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Jan 1, 2000
[font color= black] No, the FCC doesn't have to worry about fines, or even keeping their finger on the button. No, there are no lame bells and whistles going off. And no, this promo is free of unheard of hyucks, tobacco products and any other redneck trademark.

But it's going to be fun...

[font color= red]MP:[font color= black] This place is a madhouse. Really... I mean, I struggle my whole career with management, I finally get them on my side, and here comes the boys with their accusations. I've got Lawrence Stanley... "aye, matey, you aren't a bloody GXW chap, are ye?" And then of course, Shane-O Southern, who really is into the fact I'm below his mental level... Shane, we were tight, and for the first time in this place, I felt like I belonged. You know how much that means to me, it's what DRIVES my existance...

But we'll discuss that more at On Time, huh?

But then, not only did I join the GXW at Fish Fund, we had some other groups come together. I'll save The InTraction for a bit later... say, On Time again.

It's the PLR I want to talk about. Now... Rob Sampson, Mr. Main Event... you've got a great career ahead of you. You're going to waste it on Eddy Love? Come on dude... you can do better than that. And you can do a LOT better than hanging with Kevin Powers and Nate Logan. You guys should be fighting the GXW fight, not off on some powerkick involving three intials that are a half a decade old. Nate Logan? He's nothing more than a stepping stone for my little flunky Liezure.

And Powers?

*coughing*... *gagging*... *laughing*

No comment.

The GXW are STARS... and I'm damn proud to be somewhere where people trust each other. Dan Ryan, the Nielsens are off the charts for the GXW Unified Champ. He's "Must See TV", not the InTraction. Chris Lehew ENDS CAREERS, folks... and whether its GUNS, Hornet, Shane Southern... he's gonna do it again in the time it takes us to PISS all over.

And of course Kendall Codine... the internet dirtsheets had a premature ej... they got off on The Blade. Finally... when Mike Plett made that turn, he finally got the respect he deserves... and that's all I've ever asked from any of you. I asked with my blood, my soul, practically my MARRIAGE...

And I didn't get it.

But now... I'll command it.


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