs for good measure, until the ref catches AJ cheating, kicks his hand off of the rope and Fresh counters with an armdrag. AJ is up quickly, but he takes issue with the ref, which allows Jogi to roll him up for a two count. AJ gets up again, but Jogi goes all Cobra Kai and sweeps the leg. He mounts and fires away, the crowd getting more and more hot with each punch. Its all AJ can do to cover up. Finally he is able to squirm out with another shot to the eyes, which blinds Jogi. AJ is up and charges, but Fresh sees him coming at the last second and graps him for a spinning side slam, which takes the ref out. Ugh, ref bump, although its the only one of the night, so I can handle it. AJ stumbles around right into a choke by Jogi which leads to The Freshness. Jogi covers, but the ref is still getting his **** together and its the dreaded visual pinfall  things dont look good for Jogi. The crowd counts three, which wakes the ref up. He gets into position and gets to two before AJ weakly raises an arm. Jogi makes the cardinal sin of arguing the count, which gives AJ the chance to clip the knee from behind. He then clamps on a half crab a la Lance Storm and Jogi is dead meat in the middle of the ring. This brings one of the security guards down to ringside, which only seems weird until he takes of his hat and wig and is revealed to be Andy Gilkison! The crowd erupts and AJ freaks. He releases the hold and lunges for Andy on the apron, but Andy drops him across the top rope throat first. AJ flails backwards into Jogi who nails The Freshness again and scores the 1,2, 3!

WINNER: Jogi Fresh (Freshness -> Pinfall  12:02)

Jogi hasnt had enough though and immediately locks AJ up in a Fujiwara armbar. He screams that he is going to break AJs arm. Andy rushes the ring and creams Jogi? Whoah. Nice psych there as Andy wants AJ all to himself. Jogis entourage aint having none of that **** and they charge the ring and start stomping Andy. Security is in the ring yet again and its a melee. Meanwhile AJ Cirrus scrambles out the backdoor, grabs his BS title and hustles up the ramp where he watches the fight in the ring with a smile on his face. Andy and Jogi break free from the crowd and tumble out of the ring in a death grip, pounding away at eachother as we fade to black.

The Wrap Up
Solid second effort here. Lots of great in ring stuff with The Thrillbillies and The Lot (a little too short and sweet), Doc and El Terrible and the main event. The sumo match did what it should have and even the match with the sex robot was totally watchable. The Andy/Promo angle was OK, but if you book a match, give us a match  especially if you promote that match for a week. Points off there, but Ill keep an open mind as I wait to see how they pay this off. The Yori stuff is still way out there, but its been mostly kept to the back and has actually been used to further angles (who else would hire Justin Evitable?), so its working for me. Again, enough here to warrant checking out the replay if you can, otherwise Id suggest tuning in next week and giving MBE a chance as they really are offering something for everyone at this point. And now a new feature as I offer up my WNW Review Rewards:

Match of the Night  AJ Cirrus vs. Jogi Fresh
Bump of the Night  El Terrible IIs Flying Space Tiger Drop on Doc Silver
Line of the Night  Duchess really has her hands full with Cox right now. - Tillrules

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