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Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
"...you're not ready for me, Cameron Cruise..."

fade- in:

[small]He was sitting on a stool, in a regulation sized boxing ring, dressed in boxing shorts, training shoes, and no shirt. On one of the ring posts... was his CSWA Presidential Championship. Sean shot a glance over at it before returning his focus to the camera... smirking.[/small]

"You know... it's funny though, Cam... I heard Eli Flair mentioning something one day, about everything always leading back to Hornet. No matter what goes on... what happens... who gets screwed in this daily soap opera we call our profession... it always came back to Hornet. Well see, I don't have that luxury, Cruise... before I won that Presidential title over there... Hornet probably didn't know who I was. Not because I wasn't good enough... but, because in the CSWA... if your name isn't Love, Windham, Flair, or Hornet... it's hard to get noticed. And, when you do... the upper echelon - if THAT's what you want to call 'em... they pretend you don't exist."

"...if they don't acknowledge your presence... then they'll never find themselves in a situation where they HAVE to prove how good they REALLY are... and, nothing unexpected can happen, to knock them off their high horses."

"But, see... all of that is about to change real soon, Cruise... because leading the pack of future CSWA superstars... is me. And, that's not false confidence, Cruise... it's fact."

"Want proof?"

"Why don't you look over at that turnbuckle once again. ...and, let me help you... it's called a championship belt. I'm sure you remember what one looks like, right? I mean, once upon a time... a long, long time ago... you were a champion, right? That IS why you think you deserve this shot you're getting, isn't it? That IS why you think you stand a chance, correct?"

[small]A wide, arrogant smile crept up on his face, as he removed a white towel, which was draped over his shoulder, and hurled it at the camera.[/small]

"B#tch, please..."

"Cameron, I don't owe you a damned thing... because YOU are part of the reason I was held back so long. Eli had Windham, Hornet, and Love... me? I've got you. A here today, gone today, talentless a## waste of valuable CSWA roster space."

"When was the last time you even wrestled a match, Cam?"

"What gives you the right to waltz your punk a## back in here, demanding, like you're owed something? Flair says everything always comes back to Hornet... well THAT's his story... everything in my CSWA career always comes back to YOU."

"...and, THAT in itself is enough to make you point and pull the trigger."

"You were my first CSWA opponent Cruise... you picked me out of a handful of rookies to use as an example, and on that day... you did. Then, when my star started rising... you decided to return from another one of your famous hiatuses... and, make a name for yourself at my expense... and, even though you failed, and failed miserably... it didn't stop you from trying again a little while later, did it?"

[small]Sean got up from his stool, walked over to the post, where his belt was dangling, grabbed it, and draped it over his shoulder.[/small]

"And, now... you're back. But, this time... the stakes are higher. I'm no longer a rising star... I'm a champion. And, no matter what they tabloids want to tell you about a guy like Hornet, or Windham, or Love... I'm the best this business has to offer. You see me as your meal ticket back to the top, don't you, Cruise? Because once upon a time, you beat me... because you're the guy who knows me the most in the CSWA... well that's cool. I'm okay with you thinking you're gonna beat me. That I'm your way back to noteriety... because, honestly..."

"...all I see when I look at you... is another victim..."

fade- to- black


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
Someone is going blind....

(fadein, the gym. Cruise has more or less used just about every related excercise item in the room and has been sweating PROFUSELY, for the last five to seven minutes. Walking over to the A/C, Cruise flips it from low to medium and sits under the vent for a minute, feeling the cool air.)

CC: A rush. That's one thing that has fresh air, and Wrestling in common. 'Specially (motioning to the disaster spread around the room), right after a workout. It gives you a rush...a feeling that spreads throughout your body.

(Cruise stands up, slowly walking around the room, picking up an occasional piece of equipment.)

But just like fear...it can give you chills.

However, you don't seem to fear very much now do you? I mean, you claim a championship that in all essence...was never EVER yours.

(walking past a punching bag, he pulls a few jabs before continuing on.)

You said that I was making a name for myself at your expense. Well Sean, maybe because it was...and still IS...my time. Why? Because I paid my dues for it. I was the one who had to suffer at jobbing over and over to "Good un-GODly" Kevin Powers, only for him to be whining at Merritt for a title that frankly, is WAY too out of reach. Not you. *I* was the one who had to sit back and watch while Merritt made the most IDIOTIC move of his career in this business and give air time to scum-sucking morons like Eliminator, and Rapman. Not you. And Randy Harders?? Tch...I'm not even going to touch that one. You see what I'm trying to get in that thick skull of yours Triple X? Now, before you can even try, let me answer a couple of those 'Gee-golly-whiz wally?' questions that you can never seem to quit asking....

(Cruise walks over to a mirror and mocks)

Lord? If you're listening....why me? How come every time I turn around, Cameron Cruise is there? Why won't he leave me be? I earned my spot...albeit the man never REALLY lost his belt, but why me? Why can't he bother Mikey Plett? Or Gemini?

Quite simple, pal. Because I can. Because you're there.

(Cruise mocks quickly again)

Because you 'complete me' (waves it off). Whatever.

I do have to agree with you on one thing though Triple X. You heard that Eli proclaimed all things around here to lead back to Hornet. No different here, kid. Not getting it yet? Maybe it's because I'm bitter that it was HORNETS' FAULT, that I let the title get away from me. That Hornet needed a way to get back some attention that he was losing, worrying about money so he poked his ugly mug in my business? Most likely, but the fact of the matter is, is that I'm not worrying about Mr. Insect himself right now, because he's later. Right now, all I'm worried about is being prepared for one of the most anticipated matches in my career, and that's XXX/Cruise Four (holding up four fingers).

What give's me the right to walk my punk a@@ back in here, and demand a shot? Why should you care? I mean, after all, I'm just another victim right? The fact that I got it is besides the point, but since it's you, I'll make an exception: Because I'm valued. Not like the other rooks who just need a buck. If that's such the case, then I got a house that needs cleaning, so how about sending a few over there? Because Merritt sees something in me that's PURE. You? You just got lucky and got seeded in a tournament to gain rank. I won the belt on traditional grounds. By hard work. By what you can see around this room as dedication to the business that I love.

I've faced you three times and came out on top just once. That leaves me behind the eight-ball so to speak as towards my record against you. However, knowing you, you can look at tapes and see that under pressure...I always, ALWAYS....chalk up.

You're my way back to notoriety, eh?

Well, then you sure as hell ain't seen NOTHIN' YET.


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